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Teacher Nwachukwu – Season 1 – Episode 4

Written by author Nath.
Heading: Unholy Ground .
The first morning sun rose from east and reflected on Judith’s face. It was pass ten ati-meridian in the morning, yet the poor girl had not brushed her mouth thoughtless of eating breakfast or hydrated her system. She had many more hours to stand there like a statue, but was already looking frustrated, devastated and exhausted. Her legs has started quivering like a girl under tension. She could see two guards in suit, monitoring her from the entrance of the house.
However, through a long passage, Dave matched like a commander in chief of the armey about to punish one of his men. He wore a knicker and a singlet with a canvas. He stopped at Daniela’s door where he knocked before opening. He took one step in with a hand inside his pocket. He saw the girl lying on the bed. She wore a bomshort and
a crop top.
“What is it, Dave?” She sat up.
“Why didn’t Judith sleep here last night?” he returned the question. Daniela could sense anger from his voice.
“Is that why you barged into my room? And why are you so concerned?” Her voice attracted others from neighbouring rooms thereby coming out one after the other.
“That’s not an answer to my question, Ella.” Dave challenged.
The girl stood up from the bed totally to meet him. Bouncing out, her breast bounced along with her. Others were already watching them from the door.
“What right do you have to ask me that?” She unabashedly challenged too as both glared closely into their eyes like two goats about to initiate a fight.
“Whoa whoa whoa” Vivian, the vibrant and talkative one rushed in between the two angry birds, pushing them apart. “Judith slept in my room and she never told me why.”
“And ‘why’ is what I’m asking this misbehaves animal.” Dave pointed at Daniela who retaliated immediately.
“I wonder why a git like you would ask me that. Are you teacher?”
“Is okay!” Vivian stretched her hands like a traffic control agent. “I believe teacher is not punishing Judith because she didn’t sleep in her room. He’s doing it because she lied to him.”
“But why would Judith lie?” Ada asked from the door.
“I guess she was afraid.” Cynthia, who stood beside her replied.
They all remained quiet which reminded them the lesson of the day. Though it wasn’t a lovely atmosphere but they could experience what teacher taught them live and direct as all read the mind of one another with the help of the silence, communicating non-verbally too. Dave walked closer to Daniela fearlessly.
“I can sense that you’re the reason why Judith didn’t sleep here. Any day I discover that, truly you’re why she’s suffering outside, trust me, I’ll break one of your bones.” he walked out.
Vivian glanced at Daniela before leaving too, followed by the two other girls. The last thing that was heard was the sound of a closing door.
Two post meridian, the sun had become hotter than a room temperature thereby losing its vitamin D. It shone on Judith’s body who had started crying, occassionaly glancing at the door of the storey building, hoping to see teacher coming to release her. But she never saw anyone except flipping window
curtains where others watched and pitied her.
“Teacher, I’m sorry, please!” she shouted with the few strength left in her. “I’m sorry I lied!! Please, forgive me, it won’t happen again!” she cried, falling on the ground.
The two guards rushed her, wanting to pull her up for the fift times.
“Please, I’m tired. My legs are in pains!” she hesitated to stand.
“Don’t make us do this in a hard way, young girl.” One of the men said. “Stand, or get flogged!” They loosed their belts. One whipe on her body, she screamed and jumped on her feet, taking her initial posture. The men returned to their duty post.
Everybody watched from the window how the poor girl cried, still in her night gown, even teacher Nwachukwu.
The man hardened his heart. He was always on caftan and flat sandals. Suddenly, a knock came from the door, he turned from the window, glanced at a wall clock before saying, “Open it.”
The door cracked opened. Nwachukwu placed his two hands behind him when he saw Dave walking inside his bedroom which was more classic than other rooms. Dave stood immediately after the door, twisting his fingers. Before he could say anything, Nwachukwu had detected what he had to say like our God in heaven who said that before we kneel down to pray, he knows our intentions and supplication. Therefore the man said before he did, “Dave, i will not grant your request.”
“Teacher, that’s why I came to plead.” The poor boy said.
“When you know that I won’t grant your request? It’s stupidity!”
“Teacher, she has suffered enough. For the sake of the love you have for us, forgive her, please.”
“No” the teacher turned his back on him, spacing through the window once again. They could still hear Judith’s pleading voice.
“It’s time for class. Go and prepare.” The man concluded.
Dave had no say or choice but to reluctantly leave the room.
A few minutes later, teacher put on his medicated eyeglasses and stepped out from the window, walking through a passage. He didn’t hear the noise of the orphans like before.
Stepping out from the passage to the classroom, he stopped at the door, looking at them all. Only Judith was absent. Her seat could be seen vacant among others and they weren’t looking happy.
Nevertheless, teacher ignored them, walking straight to the white board where he wrote: MATERIALISM FOR LOVE.
