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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 21

Dami stared at the doctor with rarity, the two names he just mentioned had done nothing to minify the urge raging through him. The urge to know more. To know who Racheal was, why she didn’t take him to the hospital, instead she brought him here for domicile treatment.

And why would some one even try to rescue a thief in the first place ? Perhaps she was not cognisant of what happened to him, maybe she only found his unconscious self lying on the street from the slews of trouncing unleashed on him by the angry mob.

“So when is Miss or Mrs Racheal returning here to check on me” he managed to ask confused.
“Miss” Dr banji helped out. “i cant say precisely, but lets hope its anytime from now”
“When was the last time he came to check on me ?”
“That was yestyday before she travelled, and she promised to return today. So she might come visiting you whenever she arrives today” The doctor responded.
“So whats your relationship with her, and why did she choose here for my treatment”
“Whats wrong with here?” the doctor asked disquieted. “This is a hospital, my hospital”
Banji’s reaction made Dami looked around with purview, it was then he noticed there were other three empty bunk beds laying conterminously near the one he was lying.
“This a private hospital Dami, my hospital, you can see it somewhat like a domicile one, but it still an established place for treatment” The doctor said halting Dami’s prying eyes.
“So how did you know my name, i know i was unconsious when i was brought here, so there wasn’t any possibility of telling you my name. how did you come about it”? Dami asked swiftly quiting the debate that was about to ensure between him and the doctor.

The doctor grinned before asnwering “Racheal gave me your name”
“What”? Dami grunted. Everything had gone obnubilated. He was lost.
“Before you ask me any question, let me tell you that i’m done giving answers for now. When Racheal arrives, she will give you all the answer you need.” The doctor cut through Dami’s thought. It was so obvious he was tired of being posed with series of question like a petty suspect.
He stood up from the chair he rested his butt on and made to answer to his phone that momentarily blared out.
Dami felt taunted to know who this Racheal was, how she got his name. She was the only one to puzzle out his obscurity.
He winced as he tried to tilt his neck to cast a look on the doctor talking to someone on phone. It seems the doctor mind was totally devoted to whatever thing being wapted out from the phone.
Anyways, all he got to do now is to wait for his benevolent to return and clarify the the mystery on ground and at least say thank you.
Yes, despite the mysteries sorrounding his good samarithan, Racheal. She at least showed him pathos and saved his sorry soul from death. He didnt want to look ingrate this time around.
Cause it seemed he has all the time being ungratefull to all the acts of goodwill thrown at him. His ex madam showed him kindness when she coiffured his cracked and ramshackled life, nutured him to a responsible and worthy lad, yet he was ungrateful to the woman by falling for her daughter, which eventually punted him back to his ZERO point.

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Another mystery girl took time to feed him when he was in dungeon, but he never had time to say thank you for all the luscios food she prepared for him. He remembered he never even bothered to ask of her name from the garrulous policeman . He wished he could have asked for her name, just incase nature makes them cross path again.
Now, there is this second mystery girl, who rescued him from death, also holding the answers his quizzical mind longed for. He would wait for her to return, so he could have his answers and also relay his gratitude for stoping …
“WHhhhhhaaaaaatttttttttttttttt” Doctor Banji yelled out with a motionless erect stance like, eyes potruding out from the socket. While his phone dropped down immediately shattering into rubble.

“Wha wha wha wha tt happened”? Dami asked with depressing look. He felt whatever thing the doctor heard over the phone and could have caused his terror was not just a minuscle. He knew it was something great.
“she is d d dead” Doctor Banji stuttered out controlling his reflex action, with hands now akimbo and head raised up like some one counting the stars. Also biting his lips an action that depicts he was in pain.
“Sorri , who is dead ?” Dami asked, already relishing sympathy for the the doctor.
“Racheal is dead! He cried out now making Dami’s turn to yell out “Whhhhhhaat” Dami got stucked with his mouth opened wide enough to swallow olumo rock. He couldnt believe the girl that saved his life 48 hours ago is now dead!
“Whats your relationship with the girl …Racheal ?” Whats the question that fell off Dami’s mouth after what seemed like a comfy silence in the room..

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