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Teacher Nwachukwu – Season 1 – Episode 14

Episode 14
Written by author Nath.
Heading: Separation.
Cool music blasted through unseen speakers in the white house as it was called. Wealthy men rocked according to the bit with some young girls. The teengers took it upon themselves to serve drinks and rock with some men too especially the girls.
One could see Daniella rocking a man in agbada like a whore. She wore fitted high hill over a short skirt. By raising her hands up to the bit, her armpit neatly exposed and attracted to the man. She turned her back on him, bent slightly downward to feel her buttocks on the man’s d!ck.
“This girl, you will kili me fah” the man had pleasurably confessed in his dialect.
Daniella smiled. Suddenly, she heard teacher’s voice through her transmitter.
“Now Is the time. You have twenty-five minutes to get out of there. Daniella, take the door by the right as if you want to
use the rest-room.”
Daniella glanced at the door to see a security man with a gun standing at it. She turned to her rock-mate with very attractive smile. “Will be back.” she left according to instruction.
Teacher’s voice came again. “Judith, meet the security man at the door after Daniella enters.”
When Dave heard that, he became jealous, knowing very well what Judith might do with the security in other to distract him, using atmospheric love. Nevertheless, he watched her cat-walk to the security. She was on a plain trouser with a high hill too.
“Others should remain calm and nice.” Teacher concluded.
The sound of her shoes could not supersede the gentle bit from the unseen speakers as she walked closer to the security man, monitored by Dave who thought she would just start talking to the man, but she never did. She leaned against the wall beside the security, occasionally glancing at him like one giving someone a green light. Of course that distracted the man coz he couldn’t resist the look…
On the other hand, Daniella found herself in the rest-room to see urinary sinks and toilet doors.
“Teacher, I’m in” she said.
“Check the last corner, there’s an opening that leads to underground through a tunnel.” he replied.
“Underground?” Daniella repeated unbelievably. “Found it” she began to open the tunnel. The moment she finished and started climbing down the dark tunnel, she heard Murphy’s voice.
“Ella, your rock-mate is coming inside there.”
“Shit!” she hurried out and closed the tunnel like nothing happened before the man entered, adjusting his agbada.
“Hey, young girl, I couldn’t wait any longer.” he said but Daniella remained quiet, staring into his eyes. She could not only read his mind, but also brainwash him with her stare.
The man read the move then gently walked to her like a robot and began to kiss her.
“Ella, what’s going on?” Cynthia asked through her transmitter.
“Quiet!” Teacher rebuked her coz he had an idea what the girl was up to.
However, listening to the two, Daniella quit the kiss. “Wait, old man” she began. “You’ll do as i say; go upstairs and wait for me in one of the rooms.”
“Anything you want.” the man stupidly left.
Daniella exhaled. “He’s gone” she returned back to the tunnel. It’s base was hallow, dark and very quiet. She barely heard the sound of the
music again. She put on a light. In the illumination of the place, she saw tiny shelves with key round the walls. “Teacher, I’m in.”
“Murphy, next to you” Teacher instructed then began to direct Daniella on which shelf she would see the device…
Murphy left the rocking place with cakes, plates of food and other goodies. He met two security men at the gate and presented those things to them.
“These are for us?” One of them asked surprisingly.
Murphy sat with them like long time friends. “You sound as if you’re not eligible to eat and drink such things.”
“We’re only but gatemen.”
“That’s the more reason you should be fed properly. That’s how governance should be. Government should look at the less privilege to feed them and show them more love.”
The men began to smile.
“I hope to see you become the president one day.” One of them said.
Murphy smiled. He brought out money and gave them in addendum. “Enjoy yourselves.” he stood up.
“This kid is very nice and lovely.” they whispered.
Murphy returned, adjusting his suit like a nigga. “Can I take a walk around the backyard?” he requested.
“You can take a walk around our brains. No problem.” they replied hilariously.
Murphy smiled attractively at them, adjusting his suit again then walked out. He knew they wouldn’t say no coz he had brainwashed them, using teacher’s inculcated knowledge on materialism for love.
Getting to the backyard, he saw a round metal used to cover a tunnel. He opened it. “I’m in, Ella” he said…
Back to the landmine, Stephen had explained to Ada how teacher planned to eliminate him. She couldn’t help but to shed tears with the boy.
“I never knew teacher could take someone’s life” Ada said in tears.
“Teacher isn’t who you people think he is. He’s evil and selfish. He doesn’t care about you guys. He’s only using you.” Stephen lamented generating silence. “Ada, why did you come?” he asked her.
“I don’t know, Stephen.” She swallowed hard. “I guess I’m stupid for disobeying teacher again because of you.”
Stephen said nothing.
“I loved you when I set my eyes on you.” She sniffed in tears and looked up at him. “I guess it doesn’t make sense anymore coz we gonna die anyways.”
