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Teacher Nwachukwu – Season 2 – Episode 11

At the resident of Mr Cliff, Cynthia laid asleep on a bed in a room. On her leg was a white bandage. She did not only look sick but relaxed too as if she was at home.
Mr Cliff kept staring at her through a door like one whose child is at the point of death. The wife had left, leaving them all along in the house. Suddenly, a knock came and the doctor walked in. She was a middle aged woman with medicated eye glasses.
“Welcome, doctor.” Mr Cliff offered her a seat. “What’s the result?”
“It matched” Her voice trailed. “She has your gene.” she clarified, handing the result to him.
The man sat up after confirming it. “You mean she’s my daughter?”
“Yes, sir.”
The man finally stood up thoughtfully. “I felt it.” he murmured, going back to the door to have a good look at her again.
“How did it happen, sir?” The doctor’s s£xy voice called him back, therefore he looked at her.
“It’s a long story. The mother is dead.” He began to walk back to the chair. “She got pregnant for me and I denied it. I never saw her again. A few years later, I heard she was dead but I never knew what happened to the pregnancy.” he sat down.
“If you had accepted your responsibility, I think the mother would have still be alive.” The doctor blamed him. “All the same, fate has brought her to you. Shower her with love.” she stood up and left.

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