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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 20

As long as you love me .. We could be starving … We could be homeless … We could be broke … Eliza’s phone blast out bringing her back to life from her riverie. The ringtone infused a kind of retention about Dami. It was his favourite song and it was Dami that importuned her to make it her ringtone. With a perception that the song fortify there bond.
“Hello” Eliza spoke to the receiver
“Hi Lizzy, how are you”
“I’m good” Eliza responded
“Aiit then, just call to check on you”
“Oh thank you for that” Eliza answered.
“I dont know if you will like to hang out with me tomorrow. You know ?
Eliza was amazed Tunde could offer to go out wit her after all he learnt about. And moreover, he hadn’t even called to say “hi” to her after all he witnessed and heard about the loss of her womb.
Probably all he wants now is just a mere platonic friendship. Whatever the case maybe, she felt joy hovering that she was still a lovable damsel someone like Tunde would want to hang out with. That prompted her felicitious reply to Tunde.
“Oh really? sure i would love to. And if you wont mind where exactly are we going ?” Eliz a tittered out.
“Dont worry angel, that is supposed to be a surprise for you” Tunde teased back in away that made Eliza flushed. At least, she enjoyed Tunde romantic gestures. Though she had resoluted Tunde to be the last person to show her solicitude.
“Okay then, will be expecting”
” Aiit, will come around to pick you.,5pm in the evening.”
“OK. Do take care.”

Tunde felt immersed with great happiness because he eventually veered into his heart decision. Something he had been battling with right from the the day he heard about Eliza’s condition.
The thought kept gnawing in him to debark from what could be described as fruitless love. But the more the thought kept raging, Tunde tried to taper it off to conclusion. “True love never dies even at the face of death”
He would not find happiness with any other girl out there, not even when he carried the expletive blame of Eliza’s catastrophe on his head. He always told himself that he was responsible for Eliza’s predicament the first place, he denied the poor girl the love she hankered for, so he had vowed to help lift her heavy cross to make it less gravid.
“When i said even death cant do us apart, i was not joking. The love i have for you now is as strong as the wall jericho, even your fruitlessness cant breech through. I wont stop till i make you my wife, my love” Tunde monologuize with wild grin playing on his face.
He opened his eyes tardily like he was scared to see what next illumination
will bring. His mind flew back to what sent him to the state of his unconsciousness. He thought the next time he would open his eyes, he would be at the gate of heaven or inferno. Whateva the case may be.
The heavy beatings with truncheons, the the hot slaps, the different kind of massive spanks. The humilation. Everything kept playing back as he opened his eyes tardily. The grisly violent unleashed at him by the tempestuous mob made him thought he would wake up to knock on heaven’s gate. But he didnt. He retched out a laud breath as he eventually opened his eyes to rake his environs.
The blue transparent cotton covering a wide window installed with white windowpane, the sky blue painted wall, the breeze emananting from an air conditionner glued to the wall gave him a hint he was somewhere like a room.
He tried to move his body, it was then he realised he was lying on something. He made to raise his body, but what receded by a gruesome ache that soaked all his body. He winced in pain.
“You don do that, because you will hurt yourself” A voice came out from what could be described as angle 90 of year
Dami slanted his head to view the angle the voice from. He felt the same pain around his neck again as he squinched his eyes.
“You dont do that too, if you dont want to hurt yourself” the voice came alive again, as Dami noticed the owner approaching him.
A young man had reached Dami’s eyeshot. A moderately gangly body size, with an handsome face was staring at Dami. The young man put on a white top with a brown knickerbockers holding plaster. Stethoscope hanging on round his neck and a long stare at him will make some envisage he was a doctor or some sort.

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“Welcome back to life Damilola. You have been unconscious for the past Fourty eight hours” the young man spoke sending more waves of shivers to run down Dami’s spine.
To him, everything looked so obscure to for him to easily infer. Myriad of question where popping into his mind begging for answers. How did a strange man know his name, Where was he? How did he even get there ? Who was even the man ? Hope nothing bad was not about to happen again?
Series of question had trooped in and piled up without anyone giving them their answers. Dami’s face could tell he needed countless of explanations to clarify his blurry mind.
“You need to thank the good samarithan that brought you here. If the person hasn’t brought you here, who knows what would have happened” the man said again deliberately ignoring the quizzical look on Dami’s face. He knew what Dami wanted to know but he intentionally feigned ingnorance.
“Soorii who are you, and who brought me here?” Dami managed to ask relishing in ail that emanated from his bruised lips.
” oh that ?” The young man mumbled out before siting on a chair beside Dami’s bed.
“Racheal. Racheal is the name of the good samarithan that brought you here.
And for me ? call me Banji or Doctor Banji” he voiced out with a friendly grimace curving his lips.

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