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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 19

After some months, Eliza had managed to fully recuperate from her trauma, but never recovered from the detriment of her womb. And to pound the whole matter, the absence of Dami in her life had induced a great discomfort to her.
She felt her life was incomplete with Dami not in circumference to console her. He was the only one that could supply solace she hankered. Her body, soul and spirit seemed to have fallen into detritus as the visceral thoughts of losing her lover became crammed in her mind.
“My love, Why did you leave me, Do you think i can live this life without you, where are you, ” ? That was the question she asked multitudinous times from nobody in particular whenever she resumed her broody mode.
In first month of her convalescence, she had asked about Dami from her mother, in which she explained to her that she had ordered his release but never care to know his whereabout since then. Inasmuch he didnt even bother to return to their house.
For the first time in blue moon, mother and daughter had a worth remembering descant, as Busayo took time to explicate all her privies. She told Eliza that she never meant to hurt Dami or her, but all her incensed attitude then was just directed towards dissevering them and quilting Tunde and her.
She explained that her preference to Tunde was just on normal conditions, but probably must be due to his outstanding success. She said she thought that being with Tunde is the only way to put her future on a safety succour.
However, it so patent that fate had played it part in the story. Cause she had decided to relinquish her avid desire of forcing her on Tunde.
“Only true love will rescue the situation now” Busayo told her daughter. ” And when it comes knocking, plss baby embrace it, you dont have the druthers to choose anymore. Accept your fate and also strenghten ur faith. I still believe in miracle.” Busayo concluded as she swarm in her ever stream of tears.
Nothwisthstanding, immediately Eliza got fully recuperated, she asked her mother for the location she ditched Dami in which she gave.
Eliza went to the division, to quizz the enviroment and probably she would see anybody to stag him about the Dami’s whereabouts. Fortuitously she found one but was eventually thwarted by the information she got.
“Seh na that idiot, mumu,pikin you sev come look for?” the rangy constable threw question at Eliza.
She poker-faced the instant he called Dami “idiot”
“My boyfriend is not a mumu or an idiot” she quickly defended maintaining her impassive face.
“ohh i hear oh, but if he no be mumu why he come get many fine babes for hand ..still he still won kill himself ontop another girl wey land him for cell”
“What do you mean by that” Eliza asked quickly with miffed raised eyes furrowed. Slighty getting agitated by what the man meant by “many fine babes”
“Yes na.. E get some fine babes wey dey always come here come check am.. He even get one weh fine.. Waitt oo Make i see oo” the rangy policeman raised his left hand to his forehead slantingly, also squinted her eyes. An action he did to scrutinize Eliza sarcastically.
“Yes i don see amm.. She fine pass you.. E get one lady wey dey always bringfood come here.. Shee finnnne oo.. Chaii to fine.. She get front and back pass you.. And she yellow pawpaw pass u too. See na everyday she dey always bring food for him. Delicious food.. And he be like him house wife sev cause the way she dey care for am..”
Eliza could notice the vapor of her already steamed rage. With just any pesky words from the constable again, she could have pounced him. But all the same, she tried hard to regulate her already boiled furore, and put on a puckish smile to concealed it.
“So do you have an idea of where he is now” she managed to ask.
“You dey ask her a whole marry man wher he go dey .. Of cause him go dey with dat him wife na.. Abi wetin u tink.” The lanky police asked with heavy tone of sarcasm.

Eliza’s eyes had now gone red betraying a kind of emotion one could not easily decipher. But a long stare would make one think there were already unshed tears clouding the eyeballs.
“So so so whats her name.. I i mean the wif..the girl l ? Eliza asked again this time, the tears had already choked up her eyesballs. She poured down everything uncontrolably, exactly how the cloud pours out the rain.
“Her name na Racheal.. Na wetin she call her name be that” The police man voiced out, but now he was ruthful after he noticed the havoc he had caused.
Eliza left the police station with pain and anguish thinking so guys are the same. So Dami finally jilted her.

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He hadnt tasted any food for the past two days, even the last time he ate, it was a crump of bread left for rottweiler ( a large vigorous dog) he ate. He couldnt afford to spend the money he made for the day.. Because he might not see any crump to eat the next day and his new work too will hold on due to the fact that it he wouldnt be the one to be given the cart to push.

But unfortunately, the money was ripped off his pocket while he was sleeping in an uncompleted building. An upshot to his new apartment.

Yes, he was now a cartage, the easiest work for him to lay his hands on. He tried applying for driving, the only thing he knew how to do best.

And thanks to his madam for that, she was the one who enrolled him as a participant for driving lesson before she employed him then.

It seemed all the to be-employers he had applied with had a phobia for trust issues. Because none of them were willing to confer their life and vehicles to a nonentity who had no traceable domicile.

After so many weeks of saunter, begging for food from the street. He resolved to being a cartage.

He had gotten a hints that they make money too.

He met some one who introduced to the job, the man had told him not to look at the filthy and sordid side of the work. “Atleast man must chop”
Now, he had been doing the work for quondam, and at present he already had quadrillions of reason to quit the grime job, but he just couldnt because to him “Man must chop”
Dami fixated his already bulbous eyeballs on the woman sitting in her stall totally oblivous of his gaze. The woman who already had exhibit her wares to customers. The stall was averagely filled up with different kinds of of miscellanous, assorted drinks and minerals.
Dami’s bulgy eyesballs had randomly scanned all the drinks and had settled for a bottle filled to brim with coca-cola liquid and two sausage roll. He swallowed hard.
He had to control the appetite that made his tongue,salivating like a dog. He prayed and hoped for a little distraction. A little distraction was all he needed to execute his operation.
He tippytoed noiselessly, as he proceeded to his destination. Nobody can’t stoop him now, it seemed the hunger had deteriorated as if it smelled food coming.
He shook his in head in shame at the thought of whom he has become in month kept gnawing at him. He moved stealthily like a piddling thief he was about to become.
“Oh God let this be my first and the last time i will ever do this” he muttered a word of prayer silently as he continued on his hazardous journey.
Yes! thank God he finally made to his promiseland. He sighed and smiled in complacency. He never knew it would be this easy shaa. He tore the wrapper hovering her loot. His farmished taste had become grounded now. He opened his wattery mouth, and was about to take a first bite of his pillage.
“O ooooo oLLLLLEEEE Ewwa woo Le ” A sheepish voice yelled behind him.. Dami looked backed to see a small teenage girl infront of what he quickly envisaged as legion of tempestuous lions running after him, ready to lynch him If they mistakenly caught up with him.
With Dami eyes witnessing his death approaching, his legs momentarily got benumbed, he tried to run for safety but he couldnt instead, he tripped and fell like a wounded cow…

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