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Tear That Can’t Be Patched – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2

After Mike and Jane started dating, we’d still hang out together, but sometimes I would excuse myself and that always pissed Jane off. Then after we graduated, Mike got a job almost immediately, and moved out his parent’s house. And after a while of my searching and not getting a job, Mike asked me to come over and stay with him. He explained that if I hung out with him and his friends that had good jobs, one way or the other I would be linked up. And it was like school again when I moved into his apartment. He was working with a bank and was hardly home. After about six months, I got tired of the job hunt and decided to start a business of my own. I found out that most of the house-hold commodities that were sold in stores were being brought in from Asia, and I got this connect in china that I bought goods from and they were delivered to my doorstep. I found out that there was a killing in profits to be made. I started making up to 200% profit, and more on a lot of the gadgets that I shipped in.
Jane was a customer care person with a telecommunication company and she worked shifts, and some days were off days for her. She spent most of her off days with us at the house, although Mike was always barely around. Mike’s apartment had two bed-rooms, and a living room. He stayed in the master bedroom, and I had the other room to myself. The three of us still went clubbing on weekends, and some times, I would get a girl to tag along with me. Mike was a heavy drinker and a heavy sleeper too. Sometimes after our clubbing escapades, Jane would come over and ask if she could sleep in my bed. I would assume she probably had a bad time with Mike in bed or something and wanted to sleep elsewhere, and I had no problem with that. She would just sleep at one end and I would be on the other end.
Sometimes we would both accidentally roll over to the middle in the course of sleeping, but I never felt any form of sexual attraction or was never uncomfortable. Sometimes, not necessarily club nights, I would wake up in the middle of the night and she would be fast asleep on my bed, then when I would wake in the morning, she would be gone, almost like I had dreamt it. Jane’s mom had died when she was in high school, and her dad had been separated from her mom before the death, so she lived with her grandmother, and that gave her a lot of freedom to do what she wanted. She spent at least four nights a week at our place, but she never moved any of her belonging into the house. I respected her for that.
Apart from weekends that the three of us spent together, it was virtually me and Jane on week days. When Mike got back from work during the week, around 10pm, she would already be asleep, and he never bothered waking her. I was a bad cook, so Mike did all the cooking. Then Jane found out, and she made me watch her and stay by her side every time she was in our kitchen preparing food. When we ran out of salt, or sugar or something, we would walk down to the store, just the two of us.
As time went by, I started feeling awkward about the whole situation. Sometimes we would be on the couch, Jane and I, watching a movie and she would fall asleep with her head on my shoulder. Or she would be walking around the house with just shorts and a t-shirt on, with no bra underneath. She was not even asking if she could sleep in my bed any longer, she would just jump in the bed and cover herself with the sheets. I could no longer handle the temptation and I was seriously thinking of getting my own apartment. When i discussed the idea with the both of them, this was how the conversation went:
Me- “So I saw this nice place in town I want to get.”
Mike- “What? You want to get a ware-house for your goods or something? Hmm! That’s a nice idea.”
Me- “No. I want to move out, get my own place, you know?”
Jane- “Why would you want to do that?”
Mike- “Yeah. Why would you want to do that? Who would watch over Jane while I am away?”
Jane- “Not just that, I don’t think you need that for now. You can save the money staying here, and use it for something profitable, like investments. Besides, Mike is never home, you would make up for the huge sum he is paying for this place?”
Mike- “That’s a point”
Jane- “And do you want me to go crazy staying here all alone waiting for Mike to get back from work?”
That’s the point the both of them didn’t understand, I was spending too much time with my best friend’s girlfriend. I didn’t trust myself anymore. Or maybe I was acting paranoid, because they both sounded so plain and innocent about the whole issue.
Mike- “Oh! I get it, there is a girl?”
Me- “No”.
Jane- “Yes! I knew it. It’s a girl, right? No wonder you’ve been acting so weird lately.”
Me- “It’s not about a girl.”
Mike- “There is nothing to be ashamed of. And there is plenty of space around while I’m away. I wouldn’t get in the way.”
Me- “It’s…You know what? Let’s just go out and get some drinks.”
We ended up at our regular bar, talking about music, politics, the weather, but nobody brought up the issue again. I knew they were scared to lose me, having been so used to having me around in their lives for so long. But sometimes, a man has got to do what he has got to do. I made up my mind to let it rest for a while, but planned eventually moving out before the end of the year. As for Jane, I didn’t know if she was naive about the whole situation. I didn’t know if she was flirting with me on-purpose or she was not aware of the impact of all what she was doing on me.

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