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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 24

Eliza looked pretty and luscious as she patiently anticipated Tunde’s visit that afternoon. She had taken time to apply a luxurous make up and appearance that made her dazzled enough to quench a raging tempest. Well, it was so obvious that she initinially got dressed like that to counterbalance Tunde’s deperdit proposal to her four days ago.

She had made up her mind to accept Tunde’s proposal this time, at least to compesate him for all he had been through because of her, moreso all he would still go through.
Her mother took time to explicate and gave her numberless reasons to make her prefer Tunde to Dami. According to her, Tunde already had middling knowledge of her predicament, yet out of true love he was willing to sacrifice his future to be with her. She threw questions at Eliza what she though would be Dami’s reaction if it happened to be the one aware of her barreness.
Eliza thought over her mother’s maternally advise, she knew all what her mother said to her was free of any petite deception and was not due to the hatred she has for Dami. Everything she said was a bitter truth.
She had also decided to quell whatever love she had for Dami and move on with Tunde. Yes, she never loved Tunde that much, she never felt any redolence or whatsoever for him, she only saw him as the only fort or fortress to hide her aridity. Her barreness in the future. She would try to grow enough love for Tunde as days went by.
She still found it hard to believe that Dami, the main rootage of her misfortune, the one that proclaimed love even at the face of death for her had outright dumped her for another lady at face of just a bantam billows that occured to him.
She had always envisaged how life with Dami would be after she relegated all her inheritance, inherited affluents to him. She had kept the intention secret from him while they were together because she wanted to be sure if truly the love he has for her was genuine and not base on the wealth in her possession. And now she had confirmed that he was nothing than a cheater.
“Pon pon” the doorbell buzzed out jerking Eliza off her thought.
“Honey ..check who is at the door” Busayo’s voice rang out from the kitchen.
“Aiit mom” Eliza replied, rising from the sofa she had been for ages before neaten her tousled dress. A sign of anxiousness.
“Who is that” she voiced out as she plodded towards the door to get it open for their guest.
“It is me Tunde” the visitor responded. Leaving with Eliza with a familiar smile.
He moved briskly as his leg could carry him, the way he glided down the slopy route that led to his destination made it seemed he was strong enough and also acquired an Usain Bolt speed. But No, he was not strong, he felt fatigue, but just couldnt decipher if it was from his famished state or due to the strenght he propelled to his journey.
Dami met with Dr Banji again, a day after he was fired by his boss. He purposely accosted him to unravel the mystery behind Racheal, the lady who saved him and the same time thought she ruined his relationship, also reported to be dead.
Dr Banji didn’t help him much though, the reticence doctor always remained taciturn whenever Racheal issue was brought up. And like previous time, he didn’t say much, but he gave him lead to follow. Dr Banji gave him a description of someone he believed knew Racheal well. Dami didnt believe him at first, because the name he gave him and the description matched with the person he least expected to know Racheal, but the Dr Banji had insisted he wouldnt say anything more.
Dami didnt know what next to do if he eventually ravel out the mystery, but at least he would be out of his ignorance state and probably bring him back to the love of his life, Eliza.
Dami continued his journey to haunt the person Dr Banji described to him, he had gotten to his house but was told by a familiar short man at his gate that he went to visit his dearest. Hearing that, Dami had pegged his conclusion to only one place the the dearest would be. And nothing was stopping him to there.

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Dami entered the compound stealtly unoticed by the risibly black gatekeeper. He remembered Kofi with his pesky and comic behaviour. His rememberace had smiles planted on his face.
“Only God knows where is he ? He should be at the his cubicle now, or probably he was sent an errand shaa” Dami thought as he proceeded to inside.

He scanned the enviroment as he plodded to the siting room, he expected to see someone to impede him in the compound, but he found none. The compound was free and silent.
He reached the entrance to the siting room and was about to squelch the doorknob when the gravity of what he was about to do struck him. “Hope he wouldnt get killed ?” He remembered the threat Eliza threw at him the other day. He heaved a sigh before proceeding to peek at the room through the keyhole. His usuall style of eavesdropping.
“plss Marry Me Eliza Badejo” Dami heard Tunde said to Eliza again. He caught Eliza faint smile, as she knodded her head in approval and was about to say “Yes” when Dami opened the door facing three figures, Tunde kneeling down, Eliza and Busayo his ex-madam in the room.
“Ohh Not Again” Dami heard the voice came out from one of the figure in the room but couldnt decipher who exactly said it.
He turned facing Eliza who was already gasping for words to say
“Eliza before you kill me like you promised, permit me to quiz out somethings from your fiance” Dami said pointing to Tunde who already wore a grounch look like bee about to stink. If he had a revolver, he would probably have shot Dami straight in his forehead for disrupting him the second time.
“So Mr Tunde Ogunyemi” Dami faced him now with an audacious look. “Kindly tell me who Racheal is to you”
Tunde’s red eyeball turned back to originalness while his deadly look disappeared instantly.
“Whi whi which Racheal” he managed to asked.
“Racheal Fatoyinbo” Dami voiced out leaving Tunde mouth wide opened.

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