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Tear That Can’t Be Patched – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 4]

Tear That Can't Be Patched

Tear That Can’t Be Patched

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Story Title: Tear That Can’t Be Patched 

Episodes: 4


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Episode 1

How much can you trust someone, especially if that person is your best friend? Or can trust be relative? Depending on the matter at hand? If there is trust between two friends, that means there is respect between these two friends, right? That means in dealings that concern either of the parties, whether it be anything or another person related to either of the two, there would be a level of respect. But sometimes our emotions come into play and destroy all the respect that existed between us and people we have relationships with.

My case is a peculiar one and I would like for you to read to the end before you make any judgments. I’m a very reserved person, but while I bask in my own world, my aura always manages to attract people to me. I can say I have never picked a friend; the reverse is always the case. As for females, I have not had a lot of girlfriends, but the few I have had, I never had to fight for. My name is Robert and I have just betrayed my best friend, Mike.

Mike was the opposite of me in character, but we were physically alike. We had the same dark complexion; kept the same style of afro hair cut; were both over 6 feet in height; but I was a couple of inches taller. As a duo, Mike was the mouth piece, because I never talked much. It has always been a thing with me to have friends that liked to talk so that I would not have to do a lot of talking. I really don’t like talking; I’d rather listen to conversations even if they lasted for hours. Most of the people that were close to me understood that and didn’t bother me. I only spoke when I had to or when I had a little too much to drink.

Jane made us a trio. She was Mike’s girlfriend, and had been for three years running now. The three of us graduated from the same University about four years ago. Mike and I had been friends with Jane a couple of years before he asked her out, so she was also my friend. I always saw her as a kid sister. During our final semester at the university, I was shocked when Mike told me of his intentions to ask her out, but I respected his opinion and didn’t question his actions. It just surprised me because Mike had no problem with girls on campus, so why would he want Jane. I guess he had been nurturing the love for a long time, and just felt it was time to let her know.

They started dating and it did not change anything in our relationship, but I have to say I had the best times when we were just friends. We would hang out after classes and share our secrets, just between the three of us. Jane would tell us about the boys in school that were actually stalking her, and we would be like, wow! I should not forget to say that Jane was a beauty. A queen of simplicity, but the beauty could not be hidden. If you didn’t know her, you would be scared to even approach her. She had this ever glowing chocolate complexion that shun in the sun, about 5ft7 inches of a coke bottle shape that couldn’t be hidden, regardless of what she wore. She had a smile that would disarm any man, and yet she seemed so ordinary to me. Her hair was always cut short, “Halle Berry” style. I remember days that mike would be away, and I would have to hang out with her alone. I would notice a lot of eyes on us. I can say I got more than half the females I got on campus because they had at one time or the other seen me with her. I guess girls always want what they feel other girls want.

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