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Teenagers And S*x – Season 1 – Episode 3

My emotions must have betrayed me one of such days as I sat talking with Sandra. I was so lost in my fantasies, staring blankly on her bosoms, wondering how it will be when those uniforms are let loose; I could almost see the hard nipples thru the clothes like my eyes were fitted with x-rays. She noticed what was happening. It was easy for her as my d!ck was already pushing hard on my jean trousers. When, all of a sudden I got a hold of myself, I saw her staring down on the thick bulge in-between my legs. I used the text book to cover the bulge, out of reflex and she laughed. I was embarrassed, but didn’t try to cover my shame. I gradually removed the text book as she rested her eyes once more on the bulge on my trousers, using one hand to cover her mouth in mockery, like she was about screaming.
“Wow!!!” she
“What?” I asked smiling.
“It looks huge!” she said, then started laughing.
“Uncle we have further maths!!” The ss1 class captain called from the window. I didn’t know it was time for end of break. Ss1 students were not allowed into the lab, so I taught them in their class. I told the captain I was coming and she left. I needed to arrange my d!ck before it embarrasses me further.
“Oya! Bad girl! Go back to your class!” I said to Sandra as she continued her laughter.
“You need to poor cold water on it!” she teased me. I reached for my cain and she ran to her classroom. . .
When Sandra volunteered to come to my house during the weekend, I agreed.
I didn’t give it a second thought. I had been battling with myself all week after the episode at the lab. Seems my mind was split into two; each opposing the other on the idea of inviting her over. I kept arguing with myself over the week, trying hard to resist the temptation of inviting her over. Deep down in me, I felt it was wrong, although my spirit was willing, the flesh was weak; so weak that I feared what I might not stand the temptation. I was right, I couldn’t stand it.
I made a solemn declaration; that I wasn’t going to invite her to my house. I insisted to myself that I was going to stand firm to my decision.
Then she asked, and I said she can come!
Damn me! I thought to myself.
Not your fault, she invited herself, you didn’t.- said the loud voice in my head.
I had to agree with it.
I asked how she was going to make it, since she lived with her parents. She said her cousin schools at the polytechnic, and that she usually spends some days or weekend with her.
The night she was supposed to come, I was not around. I had gone on an impromptu outing with my neighbor and her friends. She had invited me to her birthday which I missed; and to make up for it, I proposed to take her out together with her friends that same evening. So when Sandra called, I was at the joint. I managed to pick the call and told her I wasn’t around.
The next week at school, she told
me how disappointed she was. She said she had already perfected her lies and plans and it worked, only for me not to be around.
I didn’t border explaining stuffs for her. I had a bitter experience with my neighbor and her roommate that weekend. I slept with their friend after the outing with them that night, and they wanted to tear the girl apart. It caused a scene and I tried to handle the matter maturely.
After the incidence, I started losing interest in Sandra. She must have noticed it as she stopped coming to me often. I started telling her off and resumed spending quality time with Omore. Finally, the weaker part of me was winning the war; the spirit is becoming stronger than the flesh: Hallelujah!!!
Omore knew I was recently close to Sandra. She asked why I was detesting her all of a sudden and I told her I wasn’t detesting Sandra. She looked at me like she doesn’t believe what I told her.
“Its normal for guys to detest girls after sleeping with them.” She said. Her comment caught me off-guard. She actually thought I slept with Sandra and as had dumped her.

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