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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 17

The “STOP” was not enough and too late to halt Eliza’s two hands motioning down to her abdomen gripping the short knife with vigor. If the “stop” had been said while the the two hands were still dancing in the air with the knife, probably it would have worked on Eliza. But now, it was just too late.

Even Eliza wished she could halt her hands and preclude her action but on what seemed like an oneirism and the in spur of moment, Eliza eyes glowed with repugnance at her hands who were on jaunt to finish what she started, her hands juddered as they warped down on their trip to the abdomen, all Eliza’s 22 chromosome inclined to halt them, the cells were begging, the karyon where pleading, all her body were praying to stop the hands from reaching their destination, but alas! It all happened like a reflex action. The hands plunged deep inside her stomach and rested in the innards.
Eliza touched down uncousiously.
Tunde who had arrived at the scene, apparently he was the one who yelled out to stop Eliza, he had been in the sitting room downstairs for close to five minutes after he arrived. It was after he realised that nobody was going to attend to him, and the same time he felt driplet of of words from conversations between Eliza and her mother falling on his ear, that made him sprang up to interpose them, but unfortunately he was late. Everything he witnessed, happened in a millisecond he could not even explain.
He was the first to lift her up from the red liquid gushing out from her. He carried her on the shoulder and he lurched hurriedly out of the room.
“Yeeh Jesuu ohh.,, Mo’gbe oh, ahh mo daran, Elizaaaa tiii pa mii oh Jesuu ” was all Busayo was uttering as she scampered about to rescued her daughter from death.
She instantly rued over the motive that aided her to threatning Eliza. She never wanted to kill Dami, though she might have grown a strong antipathy towards him, still she couldnt kill an ant. All she wanted to do was to scare the lovevirds minds with her bane words so she could dissever them and end their affair effortlessly . But all her scheme and contrive had inauspiciously boomerang.
“Her daughter is on the verge death and it is all because of her mawkishness.” She thought to herself as she scuttled to their compound.
“Koofii ohh kooofiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik” he yelled at her gateman who was taking his nap inside what looked like a cubicle, though they called it security post.

“Maaaaaaa” Kofi flared up as he heard her madam calling her that name. She knew something bad had or was about to happened. She never called him by his name, she had a troponym she gave him. Either she called him “Aboki” or “Sonuu”. The two name are somewhat like a teaser he enjoyed, cause whenever she called him by any of those names, that means he still felt save on her good side.
He scurried out from the the cubicle to face her a Toyota camry claxon its horn incessantly. The whole situation got him informed that there was an emergency.
He quickly motioned towards the gate and rammed it open for the vehicle which never stopped blaring as he plunked on tarred road down to the nearest hospital.
Been only two hours since Eliza was admitted, but seemed like eternity to Busayo and Tunde. Both were asked to stay put inside the lounge filled with different types of patient waiting to be attended to. Busayo never sat down for two minutes since her daughter’s admission.
All her body quivered and shook in fear of loosing her only daughter. Her eyes had gone crimson as a result of delirous and unrestrained cry. If she had thought Eliza coud be this desperate, she wouldnt have gone roughshod and become inimical towards her. Oh God! If you would give me a second change, i promise not to mis-use it this time around. She prayed as another stream of tears overflowed her face.
“Its okay Ma’am, i believe all is well. Eliza wont die.” Tunde rose up to coo Busayo. He felt that was he needed to do as a man, though he himself was hurting inside.
He couldnt actually figure out when he started falling inloving with Eliza whom he had one detested, treated like a vile and stave off. But one thing so sure was that the love he has for her now is pure and true. And could be be the agape type.

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The cognitive memory of how Eliza stabbed herself made him put all the blames on himself. If he hadnt starve the poor girl the true love she loath when she was with him, she wouldnt have been a victim of suicide, he knows he had wronged her and he was ready to re-write all his wrongs. He is now back like a prodigals son, now in quest of her mercy and forgiveness to make him to fulfill all his heart desires towards her. I still love Eliza, nothing will take you away from me this time.. NOTHING! Not even death. Tunde thought hard.
“Sorri are you the relative of the patient in ward 7″ a stabled poised tone came out from a nerveless, coolheaded man who was robbed in overall coat hiding his inner white shirts and black pants trouser. A stethoscope was dangling round his neck. His eyes glasses stood proudly on his nose and giving him a grandiloquent appearance.
“Yes, we are” Tunde answered immediately. Not wanting Eliza’s mother to say uneccesary thing that would pretermit his presence in the hospital.
“Okay, can i see you both in my office now?” The words sounded more like an order to the question it was meant to be, because he never really waited for them to answer before he walked towards his office.
“So, i have some information to pass accros to both of you” the stabled voice came out again to the already sitted audience who were more than anxious to know the state of Eliza.
“You see, lets thank God that the knife didn’t cause alot of harm to her. If the knife had pierced further, then this wouldn’t be the story. Its possible we should have lose her instantly. But notheless, there is still an advert reaction to the little scarthe the knife caused”
“What is it doc ?” Both Busayo and Tunde asked the question simultaneously, with worry pasted on their face. Already they were getting peeved by the doctor torpid mode of addresing them. The doctor looked confident why they were boiling with ignorance or anxiousness.
“You see..i dont think” the doctor continued with his poised tone “or let me say medically i dont think Eliza’s womb can carry a child again, her womb was severy fractured by the knife. She has lost her womb to the injury. So no child for Eliza ” The doctor finished adjusting his eyes glass that gave him his grandiloquent physic.
Tunde whistled out some incoherent sounds. …

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