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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 11

Eliza respired a relieve with a fastidious look on her face immediately the caller’s voice wapted out through her phone. She had unmistakeably discerned the caller’s voice with a good clue of how he could get her number. Her mother.
“How did you get my number”? She voiced out, with a stabled, relaxed tone. Deliberately sounding quizzed and waving his greetings aside.
“Calm down Eliza, you should have at least responded to my greeting, before ..”

“Hey! Hold the bull craps and answer my question!” Eliza found her mouth spewing those abrasive words. nevertheless, that is what she needed to do, and even exactly what Tunde deserved. She thought.
“Okkkk, your mum gave me your number, and though i thought i can have some privacy with you cause we realy need to talk. I now see you are not in good mood” Tunde responded.
“Good” Eliza chipped
“So oo, maybe i will get to call you back”
“I am sorry, you can’t, cause i will blacklist this number rightaway” Eliza informed rudely.
“But is it really up to that ? I mean its justifiable you are hurt by my attitude towards you, but its not if you are now treating me now like some sort of scrap or junk. All i want to say is that i am sorry for anything, anypain i might have caused. I am a c chha …”
“Goodbye” Eliza sqwarked as she hit the red button on her phone cutting Tunde off. She was ready for any flimsy talk
Now she realised her mother meant business. She gave Tunde her phone number. But one thing that seemed so obscured to her was the reason her mother was trying to conjoin them again after she had a proper cognisant of the emotional savages she passed through when she was with him.
Tunde who had embarrased her on many occasions. Made her feel like a scum or trumpery s*x tool. Yes, Tunde made love to her even out of her consent. He made her felt she had nothing so good to proffer. Eliza cursed the day he met him, even all the while she was blindfolded by his love.
She neva prayed to have the deja vu.

Nonetheless, she has her decision to make, the ball is in her court and she is ready to play it wherever she wishes.
She promised to cut anything that may arouse any form mutual impropriety between them. She will not leave any loopholes. She thought.
“So is that himmm , mean Tunde”? Dami asked with quizzical expression tapping Eliza out from her state of absorption.

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“Ermm, baby it it tt is nothing okay” she stuttered out.

“Are you sure”?

“Yes dearie” Eliza affirmed, nodding her head.
“Alright then” Tunde said with leery eyes, decided he wont press further. “I think is high time we took our leave?”
“Yes sure” Eliza confirmed as they both stood up to take their leave.


Weeks and months had rolled over, yet the love bond between Eliza and Dami became inviolable. While Eliza faced posterity in her mum’s affection. As things started turning well between her and Dami, the strong *mother-daughter* affection between her and her mother became jaded. Now mother and daughter had become a little bit insesate towards each other. Their method of communication was void of colloquial and they now appeared cold in relating towards each other. They decided to remain taciturn to each other inasmuch none of them had decided to bend to each other consideration.
But in spite all the fisful malignant wielded by both of them, something didnt change. The love Eliza and Dami retained for each other blossomed like apple during rainfall, likewise, the hostile indignant her mother bored towards Dami had become full-fledged to the point that she no longer hid it from him.
She made it so obvious to him on diverse occasions that she now despised him, and always made him felt like he was just scum he brought now turning to a gold digger.
All what Dami would say whenever the woman resumed her ranting was “i am sorry ma”. And as soothing the statement was , it as well magnified the belligerence working up in the woman’s innards and sometimes always earned him a vast slap on his face.
“Well it is said that there is NO GAIN without PAIN!!” Dami’s mind would quickly conceived that to ease himself of his anguish. And also decided not to let all his hapless discomforts in awareness of Eliza, since there was little or nothing she could do he decided not give her hint idea about the situation he was going through. Eliza’s mother also been a proffesional who always melted her operation on Dami, incognizance of her daughter. Eliza.
But how long would the Dami withstand the pains ? What will be the end of there relationship ? Who is TEMI ? Who is Dr Banji and his Doom ? What relevance does December 25 has in the story ?
All questions will be answered as the story unfolds. Just keep following, alot of mysteries to uncover. Thank you

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