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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 10

Eliza stared at Dami in amazement, her whole body was engulfed with happiness. Sh opened her mouth to talk but nothimg came on out. All her reverie turning to actuality. She wanted to rub her eyes to know if she wasnt dreaming, but decided against it, she didnt want to look raw and start giving Dami akward impression. She was still a big girlthough. But If you could only take a view of her that day, you would have bet she just hit a jackpot.

” My response would have been, i love u too!” She sang out amidst a broad smile one could mistake for a laughter. ” I have loved you right from the first day i saw, i never believed i could fall for a guy in a day” she confessed.
Dami held her hand passionately, giving them a poised rub with the help of his thumps. Looking each other eyes with great passion patently drawn out.
” i am just scared of mum, your mum, you know she is my boss! You are her daughter annnn..”
“Dont worry about mum” Eliza quickly cut in, placing his index finger on her lips “i will take care of her. I love you so much Dami, and nothing will take you away from me.”

Dami took a long look at Eliza before he heaved a sigh. ” You see, you are pretty, well educated young lady and i am sure anytime soon host of suitors will start yearning to have take you as a wife. And if that eventually happens, what will be my fate ?” He asked searchingly, “As you can see i am just a driver with just a little education that wont earn me more quality job to the one i am into presently. My future is not save with you” He lamented.
“You will always be mine honey, come what may. Nobody will take you away from me. Your job wont take you away from me. No suitors will take you away from me and my mum will never take you away from me. I am ready to be part of your future, to live through your future. Ookies ?” Eliza breathed with all seriousness, while she maintain a wide grin.
Eliza words truely worked out, her words really calmed the fuss bubbling his mind and deprecated it to minuscule. Her words also hiked up the tiny hope left and made him see the the strong vivid future la!d ahead for them. If he could have someone like Eliza beside her forever, then his future should not daunt him anymore.

He knew his love towards Eliza was geniue and true, the massive wealths in her convey has never been the attraction. Or let me say major attraction! Because he still felt some bantam hope of the fufilled life he always dreamt, which was invariably coming to reality, at least through the relationahip with Eliza.

He started to envisoned Eliza as a small god, also an escape route from the his object poverty. He promised himself to give out what it takes to make Eliza her woman, he would never share her with anybody and nobody would take her away from her grip now that he has her. He would shower her with the love she deserverd.
“Honey” Eliza called out with disruptive eyes, her eyes had been on Dami who had never responded to her after all what she thrushed out. Instead, Dami had remained silent probably lost in own euphoria.
“Yes dearie” Dami’s mind jerked back to life while his eyes fell on Eliza and noticed his mind had travelled out of reality which had gotten her momentry unrest.

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“You know what dearie?” He quickly added.
“Honey what is it?” Eliza responded still feeling unstabled.
“If love is all you ever need, then you can count me” he voiced out transmitting a kind of elation into Eliza’s heart.
“Oh really?” Eliza asked rhetorically, with that familiar grin curved out from her mouth. She was sure Dami was the perfect guy for her. The fact that he was just an ordinary driver didnt mean he was not amatory.
“Thank God for making me meet the best guy in the world” she thought.
“Yes dearie, you are the best thing happening to now” Dami responded with a slight chortle. He looked the at beauty sitted infront of him, which affirmed to him that was doubtlessly drunk in love.
They later had a wild gists and fun spruce with amatory discussions about both relevances and irrelevances. Just like two new lovebirds they were. Eliza talked more about her puerility and how growing up as a romp really affected her and saved her many times from desperate circumstances.

They asked each other if there was any secret they would like to uncover, in which Eliza took time to explain all what was needed to know about his past relationship with Tunde. She didnt have alot to exhibit because she was not the type that had involved herself into hatful of relationships. Tunde was the only guy that she had as an ex- and she took time to divulge all their mutual dealings.

Dami on the other hand explained he had never been in a relationship before, so nothing to uncovered for Eliza’s awareness. They both had a wonderful felicitous time until Eliza’s phone squalled out.

Eliza fixated her eyes on the screen, feeling astounded, she wondered who could have been calling her, she had not given her new number to any of her friends since her arrival days ago, the only person that has her number at that moment was her mum, whereas the number calling her was not hers. So who could the caller be ?
She aimed to punch the answer key on her device, the call dropped. That was due to the fact it had rung for sometimes without anybody picking it up.

“Riiinq riinq rinq” the phone honked out the second time. Eliza tardily aimed for her phone with a muzzy spirit, displaying the perpetual vagueness stamped on her forehead
“Hel l l.. o” She enounced like some one scared of the “o”, and waited for what she could discribe as everlasting before getting her response from the caller.

“Afternoon Eliza” the buirdly cool voice over the phone finally responded.

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