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Teacher Nwachukwu – Season 1 – Episode 13

Written by author Nath.
Heading: Doom Awaits (II)
An Avalon car sped into the compound of Mr Cliff and pulled over under one of the ornamental trees. An everage woman rushed out happily with a paper in her hand. She wore black cooperate with a plain trouser. On her feet were flat shoes. The speed in which she entered startled Mr Cliff who stood up from a cushion. That was his wife.
“Honey, what’s the problem?” he spread his hands.
“Honey, I’m two weeks pregnant!!”‘ she hugged him and handed the paper to him.
The man joyfully read the result, spaced into the ceiling like one in a deep thought. Observing that, the wife slowed down.
“Honey, why are you like this?” she asked him, holding his hands.
“Those kids” he whispered.
“What kids?”
Mr Cliff looked down at his wife. “Three kids, teenagers, came here with Sheriff yesterday pretending to be my children.
I guess they were in some kind of trouble. Honey, I couldn’t reject them. One hugged me and called me father. I played along.” He paused, glanced at the ceiling again. “They brought this luck to this family. What if I had rejected them?”
“Is it that they don’t have parents?”
“They said they were orphans.”
The wife shook her head and embraced her husband.
“I wish to see them again” he concluded on her shoulder.
The sun went down for the day and it was the D-day for the mission. All the kids lined up at the basketball court like soldiers under training. Only Stephen was absent. For the pass several days, they only saw him during lessons and none was allowed to talk to him. Now they were set to go, he wasn’t present.
Ada occasionally glanced at Vivian who was standing beside her. She really looked unease. Vivian could see it.
“Ada, calm down. Nothing will happen to us.” She encouraged him.
“Is not that” Ada replied. “I feel like teacher is up to something on Stephen.”
“What do you mean?”
“Teacher is not stupid. Stephen’s face is known and reported missing in the city. There’s no way he can join us on this mission.”
“So the question is; where’s he sending him to?”
“That’s what scares me.”
Vivian glanced at her. Her love for Stephen was written all over her. Vivian noticed it then shook her head pitifully.
On the other hand inside the house, Stephen stood before teacher and the two gaurds well dressed.
“Why do I have this feelings that you’re sending me to my doom?” Stephen spoke up pitifully.
“Your father has sent many to their dooms. So it’s not a new thing. Though the essence of this mission is to expose him and his calibre and lock them up” Teacher replied.
The poor boy became sad. He could count the hours of his death. “Would you do me the favour of seeing my parents before I die?”
“Sure. that’s when you’ll be standing on you’re death.”
“Move!” the gaurds pushed him outside.
Stephen joined the orphans as all began to enter into the helicopter. The guards followed them. Only teacher remained in the house and at the love garden at large. He watched the kids from the door until they began to take off. The kids also
stared at their teacher from the chopper, hoping to see him again. Immediately they flew out, teacher hurried to his room, opened his secret control room, sat down and put on all the devices. He hung an earphone on his two ears..
Day was getting dark when the chopper landed at the beach. Swiftly, the kids entered to an automobile, limo, that was already waiting for them. None of them said anything until they got to the gate of the building.
“All get down except Stephen.” One of the gaurds commanded.
“Why? Where are you taking him to?” Ada asked.
“Oruka, he has another mission to accomplish there.”
Ada and Vivian glanced at each other before leaving the limo as the last people.
“Ada” Stephen called on her.
The girl turned to see him shedding tears. “Stephen what’s it?”
“I’ve not really gotten the chance to appreciate you. Thank you, and I’m sorry for lying to you.”
Before Ada could reply, the door of the car closed and sped off. The kids passed the gate into the building to really see its beauty. A storey building painted white like a white house. Presence of swimming pool and flowers beautified it. Suddenly, all heard teacher’s voice on embedded ear transmitters which each of them had.
“Can you all hear me?” he had said on the transmitter.
“Yes, teacher” they responded.
“You have one hour to get out of that building with the device safe. Remember all i told you.”
“Yes, teacher.”
“Okay, good luck… and.. I love you all.”
The kids were surprise to hear that from their teacher.
“Teacher, where are they taking Stephen to?” Ada asked but he ignored her as they were walking into the building..
Stephen was taken into a lonely area, far from the main city. At gun point, the gaurds took him to a landmine. Stephen saw a line drawn before him and a hut building a few meters after the line.
“Cross the line” the gaurds commanded.
He glanced at them in tears then crossed the line.
“One more step, you’ll be blasted into pieces coz you’re standing on a landmine” one of the gaurds threw a phone to him. “The phone will turn on by itself at five minutes before one hour. Call your parents or the police at that moment” they zoom off..
Meanwhile, the kids had presented their tickets and entered into the building with flashy smile on their faces, looking handsome and beautiful. They were the only teenagers found there, others were big politicians. They could also see security men with guns standing at several doors as they were taken to their seats.
“Teacher, why am I seeing guns? I thought they know that no violence.” Murphy whispered through his transmitter, heard by others too.
“The guns are for the silence-room. You must not end up there, young man” teacher replied.
After taking a seat, Obi looked around but didn’t see Ada again. “Ada, can you hear me? Where are you?” he whispered to his transmitter but no response.
“Teacher, there’s a situation. Ada is nowhere to be found and i guess she’s not putting on her transmitter” Daniella reported.
“She’s an obstacle. Focus!” Teacher replied. The kids could hear his flipping fingers too. That statement alone sank Obi’s heart into his stomach. Hence, he became restless and loosed focus..
Ada could be seen entering a cab to Oruka, she traced Stephen to the landmine. Seeing him sweating and shedding tears, she called. “Stephen!” She began to run to him.
“Ada wait!!” Stephen shouted at her but it was already too late. She had crossed the line. “Don’t move an inch again!” Stephen held her.
“Why? What are you doing here?”
“We are standing on a landmine!”
“Landmine?” Ada looked down..
Thirty minutes later, the gaurds returned to teacher in the control room where he stepped out, looking at them.
“The plan is to attract police to the landmine five minutes before one hour for distraction in case something goes wrong at the die minutes. People will only focus on Stephen, but i believe Ada is with him there” he told them.
“She’s not with others. And you know what that means; if the phone should turn on and Stephen calls the police, seeing Ada there by sheriff will send other kids to their dooms too.” Teacher substantiated.
“Then call the mission off, sir”
“No, they must accomplish this mission no matter what” he concluded and returned back to the control room…

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