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Teacher Nwachukwu – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6
Written by author Nath.
Heading: Desirable Lesson (III)
She stood in front of her teacher, wearing a mini skirt with a black spaghetti-hand top. Her thighs isn’t the only thing that freshly looks attractive at the moment, even her whole body. Though every woman in the love garden is unique and beautiful in their own way but Judith is mostly eye-catching, hence lovely and more attractive.
“Teacher, you said I should see you.” she repeated after noticing the man’s quietness.
The man cleared his throat. “Sit down” he pointed at his bed.
Judith became amazed. First, the man gave her an executive chair at the dinning table, now he’s telling her to sit on his bed in his bedroom! The girl was wondering.
“Judith?” the man brought her out from that thought.
“Sorry, teacher. What did you say?”
“I said you should have a seat.” He walked to a refrigerator, while the girl reluctantly
sat at the edge of the bed. She looked at her thighs. Only then did she realize that she was improperly dressed to be alone with a man. She folded her legs. “Why am I even thinking about this? Teacher is like a father to us.” she was thinking but interrupted by teacher’s voice who stood before her with a cup of water and pills.
“Take this. It will relieve the pains.”
The girl looked up at him, took the glass cup of water and the man handed the medicine to her. Before she took it, she glanced at her teacher again. His eyes weren’t the only thing that looked down at her, even his bushy grey beards. Judith passed the medicine through her gullet with the help of the water, even teacher Nwachukwu heard the passing sound of the water.
Judith watched her teacher return the cup then came back and sat beside her with two wireless pad of a Play Station (PS). He handed one to her. The girl looked at it strangely.
“Teacher, what’s this for?” she asked.
“For fun.” He replied.
“I don’t know how to do this.”
“I’ll teach you.”
The girl let out a smile as her teacher pressed a remote button and a flat screeen television slowly whined down from the roof near the wall with a connected Play Station. Judith couldn’t believe her eyes! What she was seeing was a tip of an ice berg compare to more secret things inside that room like his secret control room. Sonner did the game boots and selected. It was a mortal combat. Judith kept smiling as teacher taught her the function of the various buttons on the pad.
A few minutes of playing the game, Judith became very free with him as if he was her biological father whom she hoped to see one day. She was really happy too, forgetting her initial punishment. To boom the happiness, teacher purposely let her win him in several combat.
On the last fight, teacher didn’t really want her to win anymore but the girl professionally used the pad. Their life readings on the television screen were at the same point about to finish. Judith persisted, her fingers on the buttons became louder and faster, likewise teacher’s.
“Gbuush! Gbuush! Gbuush!” Judith shouted as her fighter was kicking that of her teacher’s. Soon, a computerized voice said,
“Finish him!”
“Yeah, finish him!” Judith repeated loudly and jumped up. “Daddy, I won you again!” she rejoiced, while teacher kept smiling. Suddenly, the girl realized what she called him then gradually became mute, staring at her teacher who returned the gaze. Of course he knew she called him that out of happiness. As the silence lingered, the computerized voice from the game said, “Brutality!” The game ended.
“I think I should go to my room now, teacher.” Judith said.
Teacher stood up. “I understand you, Judith.” The man began. “Happiness causes forgetfulness of sorrows and unknowingly utterance of indebt feelings.” He paused to see Judith blinking her eyes. “Yes, you won me again my daughter.” He added then the girl began to shed tears. She was moved emotionally, so she hurried to her teacher and hugged him, shedding tears uncontrollably.
“I’m sorry for lying to you, teacher” she cried.
“Is okay, dear” teacher kept sliding her hair. “If you get back to your room, I want you to park and stay with Vivian since you like that room more.” He added.
She disengaged from him. “Thank you, teacher.” She began to dry her tears, walking towards the door. Clutching the knob, teacher called her.
She turned.
“If your parents are still alive, I must help you find them, I promise.”
The girl smiled at him then finally left. Teacher walked to a bar where he poured a wine inside a glass cup, sipping it and smiling broadly.
