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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 14

He had envisioned it that loving Eliza would mount an escape route for him to success, but now all he saw was like a jet flying him back to the junk he belonged to. How funny could life be ?

When you are at the verge of achieving your heart desires, then life displays it disapproval.

What a life of misery! A life of misfortune.
“Oga aade, no vex me oo if u no won make i wire you slap” a peremptory short black guy shouted at Dami while charging him up with his ratty feet. The man looked like an updated crook with his bushy hair, black face and brown eyes. His teeth were partially white but the two incisors were strongly black, and it always gave him a look of a crook or an intrepid person.
Dami woke up in the umpteenth time to face the look that remembered him that he was still in the dungeon called a police cell. The place that made him felt he had lost the Eliza, the love of his life. The place that made him realised he was about to be thrown back to the scum he belonged to. The place where he had no tiny hope of even making it out there alive.
“Wetin i do again .. Ki ni mo sehh ? He voiced out like toddler afraid of being hit by a bully
“So you wan talk say you no know wetin you do abii” the crook guy replied with stern look on his face while revealing his black incisors.
“i no know ooh”
“No wahala na, if u like make u snore again, na your face i go turn to jabulani… If i noo kick that your mouth wey u go take snore for u make you call me bastard” He replied again displaying that malign look that would make one not to think twice before mistaking him for a devil.
“Na you sabi” Dami said as he realised he had been snoring, and that was what probably roused up the rage of the rowdy guy. He sad up resting his bear back at the wall. He was tired of sleeping, his eyes now ached, about to make their own complaint. He had not spent three days in the dungeon, yet his physical appearance had already limned a felon who had spent 100 decades in it. His skin was red now as a result of excessive abrasion while his beard was matured to tell that it hadnt been shaped for four days. His hair was deadlocked and brown like it was infected with dust substances. He flipped his tongue to touch his teeth so as to feel how stale it was. He hadnt brush for two days now.
“Oga abeg wetin be time, help me check time abeg” Dami voiced out to the lanky constable passing by his cell. Dami’s question seemed to nark him and he was ready to lyned him with words. He stopped abruptly and began.
“Na time you dey ask soo ? Answer na.. Sorii ooh seh you na get appointment nii abii you won carry your bae wey put you for this wahala go date for this place wey u day. ? Yeye pikin, instead make you ask for today’s date make you start they counts the years wey you spend for this place .. Wetin i dey talk, sebi one na say if you no PAAYINN.. Foolish boy dey ask time.. For ur info.. Na just two days remain make dem decide wetin dem qo do for you. You betta pray to baba God to rescue your head. make he you no die for where you dey . Odeee ” The lanky constable spewed out before he left, giving Dami a silence pill.
Everything he emmited made him realised that there was no hope for him. Nobody knew where he was, his madam had taken her action on him calculatively. Needless to say, he knew Nigeria is a country who had swopped honesty and integrity with impairment and corruption. He had heard alot of stories about innocent people dying in substitute of the guilty, convicted but rich enough to buy their pseud freedom. His spine shivered as he prayed he shouldnt be a victim of such circumstance.

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But her madams was the one who knows where he was and the hope he has. But since he was the only incumbrance on her way to achieve her avid desire, so he was as good as dead.

“Where is Dami ?” Eliza asked her mother. She couldn’t hold it anylonger, she hadn’t seen Dami for two days without any traces of where of his where about. Needlessly, she knew her mother was the only one to give answer to that.

She felt her pride melted as she approached mum who was resting her big bum on one the sofas
“You mean my employee ? The driver ? Ordinary driver ? The last time i checked i was the reason why he was in the house, so therefore with a snap of my fingers, i can throw him back to the scum he belongs to. I can decide his fate in which i will do in no time. Dami is like my creation i can do to him whatever pleases me” she voiced out those words derisively ,which in milliseconds had boiled up Eliza’s rage up to 100 degrees centigrade
” Motheerr! Why are you this callous ? Why do you enjoy ruining my happiness.. I regret having you as a mother… I hate you! I detest you!.. I despise you! You called your self a creator ?? Good Lord …. I swear i you suppose to be shot five times straight in the forehead, i can ..”
” Shut up young fool or i will do that for you myself. Dont be so insolent because of that good for nothing sake gold digger…”
“But he is not a …”
“I said shut up! Okay fine now i will know if you truly love that filthy thing you called your happiness.” She stood on her feet with a wine glass filled up with juice in her hand. She looked straight into Eliza’s eyes with an impression she want to a have serious conversation.
“Dami is in my custody, still breathing, though you guys can never meet again, but the his continuous respiration lies in your decision.” She paused to stare at Eliza’s eyes furrowed begging for limpidity.
“You have just three days to renounce your love to that young fithy pig and get engaged to Tunde. Failure to do so your Dami dies! But neither of your decision will make you guys see each other again. If you cant renounce, honey i bet your Dami will die without anybody to trace his death..

You see, the last time i said i was his creator, well let me say i was wrong. Because i never created him. I dont know his birth date, but trust me as far as we are here in this country, i can pick his death date effortlessly.” Busayo Badejo voiced out with an atmosphere of confident and fearlessness.

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