He turned to the students. “Previously, I told you that love encompasses all things, you creat a silence atmosphere for heart communication to capture one’s mind as a distraction to steal. Now, we will talk about Materialism; how it enhances love, brainwashes the mind of a person for an easy access to steal. Most people use materials to get a woman to bed…” He paused when he sense that the children’s presence wasn’t present in what he was saying.
“What’s your problem?” he threw the question in the air.
“Teacher, we’re not happy. Please, forgive Judith.” Cynthia, the soft one, replied like a last born.
“Teacher, she slept in my room.” Vivian added.
“I know. But why and why?”
“Aah, teacher, you’ve started again. Two why?” Obi displayed two fingers.
The man sat down on one of the student’s locker with a foot touching the ground.
“Yesterday midnight, I woke up..” He began…
Judith and Dave happily came down from the roof-top that night. After Dave entered inside his room, Judith stood at her own door wanting to knock but changed her mind. She walked down to Vivian’s door along the passage then knocked without knowing that her teacher, who was on his way to know why some of them was still awake due to whispering sound he heard, was looking at her.
However, Vivian opened the door and let her in.
“Judith, why are you here?” the girl rubbed her sleepy eyes.
“Can I sleep with you, please?” she sat on the edge of the bed.
“Sure, but why?” Vivian laid down.
She laid down too in a way she faced her. “No reason. I just want to sleep here.”
They remained quiet. Vivian closed her eyes back to sleep only to open it to see Judith smiling.
“Babe, what’s amusing you?” she asked.
“It’s Dave” She whispered. “I’ve been with him like more than an hour ago. I.. I really love him.”
“Hmm.. it’s risky here, you know.”
“I know. I can’t stop thinking about him. Please, keep it a secret.”
“Your secret is safe with me. Now, sleep, lover girl.” Vivian smiled then went to sleep…..
“…I saw Judith entering Vivian’s room. I also stood at the door after that. I’m punishing her because she lied to me. You don’t lie
to who you love unless is base on stealing!” Teacher concluded.
“Excuse me, teacher.” Vivian began. “Like you stood at my door?”
“Asin, you heard our conversation last night?”
Teacher stared at her, the same way others listened and wondered what they discussed. Teacher stood up and began to walk away without replying that question. Just at the door, Dave’s voice stopped him.
“Teacher, are you releasing her?”
“No, we continue our lesson tomorrow when she must have finished serving her punishment.” he left.
“Teacher could be mean. He doesn’t go back to his words. That’s the only thing I hate about him.” Ada said her mind..
Six post meridian, darkness had started covering the cloud, wind escalated follows by thunder and lightening which was the evidence of heavy rain. Yet Judith was still standing without water or food. She had fallen severely , hence received several flogging too. Everybody thought that since rain wanted to start, teacher would forgive her, but the man was inside his room where he suddenly rushed up by the sound of an emergency in his secret sanctum. He picked up a remote, directed it to a bookshelf and pressed a button, the shelf opened like a door. That was the secret sanctum filled with computers and other powerful technology where the sound was coming from. He picked a device from there and rushed downstairs to his guards saying, “Someone is within our territory. Use this, bring him or her alive” he handed the device to them.
The men ran out with gun. The heavy rain started that moment too. Teacher Nwachukwu stood at the door to see how the rain was pouring down on Judith until she fell down for the countless times. Surprisingly, he felt someone who nearly pushed him way, running out to the rain to carry her up–That was Dave.
Teacher watched him carry Judith up in the rain like a groom to his bride.
“I’m here, Judith” Dave told her.
The girl couldn’t say anything but placed her two hands around his neck as he was carrying her towards the door where Nwachukwu stood like a soldier. He watched them quietly until Dave stopped before him coz he knew he would not pass without being permitted by teacher.
“Teacher, please, let me take her inside. Pity her for Christ sake.” He pleaded, looked through him to see others inside who anticipated to know their teacher’s reaction.
The man glanced at his wristwatch and never said anything rather folded his hands.
Suddenly, the guards came with a young boy, Stephen. The kids were surprised when they saw him, even Nwachukwu, wondering how he found the place.
“Sir, this is the person” one of the men said under the rain, standing behind Dave who was still carrying Judith.
“Take him inside!” Teacher commanded, while the kids ran into their rooms.
The guards did as he said.
When Dave wanted to carry Judith inside too, teacher said, “Take her back to her spot. Three hours to go.” He closed the door.
Dave looked at Judith to see her eyes closed. He began to take her back, still looking at her face. When droplet of rain touched her, she opened her eyes, both, staring at each other pitifully until he stopped at the initial spot. Though instead of puting her down, he stood there with the girl resting in his arms.
“Dave, you can go inside.” Judith’s voice whispered.
“No, your legs will never touch this unholy ground again tonight.” He replied…

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