Daniela watched Judith from the bed of their room, parking her belongings. She didn’t understand, so she asked her amicably.
“Why are you parking your cloths?”
“Teacher instructed me to stay with Vivian.” She replied without looking at her.
Daniela felt bad and sorry at the same time. Judith could read her mind that moment even though she wasn’t looking at her.
Daniela sat up. “Judith I know its because of me that..”
“Ella,” she interrupted, finally turned to her. “I don’t want you to feel bad or think that I’m your enemy. I’m just changing room, that’s all.”
Daniela exhaled, watching her until she finished parking. Walking to the door briskly, Daniela stood up and called her.
The girl turned.
“I’m sorry for everything.” She said.
“Is okay, Ella. Don’t be scared, I’m telling no one what happened between us.” She finally walked out to Vivian’s room who joyfully asked her.
“Babe, what did teacher do or say to you? You spent time in his room oh! I was even thinking of something else.”
“Really?” Judith smiled. “He made me happy and cry too.” she added.
Vivian dragged her to the bed. “Come and gist me! Wait, let me lock the door.” She rushed up, while Judith laughed at her Amebo charisma.
Teacher Nwachukwu met
Stephen for the last time. One of the guards followed him with a gun. He stood before the poor boy whom they had fed with dinner. His face could tell Stephen how serious he was as he stared at him talking.
“Yinka, you’re father is my enemy because he’s bad to the citizen of Kali.”
“How? So you think you’re the good man when you’re hiding in the middle of nowhere?” Stephen spoke out boldly, staring at him to.
“Soon you’ll see what I’m telling you if I hadn’t killed you by then. You’ll see that your father and other politicians are the cause of what is to come.” He stepped forward. “You’ll make a choice now. I won’t repeat myself; you’ll join us here and never see your family and love ones again or we kill you.”
“What?” Stephen exclaimed. He thought of his family as the only son and remembered his love, Stephanie, whom he will never see again? He shook his head.
“Why are you hiding from the main city?” he asked teacher who gestured at the guard to arm his gun at him.
“Pull the trigger at the count of three.” He instructed then began counting.
“Fine, I’ll join you!” Stephen made a choice.
“You’ll be on surveillance 24-7. Any attempt to escape you’ll be shot dead.” The man concluded.
All were present inside the classroom except Stephen. They wore same type of cloth, looking excited and serious too. Judith occasionally admired Dave from another seat.
Teacher Nwachukwu continued from where he stopped the previous day.
“Previously, I told you that love encompasses all things, you creat a silence atmosphere for heart communication to capture one’s mind as a distraction to steal. Now, we will talk about Materialism; how it enhances love, brainwashes the mind of a person for an easy access to steal too. Most men use materials to get a woman to bed. Why?”
Obi raised his hands
up instantly. “Because women love materials.” He answered while the girls in the class glared at him.
“Pay attention!” the man flipped his fingers. “Bible emphasized on giving so much. Why do you think so?”
The classroom became quiet.
“If you don’t answer this question, all of you will sleep outside tonight!” Teacher assured them.
Tension wasn’t the only thing that rose among the students but fear and more seriousness too coz they knew their teacher doesn’t go back to his words. Suddenly, Murphy said, “Because giving brings love.”
“Good!” Teacher reinforced. “It does not only bring love but also peace. How? Because giving is a legal bribery. That’s why when you give and offend the receiver someday, he or she will not retaliate because of the gift you gave to him or her. Now, there will be peace. The receiver can go extra miles to cover your wrongs from others. That, now, shows love” he paused for that to assimilate into the minds of the students.
The man walked back to the board. “Inside the building I showed you, there is a room called ‘Silencer’. Anything done there cannot be heard outside”
“Even a gunshot?” Dave asked.
“Yes, and if any of you is taken there, you must not come out alive. It was built for violent execution because of the device that you must bring back here at the end of the day. That’s why you need to be smart, lovely but dangerous.” he concluded, while the kids fearfully stared at him. As the silence lingered, Stephen walked in through the door. Ada’s eyes was the first that caught him….

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