“Ada..” Stephen wanted to say but interrupted by a beeping sound of the phone in his hands. It turned on as was told and he dialed Stephenie’s number instantly…
Meanwhile, Daniella hardly located the particular shelf, following teacher’s instructions. She could be seen opening one where she got another key then proceeded to another. cl!tch, she opened it and found the device, indicating a green light.
“I’ve found it, teacher” she smiled, bringing it out like an egg of life. The device was handily portable but cannot enter a pocket.
“When the green light turns red, know that it has detected violence, hence you need to maintain peace at all time.” Teacher explained. “Cynthia and Vivian, make your move. Obi, its time to be funny. Make the audience laugh or smile at least. But you all have less than three minutes to leave the building.” he directed.
As Cynthia and Vivian were stepping out with more goodies, Obi picked up the microphone.
“Sorry for interrupting, we have to leave now before some big men would use their big stomach to push me down.” he jokingly said.
Everybody laughed.
However, the security man had dragged Judith into the same rest-room after being charmed by her smile and lovely eyes contact, forgetting that Daniella, who entered there had not come out.
Judith pushed him away, “How’s it doing you?” she asked him seductively.
“It’s doing me as if I want to release.” he stupidly replied with a smile.
Judith chuckled. “Love comes first before the release of anything.”
“I love you then.”
“No, this comes out according to the bit of your d!ck.”
Just then, Dave barged in. He had heard enough of their conversation through his transmitter. So he pulled Judith by the arm.
“Time to go.”
“You’re hurting me again, jealous boy.” She kept smiling.
All went out of the house, walking towards the gate except Obi who dropped the last joke.
“If I don’t keep this mic now and walk home, I might be swimming home. Ask me why?”
“Why?” the audience asked.
“Coz the big stomach of these big men might get busted.” he kept the Mic, allowing them to use their initiatives to know what he meant. Of course they undertood and laughed out hard even some security men.
Vivian and Cynthia chatted with the gatemen after giving them more things as a form of distraction and brainwashing. Therefore, they didn’t know when Murphy came out from the
backyard with Daniella. Just then, police siren came from afar.
“Teacher, I guess we have a situation.” Dave said after passing the gate with Judith, waiting for others. “The police are on their way. But we’re out already.” he added.
Others came out at the moment to see the limousine already waiting for them.
“Enter quickly!” the driver told them.
Judith and Cynthia entered just to hear Ada’s voice on their transmitter likewise others who paused to listen to her before entering.
“Daniella, teacher wants to kill Stephen. He lied to us that no shedding of blood. It’s unfortunate that I’m going to die with him.”
Daniella looked at her fellow orphans.
“The police is approaching. Enter!!” the driver shouted, yet the kids hesitated.
“Ada, where are you?” Obi asked her.
“We’re on a landmine planted by teacher to kill Stephen.”
Obi glanced at others too.
“Teacher is that true?” Daniella asked their teacher. Meanwhile, the police siren became closer than initial.
“Those two will die, no matter what and its not my fault. So quit asking questions and enter into the car!” Teacher yelled.
“No, teacher” Daniella replied.
Murphy and Vivian glared at her as if to say: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?
“Why no, Ella?” Teacher asked.
“We’re not entering the limo or come back without you saving Stephen and Ada’s lives.” she replied.
“There’s no remedy for their death.”
“Then creat one.” Daniella disconnected her transmitter.
Daniella looked at the remaining persons. “Disconnect your transmitters.” She commanded.
“You must be crazy!” Murphy retorted.
“Teacher said no bloodshed but he wants to shed one! No matter Ada’s offense or Stephen’s, they don’t deserve to die!”
“And how’s that teacher’s fault!”
“I agree with Ella.” Obi disconnected, followed by Vivian. All waited for Murphy to do same but the boy slapped Daniella to take the device from her. In the process, his transmitter disconnected and the device began to indicate a red light after detecting the violence. Therefore they stop dragging.
Already, the driver had driven off with Judith and Cynthia, afraid to be caught by the police who were very close….
On the other hand, the man in agbada waited for Ella upstairs without seeing her. He returned to the rest-room but couldn’t find her.
“Where is that black girl?” he asked the security man.
“I guess they’re gone.” He replied. “But what bothers we is that I never saw her come out through this door.”
“You’re a fool!”
They surveyed the rest-room to see the tunnel not properly closed.
“fvck, the device! Go after those kids now!” the man commanded the security who contacted others immediately. As they were rushing outside the gate, so as the police was approaching.
“What next?” Dave asked Daniella at the gate….
Meanwhile, teacher put off his transmitters too, reluctantly stepped out of the control room. He pressed a remote button which closed the room, hence it resembled a bookshelf. He walked to his bar where he took a drink. After a sip, he shouted in a loud voice and smashed the glass on the wall. He couldn’t believe the kids had such guts.
“How can you rescue people on a landmine?” he asked rhetorically….

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