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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 16

“Whats wrong with you Eliza” Busayo asked her daughter with fret on her face, the look she perceived on Eliza was not the type she expected.

She had expected to see a compuntive and remorseful Eliza after all her minacious rants but now, what she saw was one thousand metres far from ruefulness. What she saw now, could be simply described as death.
Yes, Eliza eyes glowed with death. Her mind was made up. If she couldn’t have Dami in her life time, then there was nothing worth having in her life then. As far as she was concerned, Dami was the only reason she was breathing, but now that Dami was about to leave, she was ready to go with him.
“Mother …”She began standing, facing her mum with her two hands settled behind her back as if she was holding something, at the same time evading it from her mother’s prying eyes.
“Have had a literal thought about everything, the options you gave me, so i am here to give you your reply”
“Ree e eaallyy” ? Busayo stuttered with a tinct of nosy in her voice.
“Yes mother” Eliza resumed before she sighed.
“Its just unfortunate that none of your options suit me, so, i am opting for a more favourable choice that suits me best”
She knew her mother would not succumb to her demur easily, so she was ready to use her mother’s weak point to pulverize her strong unyielding intent.
And it isnt childplay, if at the process she looses her life, it so good, cause her mum deservers more than the pain she will go through. Eliza thought.
The atmospheric condition in the room at that time could be what they described as hell. Despite the frosty breez blazing out from the air conditioner, the sweat penetrating out from Eliza and her mother’s body could feel the space left by the liquid in atlantic ocean.

But while Eliza felt relaxed and composed as the almighty in control of the situation, her mother felt incognizance. The look on her face had expanded from fretfulness to inquistiveness and curiousness… She wished she could teleport into Eliza mind to know the reason for her weirdness. The girl she thought she had captured her with her words.
“But before i opt to my choice, i still want you to consider what i want.” She paused for some seconds enough to inhale oxygen.
“I want you to release Dami for me, mum”
“And why do you think i will do that for that ingrate ? Heeh ?” Busayo asked with blazing eyes ball, she had started to feel her rage boiling. She was not ready to listen to a mere command from girl.
“Tha tha tha tha ingrate i bought up from the scum, nutured and made him a human, na na na now think the only way to repay me for all my warmhearted gesture towards him is to ….”
” Muummmmmy” Eliza yelled out cuting her mother abruptly,
“Eliza wh hh at is it ? Wha t are you going to do with that” ? Busayo voiced with horrendous trembling under Eliza who was now revealing a long sharpened knife she had since concealed at her back.
“Mom, my life is nothing without Dami in it, he is my life, my happiness, i am not sure if i would escape death after he is gone..cause i am not ready to choose anybody over him even Tunde.

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So why not kill myself before he dies, because it will be a great pain for me to loose him right before my nose” Eliza gripped knife tightly as her muscle could allow her, she raised it up …
The bundle of wail in the room could not even be traced to either Busayo or Eliza. But one thing so sure was that mother and daughter had started weeping like children creating auditory sounds that could be mistaken for a group mourners.
“Mother, since you dont want me and Dami together, i am sure you cant stop us from where we are about going. There, there will be nobody to interfare, nobody to intervene our love. So plss mother, kindly send to Dami to me in a jiffy, tell him his love is waiting for him over there. Good bye mother” Eliza finished as she let down her hands fleetly as possible to strike her abdomen…

“STOP!” A voice rang out..

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