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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 23

Tunde house appeared to be a kind of sudatory at the moment with hot perspirations dripping nonstop from everyone present at the gathering.

Most of them saw everything happening at that moment as a flick which they decided to enjoy.
But Eliza, Tunde and Dami didnt see it the way the people there observerd it as a nollywood flick. While Eliza rested her eyes on the box containing the ring on Tunde’s wafturing hand, Dami stood still with high degree of worriment pouching out of his face. He was also scared of hearing Eliza said “yes” to Tunde, if she said Yes, then his baby is gone forever. So he just stood there giving Eliza the look he needed to tell her not to consent to whatever Tunde said.
Tunde on his own, couldnt tell of he has been kneeling for down for decades, but all he knew was that he had been on his two knees for more than reasonable time now, with his right finger raised holding the box, and left hand helped in saving it from wafture. He was not ready to be infracted by the whole scenery, so he decided to petrify himself and pay no attention to it.

“Marry me plss, Eliza” He threw out the question the fourth time with a smile apparently from his repressed restiveness.
“NO” Eliza replied monosyllabically bringing Tunde nosey look on Dami back to her. While all the entire audience present to witness the whole senerio gave out a huge growl.
Tunde was short of words to say anything but he at least he later found some “But why ? Is it all because him ?” Tunde asked pointing to Dami.
“You wont understand okie, just give me sometime to think through. I will sure get back to you” she answered him bluntly again as she left him kneeling down and plodded to where Dami was standing like a slug.
“And you, go and meet your so called wife Racheal, or whatever she calls her name” Eliza spat out the words on Dami’s face leaving him swooned in his befudddled state.

Eliza plodded out of the siting room with heavy spirit, she was saddened she hurt Tunde, also more saddened she didnt get to jumb at Dami.

She really missed the hug., the kiss, Dami’s amorous embrace, well its all his fault. Though she knew the only reason why she didnt accept Tunde’s proposal was because of Dami, but she tried not to toy with it.

Eliza hit stoppage to know the person who yelled out her name.

“Eliza please, you have everyright to be angried with me i know. I abandoned you, i never came back for you, but trust me its all because i was scared of madam..,.. Your mum”
“Noope Dami, You didnt abandone me because of my mum..You did because of Racheal” Eliza fired back at Dami.

“Racheal ? So you u uu know her ?”
Dami stuttered out like a captured thief
“Ohh your surprised how i know your wife right ? But Dami do you know what you made me pass through all because of your absence.. You now think at the end of the day is dumping me for a just a common girl ? I should have known that all men are the same ..Dami i hate you.. Plaese i dont wana see you around me again cause i can kill you! I now dispise you more than Sh*t!” Eliza voiced out with pain amidst rivers of tears flowing freely from her eyes as she hopped into her car and drove out from Tunde’s compound.

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“But who is this Racheal that kept haunting..even after her death ?” Dami thought. ” How did Eliza even got to know her ? Why did she term her as his wife ? What did she know about her ? Has she met her ? Dami”s mind never slumbered in asking questions that seemed their answers are nonexistence are the moment.
He needed to know whats going on, he hated to be in ignorance like this. The only person he thought could help light up the issue about Racheal, didnt help. He knew Dr Banji got all the answers his heart loath for but he preferred shelving the whole thing from him.
But is Racheal truly dead ? Dami thought again
“Heyyy where is this young man” Dami head his boss growled out. He knew his boss must be mad at him. It was his presence that rumpled everything in the afternoon, and they havent seen each other since then.
Immediately Eliza left him, he had also slogged down to his appartment. He didnt even know when all foiled or frustrated guests vacated the compound.
“You.. !” Dami could see Tunde standing right infront of him now, with swad of wrath glittering out from his face. Without him saying anything, he knew he was done!
“When i met you, i brought you here because i wanted to devise to to to to reshape your life ..while i dont know you will be one to disorganise mine life, my happiness … ”
“i am sorii ..” Dami pleaded
“Heyy! hold that till when you evacuate my compound this very minute.. And mind you i must never cross path with you again. You leave my house this minute!” Tunde foamed out with eyes gone crimson before he disappeared.
Dami stood akimbo, with head tilted upwards facing the roof, and by the time he dropped his head, tears were already saturated in his eyes. He tried hard to staunch the tears from dripping, he didnt want to look vulnerable, at least he is a man. but after a trickle of just a tear, the rest came pouring out like shower.
He carried his bag and lumbered out of the compound like a wounded soldier at the dead of the night.
“Omo mi, mo f’olorun so eh o” (my son, i pray God be with you) The short gate man prayed for Dami as he opened the short gate for him. He knew Dami never saw him as a father, even though it was so obvious he was old enough to birth both Tunde and Dami.
“Ese gan baba, e se gan” (thank you father) Dami replied amidst his silent wails while the gate man smiled and patted him on his shoulder like he ought to do before closing the gate behind him.
How funny could life be, when you are at the verge of achieving your heart desires, then life displays it disapproval. What a life of misery! A life of misfortune.
Dami faced the nefarious darkness once again as he welcomed himself back to his misery life he thought he had escaped the third time.
He remembered Eliza… The thought of finally loosing her compound his wailment.

“Baby finally gone” Dami muttered as he cried like a baby.

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