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Teacher Nwachukwu – Season 2 – Episode 10

Episode (10)
Written by author Nath
Heading: New President.
The tyres of her car rotated like a putter’s wheel, expertly driving like James Bond on the road. The evidence of this could be heard from the friction between the road and the tyres. That was sheriff, running home to confirm her children whom report had shown that they’ve been kidnapped. She pulled over in front of her house; a portable bungalow. She rushed out in her uniform.
“Cyndi!! Benjamin!!” she was yelling their names, running towards the door at the same time. She stumbled, nearly to fall, but strongly withheld it like a trained personnel in the force. Violently, she barged into the house, yelling their names and opening the children’s rooms. The sound of the doors when pushed were like the sound of fireworks on Christmas eve. She could see the house tattered and her maid crying on the floor of the living room. The young girl
wore a native gown which stopped at the knee.
“Where are my children?!” she asked her.
“They’ve been taken, ma’am.” The girl replied in tears.
“By who? How did they look like?!”
“They look like you” she pointed at her from the floor.
The woman became confused. “Like me?”
“They were putting on your type of uniform.” The girl clarified for more confusion on sheriff’s head..
The sun had begun to rise. It reflected on the empty building where Ada and Murphy took refuge. The young boy, after showing Ada the chip, turned to a window through which the ray of the sun refracted into the building.
However, Ada, leaving her story behind; how her father tried to kill her and Stephen being her brother, all she wanted at the moment was Murphy to reconcile with teacher or get the chip back to him. She didn’t know how to convince him to do that, so she became restless, flinging her hands and tapping her feet to the hearing of Murphy who had already turned his back on her, enjoying the vitamin D the early morning sun radiated. Suddenly, Ada calmed down. She gazed, slowly walking to him. She wore a polo over a short skirt. Her hair remained intact exposing her African beauty catalized by her dimples.
She slowly put her hands round Murphy’s waist from behind and rested her head on his back as if it was a posture for pre-wedding picture. “Thank you for saving me, Murphy.” She whispered almost romantically.
The boy turned with her hands still wrapping his waist. Both stared into each other eyes, moved by the force of attraction between magnet of different poles. Therefore, they gradually began to kiss. In the process, Ada collected the chip from his pocket.
Murphy grabbed her buttocks systematically, feeling his er£cted d!ck on her skirt as the kiss went on.
Ada quit. “Murphy, I’m sorry. I didn’t know what came over me.” she said.
“Is okay, Ada” he caressed her check.
“Will you reconcile with teacher?”
Murphy kept quiet, still caressing her.
“Please, I want you to.” She added in a pleading voice. Yet, Murphy didn’t say anything. She disengaged from him and stepped back. “I’ll like to talk to them. I want to go meet them at the police station.” She concluded.
Murphy exhaled. “Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss. Do you know that,
Ada?” He asked cleverly which rendered the girl speechless. “You can go with it, but be careful. Tell teacher I’m sorry.” he added and turned his back on her again.
Ada knew he caught her. So she didn’t know whether to leave or apologize. Nevertheless, she began to walk out. Just at the door, Murphy called her, “Ada”
She turned.
“Obi loves you.. so much.” he told her.
The girl didn’t say anything. She finally left briskly. Murphy smiled for a reason best known to him.

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