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Tear That Can’t Be Patched – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3

Then that day came; the day I would never forget. Jane was on the night shift that week and she usually stayed at our place on weeks like that because it was closer to her office. This particular day, I came home around 3p.m in the afternoon and found her in the living room watching cartoons. I greeted her casually and went straight to my room. She shouted out that she had made spaghetti. I had some accounting to do, so I sat at my table with my pen and pad. A couple of minutes later, she came into the room. Now, I have told you that Jane was beautiful, but I didn’t tell you about her body. She was like a “Salma Hayek”, or an “Eva Mendez”. She had the body of a Greek Goddess, period. Of course i was never tempted before, or never seem to notice this until recently. You know, sometimes you know someone for so long you start to see the inner person, and not the person outwardly. It’s not until someone says “look at the huge tits on that girl” that you actually notice. Or in my case, you are forced to spend so much private time with the person.
She entered the room and started massaging my shoulders really fast. The conversation went thus…
Jane- “I’m so bored, let’s go out some place”. She said and I didn’t reply. Then she starts massaging my shoulder slower and slower. It felt so good that I felt bad.
Me- “Stop.”
Jane- “What?” She said, like she was not aware of what she was doing
Jane- “Oh! Sorry, I am so restless.” She said and went to lie down on the bed with her face to the ceiling. I took one look at her and it sent shivers down my spine. I could see a great proportion of her breasts, and the outline of the other parts of her body was very clear. My mind started wondering.

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