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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 22


An aplomb smile frolicked around Dami’s face as he swerved along the tarred road in a Honda Lexus 330. Davido “Fans Me” wafting out from the speaker system in the vehicle made his head mimed with indocile. He felt ontop of the world as he claxoned the horn of the vehicle repeatedly like a piano tunner.

To him now everything seemed to be getting better, at least he was no longer a carter of yestyday and a vagabond that sauntered about with no where to call a home. He now has a home where he resides and reposes. Also gotten a piddling job to handle his bills, his favourite job actually. He was now a driver.
Thanks to his new boss, Mr Tunde Ogunyemi who has been so emollient and salving enough not to querry his nomadic lifestyle. Unlike the others he had tried applying for the job with but was later rebuffed because they couldnt risk employing a clochard.
He met his new boss Tunde one night after spending a week receiving treatment from Dr. Banji. That night, he was on his usual hunt for where to slumber when he saw a guy of same range with him looking depressed. The depression written on him as he paced around made him walked up to him.
“Oga hope no problem” Dami asked with concerned.
“Ah broo, na my car ooh..,i no know wetin do am. I don try wetin i know but e be like say e no won gree work” Tunde anwered pointing to a well parked Toyota Camry with bonnet opened
“Ohh sorri oh, if u no mind seh i fit come check am .. ”
Tunde looked at him with disdain eyes before he finally responded “Wetin you fit do”? Seeing someone who dressed up like a miscreant totally put him off.
“Just give me chance make i try my luck” Dami voiced with confident.
“OK oo” Tunde surrendered. And that was the begining of their relationship.
Tunde later asked how Dami have an idea on how he was able to fix the ride without much hassle, Dami explained how he was a driver and had driven that type of car for more than a year. So he was used to fixing minor faults that developed in vehicles.
Tunde thanked Dami singly before offering to take him to wherever he was going, but later Dami declined bluntly since he knew there was no where to go.
Tunde not willing to surrender, persuaded him to let him offer a lift because it was dangerous to roam along the road at the dead of the night as there was possiblity of being transversed by some sorts of hooligans or cruel fellows predating over the night.

It was after all the suation from Tunde that Dami explained he never had a place called home, and reason it happened. Everything thing that happened between him, Eliza and her mother was uncovered by Dami to Tunde.
Tunde felt pity and asked him to hop into his car. The next morning brought Dami goodies from Tunde . Tunde got him an apartment in his duplex and also offered him a position of a driver. Tunde explained he could have done more that, probably offering him a worthy position in his company if Dami had had enough formal eductaion to merit it, but all the same he promised to him to be benignant in his pay.

Dami grinned to himself once again as the reality of who he was no beset him, there was no more going farmished for days, something that pushed him to being a petty thief, no more sleeping where the horde of insects greeted him everynights…
“As long as you love me.. We could be starving ..we could be homeless ..we could be broke …” That was the song playing now, his ducky song he specially importuned Eliza to for her ringtone.
The song now seemed to shimmer gloominess in his mind, as the thought of where and what could be happening to Eliza since the day he was nobbled.
“Well i believe fate is at work, if fate wants us back, then we will sure be back in each other’s arm” Dami muttered to himself assuredly.
Dami checked his time, it was 4pm. He sighed. He was late, he knew his boss was not an agressive type or belligerent someone, but he needed to keep to their time. He checked a compartment in the vehicle he was steering, he took a look at the well packaged 24carat diamond ring. He nodded his head in confirmation that it was save.
His boss had sent him to help him get the ring after he couldnt find the one he bought the previous week. He had explained to him that he would be proposing to his girlfriend today, the love of his life.

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Dami too was dying hard to know the lucky girl, for the past one month he started working with him, he had noticed how serious his boss was whenever his so called girl was concerned. He knew he truly loved whoever he called his girlfriend, and that at myriad of times made him remember he has some he shares his heart with too and maybe one day after all the tussle, he will go back to claim what belongs to him.
Dami’s claxoning had the opulence tall gate being rammed opened by a brusk man. The man looked too short and could easily be passed for a dwarf or nanus.
Dami alighted from the Honder after he parked it savely in the garage. He opened the compartment to collect the diamond ring he kept there.
“Egbon Sunday, oga nko”? Dami threw question at the peremptory short man who was still finding it gruelling closing back the gate.
“Oga nbe nu ile” he answered with typical Oyo dialect amidst his ongoing fuss with the gate.
Dami who was in haste to quickly delivered his message to his boss didnt even wait for his respond. He was late already, he has seen the fleets cars plausibly to his boss’closest friends designing the massive compound.
His boss had called them to witness how he would propose to his longtime girlfriend.

His eyes veered around the luxurus cars parked as he scurried down to the siting room. A Toyota camry caught his attention as he movied hurriedly, but he never bothered to check it out. ” Hell No! it cant be Eliza’s car” he thought.
He finally got to the doorway to the sitting room. He receded from bumping into the concilated atmosphere of the room. So he stood there, brought out his hankie to wipe off the limpid liquid pouring from his already dowsed face.
Then he peeked at the room through the keyhole to ascertain the total number of of guests in there. He swallowed hard at what he saw. He couldnt count, there were countless of people in the sitting room. Some where dancing with there lovers, some where discusing, every where was just resonant with liveliness.
“Hope he was not late” he thought
He made to enter but was stopped by applauds emananting from the room, accompanied after a while by his boss’voice. He thought to enter but it seemed he was now enjoying the eavesdropping.
“Ladies and gentle men, i know all of us are aware of what is going to happen here tonight except for one soul, and it happens to be the reason for this assemblage.
Well there was this lady i cherish most in my life, as a matter of fact i cherish it more than my own life. Though i cant deny have made her cry, have hurt her countless of time, have treated her like a nobody, we broke up and we eventually make up. Now, she is the only reason why i am breathing in this oxygen, in short she is the air i breath, she is my oxygen. Now friends, kindly tell me how i am supposed to breathe without an oxgen ? Tell me how i am supposed breathe with no air ?”
Dami quivered with emotion as those words fell off his boss mouth, he had forgoten the ring he was holding was now useless. The words he heard brought the memories he had with Eliza, the love of his life. The words sporadically aroused the complaisance to go back to his ex madam house and claim back the love of his life. He never felt the awe that had made him stave off her madam’s wrath. He blamed himself for relinquishing Eliza.. “Poor baby girl will be hurt pretty bad” he thought
“I wish to share your pain with you, i wish to carry your cross with you, your happiness will be my joy, your sadness will be sorrow, i am willing to to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me little angel”? Tunde threw the question at the girl he knelt for, holding a box containing a diam

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