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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 40]




It was 7pm already in the city of Abeokuta, and though the night was matured enought to alter it darkness, but then someting was just not right. It was 7pm! For christ sake and the whole street of Pansheke was already desolated. Pansheke area of Abeokuta had been one of the of most busy area, especially with the loud turn out of chunk of students who ramble along the road, and the local market women who found the gloomy time as the best time to market their wares. Even that time had always been the normal closing time for some civil servants. One could perceptibly see them, especially those who didnt own a ride hiking along the forever busy street.

But now, it was just 7pm and not even a trace of student could be picked or atom of the market women could be seen. Even the trekkers & the commercial vehicles had al gone into extinction. The whole surrounding looked like a place bestowed with curfew.

Only the chirm of obviously the birds or the likes could be heard. The skies had given up on the stars & the moon which also born the trace of tiny cloud. Giving little expectation that would rain. It was a kind of total weird occurence at Pansheke that evening.

Meanwhile, at the cross section of the street, la!d a very beautiful and well decorated magnific building . The building with contemporary deco was surrounded with a massive enclosure big enough to be mistaken for Stamford bridge. From the gate towards the house la!d a fully adorned lawn with well cultivated and mowed grass on the right and left flank leaving a small passage but broad enough to contain a moving vehicle.

The house was a duplex with 10 rooms on the upper floor and a wide sitting room downstairs to greet any visitor. Also, the sitting room contained 2 toilet situated @ right side of it. With a dinning table and chairs siting corner somewhere in the siting room. LG flat screen stayed glued to d wall facing the entrance with a well arranged set of home theatre la!d consiously on the floor below the the flat screen.

“Please dont do this,” Dr Banji whimpered as audible his gut could allowed him. He knelt on the floor with his back and shoulder forming a crooked shape, and his head tilted upward revealing hot tears dripping heavily from his eyes while his two palms staying glued to each other like someone praying or pleading vigorously for forgiveness.
Notwisthanding, Dr. Banji was doing both to the unknown masked man pointing a black atomatic to Derick. He was oblivious of how the horrendous human got entrance into his sitting room.

“It is already done doc!” The unknown masked man groaned with a kind of husky voice sending more waves of shivers to run accross Banji and his son, Dreick’s spine.
Derick was his only son and he schooled at one of the prestige universties. He only came home to collect somethings which he was through with and even on the verge of returning to his school.
Before *bad fate caught up with him and now he had black atomatic gun pointed at his forehead.

“But who are you, & what do you want?” Banji wailed ” You see have got alot of money you can take away, just dont do this plss! Dont kill my son!” Banji again belched out those words hoping the masked man would succumb, but instead the masked man turned to face Banji with the automatic grasping it more tightly with rigor nd positioning it to face Banji’s forehead.

“You want to know Meeee”? The masked man brusquely voiced but still stressed each word especially the “me” part. “Fine!” He continued, “I am your doom! I am the doom you caused on urself. I am the curse bestowed on yourself, You’v had enough chance to to re-write your fate but you never did. Your myopic mind was already consumed by vanities. Now it so unfortunate but inevitable you will die as a bereaved, with nobody to hold your hand nd nobody to survive you” the masked man spilled, wavering his head in a gesture that depict the humane part of him.
Advancing closely to Banji who has started too pee, but his eyes stay glued to the man. He could see the macho heavily bestowed on the masked man, coupled with his heftiness and tallness, also, the strength he reared. He could easily swop him for a wrestler judging from his athletic body.
“So y oou are a dddoom, a cuurse?” Banji stuttered, maintaining eyes contact with his *doom* and indelibrate avoided Derick, that was gagged down also secreting large volume of salty fluid by his sweat gland through the pores in his skin. He couldnt even decipher the whole situation, his mind reminded him in a flash how his friend had warned him not to embark on the journey to his house. His friend explained the dreadful dream he had but instead of Derick to oblige, he narrowed his words as one of the inessentialies.

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“Yes! I am your doom, i am your curse!”
The blare sound from the automatic filtered into the air and immediately Derick dropped Dead!
“Deeeeeeerrrickkk!!! Noooooo!!!” Banji

shrieked, motioned towards his dead son and grasping him with a ton of pain tracted out from him. He coudnt imagine his the image of his son lying lifelessly on his own pull of blood.

“I swear i would qet back to you evil son of a B***h!” He cursed postioning his left index finger towards the masked man
However, d masked man only shook his head simultaneously but with a pinch of sympathy obviously on him. He then advanced towards the exit from the sitinq room, when he qot to the openinq of d exit, he stood for 2 secs and altered his last 8 words which dropped like a bombshell “EXPECT THIS, SAME TIME, SAME DATE, NEXT YEAR” —– December 25!

“Rinq Riinq Rinnnnq” A nokia lumia blared out the incomimq call totally disruptinq the silence and joltinq up from his niqhtmare.
“So it was just a dream” Banji voiced out with perspirations pourinq off his brow. He was concerned with his dream, and that made him totally oblivious of the strident sound of call notification rendered by his lumia.
Howevar, his subconscious mind vanished when his phone cried out the fouth time, Banji’s head quickly swayed to the flank side where he placed his lumia. It was an unreqistered number.

“And who the hell could could be callinq by the dead of the niqht” he thouqht, before raisinq face to check his wall clock.
“12:15″ he muttered,
“Yes, hello sir,” the caller responded. “i’m sorry am i up to Derick Olabanji Daniel’s father sir”
“Ohh Yes. And who ammm iii i tta talkinq with?” Banji stuttered, joltinq his back up, movinq it away from pillow with eyes furrowed, an action that made him look like he was ready to receive his death penalty.

Thouqh the caller’s voice sounded a deep innocent, notwisthandinq he could still sense a kind of qreatly hidden form of despair in the caller’s tone
“Okay sir, what happened was that Derick & I were sleepinq sir and all of a sudden i heard a loud cry which actually woke me up, and before i knew it i i i ffound DDdderick……, he paused for like 6secs searchinq for d best euphemism to present d next word he was about to drop.

“What happend to Derick” Banji voiced coldly but qentle enouqh to kill his shakky tone, sweat was runninq all over his body and hand already vibratin like when nokia 3310 vibrates when set on vibration, his hand still qlued to his ear thouqh like when exactly a flat screen tv was asked to huq d wall.

“Derick is Dead sir!! The caller eventually dropped the fours words like atomic bomb plaintively. …..

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