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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 12

Heyyy! What is this?” Eliza asked breaking away from their snuggle. She looked with concerns pasted on her face as she glared at what she saw. A huge scar that stood like an inscription on Dami’s glistening nucha.
“What” Dami inquired not quite sure of what Eliza meant.
“That” Eliza said pointing to the scar at the Dami’s nape. She was sure Dami neva carried such mark before, so some sort of something astrocious must have happened to him. Her face stayed glue to him begging for answers.
Dami on his own side couldnt decipher whether to tell the truth about the inception of the mark or lie to her. He didnt wan to lie but at the same couldnt afford to let her know one of her mother inhuman treatment towards him bored the mark on his nucha.
Of cause Eliza would believe him if he told her, at least she has had some taste of her mother’s inurement too. But he didnt want to compound the ongoin mother-daughter warfare. He had done enough, he was the one who broached the whole thing right from the onset. He was the reason why mother and daughter had remained reticence to each other, and he still have to deal with. He was not ready to ignite fire to petrol bomb by telling Eliza that her mother had gone violent on him and resulted in earning a scar from it.

But still, he still felt everything happening was caused by him. He was the felon that started the crucial warfare thing. He started it by falling for Eliza in a heartfelt way.

Eliza didnt feel very comfortable with the silence “Are you going to say something plss?” She finally found her voice.
“You see Eliza, there is a lot of thing you should know but now is not just the right time for you. Okay? Just trust me!” He said pleadingly.
Eliza looked at him with wariness before she retched out large volume of breath. “okay darling” she finally muttered grasping Dami’s hand in entwinement. ” i dont like the way i feel when i see you get hurt” she whispered sweetly and planted a kiss on his lips.

“i know dear, trust me everything is alright” Dami toned. Still feeling a guilt pang inside of him.
They stayed cuddled for sometimes like lovers in hollywood movies, while Eliza’s hands did some smooth run-through around Dami’s broa hairless chest, she also accompanied it with slight clout giving Dami a funny cutaneous tickle.
Dami eyes also had found Eliza crimp curly hair as his right hands stroked the the ridges and his left hand contained her full fleshy cheek also giving a kind of funny twitch. A perfect lieu for love birds like where.

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“This is the kind of dream i had for weeks, being with you, making me smile, sleeping on your chest.. Hmmm, thank God for this” Eliza thought.
Same time, Dami’s mind roamed about how he ended up being a driver and also how it happened to be a lodger at Eliza’s house. He knew it was his madam generosity that earned him his appartment at the house coined with the genial relationship between them. His madam had never had any reason to complain or grumble about anything concerning him. All what he has done, had timely met the his madam’s contentment. And whenever he drove her out, she made him had the same luxury treatments she enjoyed. Her madam had incessantly trusted him to the point where she sent him to bank to help her make withdraw huge amount of money. He never treated him like a driver he was meant to be.
Before he arrived at the house, he was a human without a life. No shelter to lay his head, his future was obscured with uncertainties with a wrecked and decrepitude financial status. His life was totally worthless!
But since the encounter with her, his shambles life had been restored to order. She gave him reason to continue the struggle, provide him with shelter and work to earn him enough for sustenance.

“If an outsider could treat him this way without being daunted he was just a petty stranger, then being an ingrate in this manner to such a person will hurt pretty bad.

But it’s not really his fault. Everything should be blamed on the crazy thing called love. At least he never asked to fall for Eliza, he never asked his heart to get addicted to her. Oh God! But if the only way he could settle things between him and madam was to stop loving Eliza, is he ready to break the heart of the only girl he has ever loved? Is he ready to do it? Is the heart ready to stop loving what it wants?” Dami thought as he whooshed a loud breath.

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