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Teacher Nwachukwu – Season 1 – Episode 9

Episode 9
Written by author Nath.
Heading: Access Strategy.
“Dave!” Judith ran after him. She caught him on the way again in the presence of others, even Ada and Stephenie who stood side by side. The manner in which Judith held the boy back attracted all. Murphy and Obi had the same posture with Ada and Stephenie. Only Vivian stood alone, watching the two. Meanwhile, Cynthia and Daniella had not come out from the change-room.
Judith stared at Dave with her hand tightly holding his arms. He was taller than her, so as she talked, she looked up at him in the eyes.
“You need to understand that I was punished because I lied not because I didn’t sleep in my room. So she’s no way the cause of my punishment! Let her be.”
Dave said nothing, thinking and staring at Judith too. In that order, quietness surrounded the path of the boutique.
“Did she harass or
molest you?” Dave asked fiercely.
“She did nothing, absolutely nothing to me. So stop!” she released his arm and placed her hand on his chest with a softer voice. “Please”
Just then, a male security came out, suspecting violence in the air. “What’s going on?” he threw the question in the air too.
“They’er dragging one cloth, sir.” Vivian took the ground with a fictitious smile, while others dispersed like criminals.
Bemused, the man rumpled his face. “A boy and a girl dragging one cloth?” he needed more substantiation for the chemistry behind that.
“It’s a unisex outfit like, you know, man and woman can wear it. Just like your shirt.” Vivian jokingly and hilariously adjusted the man’s shirt like a wife to the husband, glowing with smile. “You look handsome. Here..” she rushed her bag immediately and brought out a novel then stretched it to the young man. “You can have it, it’s a gift from the bombom of my heart.”
Meanwhile, the man had been blushing and shinning his thirty-two like an idiot, forgetting the tension that overwhelmed the place a few seconds ago. Nevertheless, he collected the book. “Thank you”
“Read it, it’s very inspiring. Bye” Vivian turned to see Judith smiling at her character. However, the man had gone back to his duty post.
“Young girl, I’m as surprise as you are.” Vivian told Judith as both stared at the direction the man followed.
“Babe, you just used teacher’s teachings about materialism for love on that security man and it worked!” Judith couldn’t believe it.
“That’s why I’m surprise. Legal bribery, it brainwashed him and brought peace. Ahh, i commot cap for teacher oh!”
They began to smile happily but Vivian frowned, folding her hands and facing her. “Are you telling me what I want to hear or not?” she requested.
Judith understood that she was talking about Dave and her. Before she could say anything, Cynthia passed with her selected clothes as if she didn’t see them.
“Cynthia, are you through? I love your clothes!” Vivian told her, yet she never looked back. “What’s wrong with her?” she turned back to Judith.
“May be she…”
“Look at mine!” Daniella’s voice interrupted Judith.
“Hey, they’re beautiful!” Vivian examined the clothes with Judith who also complimented on them with a low voice.
“Ella, what’s wrong with Cynthia?” she purposely asked her.
Daniella glanced at the direction Cynthia
followed. “She’s… she..” she glanced again. “I guess i offended her.”
Hearing that, Judith smiled and admired her degree of sincerity.
“I’ll apologize to her anyways.” Daniella walked out.
Vivian turned back to Judith. “Young girl, you think I’ve forgotten that I asked you a question.” she folded her hands for the second time.
Judith chuckled. “Amebo! I’ll tell you when we get home. Let’s go meet the cashier. I’m done so that teacher won’t spend all his money.”
“Hmm.. wife material!” They laughed, leaving the place.
However, Ada had politely taken Stephenie to clear her doubt regarding the phone call. Both could be seen in a very lonely path of the large boutique, standing like twins.
“I hope there’s no problem.” Stephanie asked her.
“No. I’m Ada..” she paused. “May I know your name?”
“Why?” Stephanie was becoming impatient.
“I.. I.. just want to know if you’re… umm..” she swallowed hard. “Um.. if you’re Stephen’s sister.”
“Where did you know Stephen?” she became enthusiastic.
“Just answer me. Is he your brother?”
“No, he’s my friend, close friend. Do you know where he is. You know he’s missing, right?”
Ada’s heart accelerated. She didn’t know whether to reason why Stephen lied to her or whether to deliver his message. Teacher’s reaction struck into her mind too if he gets to know what he decided to do. She also remembered Obi’s words: “Ada, you see that girl in the arms of her savour, just ten hours of standing, she wanted to collapse. You’ll stand there for forty-eight hours.”
“Hello?” Stephenie brought her out of the thought. “Why do you think I’m Stephen’s sister?”
“Nevermind, please.” Ada ran out of the place suspiciously. She was the last to meet the cashier, teacher paid through his debit card then all headed outside, entering into a limousine with executive space inside.
Meanwhile, Stephanie, haven suspected Ada, she dialed the number that called her last. Fortunately for her, it was in front of the female worker who gave Ada phone. It rang and the lady picked.
“Hello..” the lady said on the phone.
Stephanie did not only hear her voice on the phone she also heard it physically. She looked at the lady instantly.
“That’s my number calling you. How did you get it?” she asked as she was approaching the lady.
“Ahh, are you the one calling?” the lady looked at her phone. “I don’t know, a girl just used my phone recently. I guess it’s the same number she called.
“Which girl?”
The lady looked through the window. “The one entering that long car now.”
Stephanie stretched her neck to see her. Like flash, she zoomed off. Unfortunately, before she could get outside, the limo had set in motion. She began to run after it, shouting and waving “Hey, stop! Stop!”
