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Teenagers And S*x – Season 1 – Episode 5

I was shocked at what I just heard. I took a quick look at her. She looked dead serious, like she had giving it a thorough though before coming to the conclusion to get rid of it.
“What did you just say?” I asked, hoping the question would instill some sense into her. It didn’t.
“I have thought about it for some time now, and I have made up my mind.” She declared.
I asked what made her take such rash decision and she told me it had been nagging in her mind for some time now. After speaking with her for some minutes, I understood what was the driving factor;
Peer influence.
Amongst the girls, they considered it ‘un-cool’ and ‘odd’ to be a virgin at that age. It seemed they were made jest of and called primitive and un-social for being virgins.
“And when you made that comment about virginity and dignity, I decided to take
the bold step.” She said.
This is a silly step and not a bold step!- I thought to myself. I wish I had said it out, I wished I had the courage to tell her how wrong her friends were, but I wasn’t; or I couldn’t. I wanted to discourage her, or at least, my weak spirit wanted to discourage her; but the ever willing flesh took over.
“How do you intend to achieve this?” I asked.
“I don’t really know. Some of my friends do it by themselves using foreign objects, but I don’t think I can do that.” She said.
The images started playing on my mind once more, clouding my better judgment. It was bad enough that I had discouraged a young girl from keeping her virginity, now I’m having thoughts of doing the deed myself.
If you don’t do it, others will!- said that loud voice once more, energizing the ever ready flesh.
“Your first experience really matters so you don’t have to use artificial objects.” I said to her. She stared at me with keen interest, same way she does when I solve one of the numerous maths problems she brings with strange methods she doesn’t understand.
I continued.
“Your first time will go a long way in ensuring you have a normal relationship with the opposite sex. If its bad, you may start to hate sex and it will affect your future.” I said to her.
“So, what do you suggest?” she asked expectantly, like she wanted me to make the move.
“Uncle, we have furthermaths!” said the same voice from the window.
Damn! Not that class captain again.
This time around, she didn’t move when I told her I was coming to her class. She stayed back at the window and kept staring at Omore and I. Finally, I left the lab and went to the class without concluding the discussion with Omore.
The days that followed marked a turn-around in my ‘cordial’ friendship with Omore. It seemed we had broken the ice between us. We started engaging in light romance sessions at the lab; caressing of laps, squeezing of bossoms, kissing and so on. We ensured we were careful never to be seen. With the textbooks and calculator laying abandoned on top of the desk, we would sneak our hands beneath the table and caress some laps. I changed my sitting position
at the lap, ensuring I had a full view of anyone approaching the lab. Gradually, the light romance started getting hotter. We were no longer satisfied with the light kisses and br’ea’st squeezing; we moved a notch higher to br’ea’st handling and caressing of the clit. Soon, we were bored with that; and just like Oliver twist of the famous Charles Dickens’ novel; We wanted some more. That was how we agreed to meet at my place.
We both were excited about the idea. She informed me of her plans and how her friend was going to cover for her and so on. She sounded excited, I was excited too, at least until the d-day, when I started having feelings of guilt. As I waited for her that day in my room, the feeling of excitement gradually fade off, and was replaced by a feeling of guilt. The better part of my was against this act ad was peppering my conscience already.
It’s wrong in all ramifications!- it warned me.
I listened to the voice, I decided I wasn’t going to do it; and just as I was about to dress up and leave my room, I heard the tap on my door; Omore entered my room.
It would have been easier if I just stepped out and didn’t have to be confronted by the pretty damsel seated on my bed. Her new apparel looked a bit slutty, a mini-skirt exposing a larger part of her fleshy skin as she sat on the bed. I offered her soft drinks and some cookies biscuit. I went into my kitchen momentarily and the war raging inside me started all over again.
This is wrong!- said the swift firm whisper inside my head.

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