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Teacher Murphy Season 2 Episode 9

The mysterious jungle of Agura has the feature of a rainforest; tall trees, broad leaves, arboreal animals and flowing water. It is spiritually endowed with wise spiritual forces, so powerful that it cannot be neglected by any being whose foot has felt the texture of the soil in the jungle. Quietness stretches from trees to tress, so quiet that an at can even be heard crawling on its ecological nitch and the buzzle sound of flies feeding on flower nectars.
At the entrance is a lake, releasing a bobble on the surface at an interval of few seconds like water under temperature about to boil. The bobble does not only make an audible pop-sound, it also creats a circular wave on the water surface. The rising sun of the day from the east soared through obstacles of broad branches of trees and leaves into the forest, reflected by the clean lake. The scattered ray of light has the setting of the appearance of an angel to the shepherds around Bethlehem after the birth of Jesus Christ. It shone so brightly that its vitamin D escaped to the environment. A few meters away from the lake is a tract of open uncultivated upland, typically covered with heather. And above the lake is an arboreal organism called monkey on branches of trees.
Nevertheless, the power of the jungle was felt by two teenagers whose feet felt the texture of the soil. They stood at the entrance, observing the mysterious features of the jungle. However, Murphy’s eyes had not departed from the sky as he stared thoughtfully to the radiation after putting Dave in a state of confusion. The buzzle sound of the flies, the popping-sound of the bobbles and the creepy insects filled their ears.
“Murphy,” Dave broke the silence at the entrance. “I do not know what you mean by your last words, but I’m fully convinced that anyone who crosses your path is not only privileged but also lucky to walk on the same path with you. You’re filled with wisdom that makes me wonder if teacher Nwachukwu gene runs in you. So Vivian is the luckiest girl to sleep on the same bed with you.”
Murphy neither looked down nor uttered a word.
“Though we grew up together but I still count myself lucky to emberk on this mysterious journey with you.” Dave added.
Murphy finally looked down at him with a smile. “I’m happy you’re with me, Dave.” he said.
Dave remained quiet as both exchange eye contact, feeling the gentle morning breeze of the jungle that invisibly passed through their ears. From Dave’s eyes, Murphy read his mind and saw through his heart. Therefore, he smiled once again for a reason best known to him. Just then, a voice came from a distant saying, “Welcome to the jungle of mystery.”
They swiftly turned to the direction of the sound wave to see a young boy seemingly their age bracket, but by the observation of his long gray beards, barehead and rumpled face, they became fully aware that he wasn’t a kid like them. He was old and on a red garment with an artifact in his hand.
“Doom awaits you if you think of going back just as doom awaits you if you move forward. Choose your doom and have your room in the land of the dead.” the strange man spoke up with alacrity.
“We must conquer anyone or anything…”
“Ssshhh” Murphy interrupted Dave by waving a hand at him while his eyes fixed on the old man. Silence emerged once again in the jungle, only then did Dave look at Murphy, realizing that the game had begun. It’s no more by the power of the mouth but by the power of knowledge and wisdom.
“What?” he whispered.
Murphy averted his eyes from the man to his brother as he calls him. “Truly, power is in the tongue but the tongue 👅 can only speak out of knowledge, wisdom and understanding from the same tongue, though from another tongue.”
Dave mopped at him unbelievably.
“My dear brother” Murphy continued. “Here, you reshape your sense to make sense out of nonsense by any tongue or spoken words. You think deep!” he flipped his fingers thereby startling birds of the sky to fly.
Dave kept staring at him.
He continued. “That man didn’t say anything bad to attack him. He only said that we don’t have a road to pass on which we must make a road.”
“How do you know?”
“Simple! Listen again: Doom awaits you if you think of going back just as doom awaits you if you move forward..” Murphy paused with a smile. “Can you read another meaning from the statement now?” he asked.
“Absolutely! It means there is no road for us to pass through.” Dave replied amusingly.
“..Choose your doom and have your room in the land of the dead.” Murphy completed the statement. “That means we have to make away to pass through. But how?” He spread his hands.
“Let’s ask him how!” Dave suggested.
“No!” Murphy exclaimed. “Make no mistake here for it shall be the beginning of your downfall. Every answer you need is on that single statement. You only have to think outside the box, draw conclusion from your environment and report back with a feedback.” he walked closer to the bobbling lake as Dave and the old man watched him silently. He looked up again saying rehtoritically, “How can we make a way where there’s no way? The answer is in two words from the statement. They words are DOOM and ROOM.” he walked away from the lake with two hands behind him like a teacher.
He continued, now glaring eyeball to eyeball with the strange man. “Through DOOM which means death, we can have our ROOM which ironically means our pathway, our road to our mission and destination. The two words are physically shown in this jungle. Hence they are one of the jungle mysteries we need to decode.”
Hearing that, Dave paved his eyes around the environment to detect anything related to doom and room. He couldn’t find it then gave up to listen to his teacher.
Murphy proceeded cleverly. “The word ROOM as used in the sentence is not ROOM but MOOR when you turn it, starting from the last letter to the first letter, and this MOOR means a tract of open uncultivated upland, typically covered with heather which is that upland over there.” he pointed at it. Dave followed the direction of his finger to see it, while the strange man’s eyes never departed from Murphy.
Unabashedly, the teenage teacher continued. “The moor inter-relate with the this lake where the monkey above will meet its DOOM (Death) for us to have a pathway. This is the jungle mystery.” he concluded.
Instantly, the monkey fell down from the branches into the lake where he met his doom and died. Everything disappeared ranging from the strange man, the lake, the upland to some trees thereby creating a straight neat and broad road for them to continue their journey. It was like a magic to Dave. So the young boy reluctantly met Murphy in a way he stared into his eyes surprisingly.
“What is it, Dave?” he asked him, returning the gaze.
The young boy was still amazed by his cleverness which rendered him speechless. So he fell on his feet saying with tears from his eyes, “Behold my eyes have seen the one who is brighter than the brightest star! Teach me your knowledge and wisdom for I will forever be your savant, my teacher, my master!”
Murphy felt embarrassed! He fell down with him, with hands on Dave’s check saying in a loud voice. “Curse be upon me if I should harbour it in my mind to take you as my savant for we are all equal in the eyes of our late teacher, our master, our mother and our father.” he began to shed tears too, while Dave fell on his chest crying bitterly without knowing why…….

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