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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 18

“What did you just say doc ? Busayo found out her mouth asking the question again, in a way that made it looked like the doctor never meant what he said. Or probably she was daydreaming.

” See madam, you need to calm down” the doctor said trying to waive her question aside. He didnt see the need to iterate such gloomy news to them again.
“Everything happens for a reason and .. ”
“That wasnt the question, i said you should repeat Eliza’s condition” Busayo squalled out again with emotion valid with obvious pain, anguish and regret. She clutched her head with her two hands, while another round of stream of tears puffed out from her crimson eye balls.
Yeeeehh moti gbe.. Mo daran, Aye me ti ba je… Ahh mo fi owo ara mi seh arami. Those where the words that came out from her mouth as she weltered in her teary state spiced with mucous.
All the medical peach the doctor used to profesionally coo her, failed woefully.
“Madam that is not the end of the world for Eliza, i mean she can still be a mother. She can adopt …”

“Noo doctor.. She wants her own children, not adopted ones..,kindly do something to salve this situation.. Pleasse doc.. I will pay anyting..i am ready to give out anything that to salve this. ” Busayo said amidst her wail.
“I am afraid madam, there is nothing we can do about this.” The doctor poised voice sounded again disintegrating Busayo’s ruefulness. She regretted everything that happened ever since her arrival from the states. She wished she never met Dami in the house.
Nothing like love or emotion would have crowded her to the point of attempting suicide if she hadnt met that boy.
She lamented remembering the day she picked him up from the gutter, robe him, feed him and offer him a job.
“OhGod! Why is all these happening”? Busayo asked as her face swamped in blistery tears.
Tunde still sat down there with his jaw dropped on his hands, while his elbow rested on the doctor’s table. Masticating nothing in particular but his jaw moved like he was chewing bubble gum. Some sort of his reflex response to unco situations like this.
It was no doubt that his psyche had swaned away from the happenings around him. From the doctor’s cooing to Busayo’s wailing had falling perfectly on his reverie state.
His he ready to marry a girl with no womb? No hope of making him a father. A girl who in no time will be recited among the barrens. Is he ready to stay married and commited to some one who who is never going to taste the joys of motherhood ?
But despite all the impairment thoughts clamouring his mind, he still felt a strong penchant towards Eliza. ..
His eyes rambled around the surroudings before he avered that he was out of his dungeon. The scourging sun sending tons of cecity into his eyes and the moving vehicles all around him reasserted and confirmed to him that he has been released and freed momentarily.
But why ? Was the question that stood boldy on his mind.
Did his madam just at almighty mercy order for his release ? Or probably there is another set of futurity ravages ready to strike him out of the blue ? Because as much as he knows his madam, she wont just release him when he is her only encroachment or usurpation.
“O’boy thank your head say madam finally talk say make we release you ohh.. That time wey i tell you say mak u pray you see say i correct.. And one thing..thank that pretty babe wey dey always check and dey bring food for you. No think say na we generous reach that side wey go dey bring you that correct food you dey chop ooh.
I no even know wetin dey do we guys sev.. You get that correct babe for hand.. And you,come dey do rubbish .. No wonder the girl sev she no want see you. I no even kno the reason she still dey fall for you ingrate when better dude like me dey here”
Dami’s nous recaptured all what the rangy constable squealed out to him like he was under pressure to confess. But one other thing that baffled him was when the man asked him to thank the lady that has always been the one to sustain him with food.

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He had always been jarring to know the person whenever any of the constable brought him food. Hence, everytime they came dropping his food, he tried his best to meet the person. But unfortunate they always gave him their usual response..
“She didnt want to see you.”
Of course he knew his madam would never be so lenitive to send food to him. And Eliza wasn’t aware of where he is. But why is the person not even wanting to see him thence he could relate his gratitude to her. Leastways he owns the person his life.
Now that he has been freed, his he going to relinquish the love of his life or he should undergird himself and tramp back to claim what he thinks belongs to him ? Hope that wont be too goosy of him ?
Anyways time will tell.
He removed his hands akimbo, with intention to resume his hiking. Now lost about where to go. He could not trust whether to return to the snare that once mumbled him to the dungeon he escaped from. While there was no where else to go. He gave an audible sigh and shook his head, action depicting his piteous state.
The miserable life he thought he perprtually evaded now came hunting back.
There is no doubt he is on the highway to the ghetto life and inutility he belongs to. ..

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