The driver of the vehicle saw her through a side mirror.
Inside the limo, the orphans seated in a semi circle. The boys faced the girls while teacher sat alone on another chair, facing them. The setting was like a king and his elders in a palace. Teacher could see them smiling and discussing happily. Suddenly, the driver’s voice came through a speaker.
“Sir, a girl is running after us, waving for me to stop.”
Hearing that, the kids stopped murmuring. Teacher looked back see the very girl in quote.
“Stop the car.” he commanded.
“Okay, sir.” the driver pulled over.
Before Stephanie approached the tinted glass, teacher had covered his face with the sunglasses and his beards with a fabric. He whined down the glass when Stephanie knocked on it. Already, Ada had wished for the ground to open and swallow her.
“Young girl, what’s the problem?” Teacher asked Stephenie.
“I want to talk to her” she pointed at Ada, while others looked at her.
“Talk to her about what?”
“I will like to know how she got my number and also tell me how she knew Stephen, thinking I’m his sister.”
Hearing that, Murphy shook his head coz he believed that Ada accepted what he rejected from Stephen. Without being told, everybody had used his or her mind to understand what was going on, even teacher Nwachukwu. Hence, tension paved inside the car. Obi could see Ada’s legs shaking in fear. All waited to know what teacher would say. Of course they already had it at the back of their minds that he wouldn’t take it likely with her.
“Ada” Teacher called. “Go and answer your friend.” He opened the door. All watched Ada reluctantly stepped out from the car and the door closed behind her.
“Driver, take us out of here.” Teacher commanded.
“Yes, sir” the car sped off.
Ada, who was standing with Stephenie couldn’t believe it as she stared at the moving car….
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Several miles of running on the way, the kids neither laughed or smiled or even talked. Obi kept looking at teacher while Daniella read his mind already.
“Obi, teacher won’t change his mind.” she told him by breaking The silence.
“But we can’t leave Ada behind.” he said then turned to teacher. “Teacher…” he wanted to plead even if he knew that it would be like pouring water on a stone, but teacher’s glare sent him back to his shell.
The limo stopped in front of a white beautiful building that looks familiar to the kids. It was the one drawn on the board for them. They wondered why they stopped there.
“Teacher, you didn’t tell us that we’re coming for the mission.” Dave said. “And we didn’t even get prepared.” he added.
“Work according to what’s going to happen at the gate of this building. Show love, make peace and meet me at the beach” teacher told them.
“What?” Cynthia became as confused as others.
“Get down from the car.” Teacher commanded. Murphy was the last to leave. Teacher handed some money to him and said, “Bring your siblings to the beach after getting pass ticket.”
“What ticket? Teacher, this is confusing.” the boy lamented.
“Be smart, Murphy.”
Both stared at each other. Murphy collected the money and stepped out too. The car sped off.
The kids followed passerby along the road. Obi began to lament.
“So teacher’s plan is to leave all of us behind. First it was Ada and now us. Where did we go wrong?”
“Quiet, Obi!” Murphy instructed him.
They could see securities at the closed gate and people passing like they did. Suddenly, two cars sped from opposite directions as if they fell brake, running to hit people at the gate. The securities ran away, the kids smartly, saved others whom the cars would have killed before hitting the fence of the building. The drivers came out safe. No life lost. People began to clap for the kids.
Murphy met the drivers who sat on the floor. “Are you okay?”
The man kept breathing hastily without replying.
He brought out money and gave to him. “You need to go to the hospital now.” he stood up. “Somebody call the ambulance!” he shouted.
Others followed him in shouting. He met Daniella and gave her some amout of money. “Take, give to that woman to take care of herself.” he said.
Daniella understood what he was doing instantly likewise others. So they did not only bring peace there but also showed love. That marvelled the securities. Due to the act, the kids were taken into the building. All stood before a man.
“You kids worked wonders today.” the man said.
“No, the glory should be given to God and small to us.” Obi said flinging and clapping his hand like a psychic.
“Life equals love. You save life when you show love. That’s what happened at the gate.” Judith lectured.
The man became amazed. “There’s a get-together-party soon. It’s mostly for big men but I’ll give you kids pass tickets to attend as a gratitude to what you did today.” The man called on a security man…
Immediately the kids gets to the beach, teacher put them on an helicopter. They flew home, leaving Ada behind.
The Sun had set when the chopper landed on the basketball court as usual. They all stepped out. Stephen looked from the window to see that Ada wasn’t among them, so his heart sank down to his stomach.
However, the kids refused to enter
into the house. So when teacher noticed it, he turned to them dramatically.
“Teacher, we know you planned everything just for us to get the tickets.” Murphy broke the silence.
“Yes, that was access strategy because the day of the party is the day your mission begins. The tickets are what takes you into the building.” he replied.
“I got two tickets. One is for Ada. I lied to the man that I have a sister.” Cynthia used that to brings up Ada’s topic.
“Teacher, why did you leave her behind?” Obi asked sadly.
The man didn’t answer. First, he took a step to them and stared into their eyes.
“I believe Ada is in the police station by now?” He began. “We all would have been there with her if we hadn’t left her behind.”
“How?” Judith asked.
He raised his voice. “That’s a stupid question, Judith!” The kids became scared at the moment. “When will you be smart!? If we hadn’t left her, that girl would have suspected us all and take our car plate-number. That would have been the beginning of our failure and search!” he turned to leave.
“Teacher, we’re not going for this mission until you bring back Ada” Daniella boldly said.
Those words rang like a bell in teacher’s ears. So he turned back again angrily……..

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