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Teenagers And S*x – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 8]

Teenagers And S*x

Teenagers And S*x

Episode 1
Children’s day was celebrated this week.
I did my morning routine as usual; dressing up for work and wondering why the federal government didn’t declare the day a public holiday. It would have saved me the stress of going to work today, and would have made my girl stay back and not rush off back to school. She had come to spend the weekend with me, like she does most times. She had to go back to school for Monday morning lectures, and I will be alone again until another two weeks or so.
I rushed through the morning headlines with my phone, and read about the first lady’s speech about ending teenage pregnancy and educating the girl child.
The headline struck me and I had to read the full speech. It was a nice speech, articulate and full of bright ideas and solutions. It addressed the problems of the girl-child; kicking against teenage pregnancy. The article tried to discourage teenage sex, highlighting the dangers therein.
But I noticed something was amidst; either ignorantly or knowingly –
the teenage girl was painted as being venerable, naive and pliable. I believe the article seek to address girls within the age limit of thirteen to nineteen; these are the teenage girls, most of which are still at senior secondary schools, while some are either trying to gain admission into the higher institutes or are freshers at higher institutes.
Reading the article that morning, I began to see areas where the article erred and where it needed amendment.
Either the media and publicity crew of the first lady were myopic, or they were trying so hard to pass out a wrong message. They made the teenage girl look innocent and naive; like they were victims of a harsh machismo. The truth, as it was not represented on that speech was that most of these teenage girls are eager to experiment with sex. They are far more exposed than we would want to agree. Some of them have engaged in so much sex-capades that the experience they’ve garnered from such adventures will make a full-grown adult blush.
As I read through her speech that morning, I recalled my experience with a teenager; not just one teenager, but two.
The crazy things we do! I thought to myself.
There are stuffs I wasn’t proud of, there are those I would love to erase totally. Inasmuch as I felt it was wrong, it was one of the most memorable sex-capade I’ve had.
Not-too-long Ago. . .
I came across a lot of teenagers during my service year. I was doing a part time with an all Girl’s secondary school, and I was teaching their senior students Further Maths and Technical Drawing. I saw it as normal when the girls became close to me. The principal had earlier explained to me that the school had found it difficult to get a F/maths teacher ever since the last corper finished his service year. The students were very willing to learn, and soon, I developed a cordial relationship with them. I ensured I maintained the relationship at a cordial level, but it seems it was an impossible deal. Staying alone at the science lab where I used as my office, the students gather around me using one pretense or the other; mostly for me to help solve one problem or the other for them in relation to their studies. When the cordial relationship I had with
them started becoming an object of controversy as most of them skipped classes just to stay with me at the lab, I started removing myself from them. I relocated my office to the staff room and came to the lab only when it was time for my classes.
But I had already built a strong rapport with the head girl; Omore. She was almost the prettiest in the school; and she was the principal’s daughter; and the head-girl of the school.

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