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Teacher Murphy Season 2 Episode 4

Darkness swept across the surface of the earth. It could be observed at a vicinity with only a building surrounded by a forest. Ghost mood was the nuture of the environment due to the capicity of silence stretched to every corner regardless of some notorious insects that clamoured for blood. Shadows of trees qued up on the ground as a result of moonlight, illuminating at a low tensity. It could be seen through an aluminium window of the building which served as a reflector of the light rays.
Suddenly, the door of the building cracked open, in the nature of Adam, teacher Nwachukwu walked out through it with two hands behind him. A step taken by him dangles his d!ck like a swinging pendulum bob performing a simple harmonic motion. By the look of his d!ck, one can deduce that he just finished having sex with a woman.
Nevertheless, he stood at the epicentre of the environment, staring at the half moon like a meteorologist. What he saw spiritually cannot be seen by any canal man. It was so sadden that he had to shake his head pitifully. Just then, Monica came through his back with a tighed wrapper. She touched him softly with a low voice.
“My lord,” she called him like Serah to Abram. “You came out here naked and lost in thought. What troubles you, my lord?”
“I see the future of the kids I’m about to train. It’s marvellous but at a time becomes deadly.” he replied, still staring at the moon.
“You mean the orphans?”
“Yes.” he looked down at Monica. “One of them, the most clever, must be on the presidential seat to defeat the death saga that will befall the city.”
Monica adjusted her wrapper. “What is this death you talk about?”
“An owl in form of a man. I don’t know who this man is or the year he will strike but i must train these kids especially the one that will sit upon the presidential seat ways to defeat him coz only the clever fights such a deadly battle”
Monica did not only enter into her shell, she also close the gate of her mouth to reason the words of her lord. “Is there nothing that can be done to prevent this outrage of death?” she asked.
“He must be buried in a hurry after death, six fit under the ground.”
“How do you know this man-owl and where is he?”
Nwachukwu looked up in the sky again, sadly shook his head. “That, I do not know, Monica, but it’s certain to me like a prophecy that this must come to pass.” he replied.
“I’ll always believe in you my lord. Your knowledge is from heaven above” She held her arms romantically……
He stepped out of the white house on a casual dress; three quater jean trouser and a white polo, looking more like a teenager he was. Huge men in black clustered to protect him as the only successful and clever president the country has ever had, tutored by late teacher Nwachukwu. His name was teacher Murphy as he prefered to be addressed too.
“Start the chopper!” he ordered, heading towards the helicopter with his guards behind him. In their hands were rifles which they would use to send any suspicious being to an early grave.
“I’m only going with the pilot. Stay and protect my wife!” he instructed them all.
The blades of the chopper finally set in motion after the ignition of the engine. Teacher Murphy jumped in then directed his eyes to the window of his room as the chopper took off. He saw Vivian at the window making a call. His eyes caught with hers as both remained speechless.
“I’m sorry, Vivian. This should be your memorable wedding night but I’ve ruined it.” Murphy said within himself until the chopper went out of sight. Vivian continued the call with Judith.
As usual, the chopper landed at the basketball court and teacher Murphy hurried inside the building but didn’t see neither Erika nor the ghost of teacher Nwachukwu.
“Erika!” he exclaimed her name, but in return was the echo of his own voice. “Eri…” he wanted to call again but the girl’s presence at the staircase interrupted him.
Erika stood there like a monitoring spirit without uttering a word.
“”Erika, why did you call me here by this time of the night?” Murphy pointed at his wristwatch.
“Is time to awaken our knowledge.” she replied then made a U-turn back inside, from where she came out. Murphy followed her to the classroom where she saw a sentence boldly written on the board: GOOD LUCK, LAD.
He glanced at her. “What’s this?” he asked.
“Last words of the dead” Erika replied by his side. Both faced the board like examiners.
Murphy glanced at her for the second time. “Last words of the dead.” he soliloquized.
“I believe in these words lies the answers we seek about the drum of death beating around us.” Erika stepped forward as she continued. “The last words of the dead awaken hidden knowledge. Before the soul leaves the body, it triggers the mouth to reveal hidden things of the surrounding.”
“Who taught you this?” Murphy widened his eyes.
“My mother, Monica. She said Nwachukwu taught her too. Someone called papa Joe died on the island but before my mother finished digging her grave, his body was nowhere to be found again.”
Murphy widened his eyes surprisingly the more.
“What baffles me now is that his last words is the same with my father’s, Nwachukwu.” Erika clarified.
“This is a sign that both had the same thing in mind before dying.” Murphy began to walk towards the board, staring at the sentence. “What could be hidden in a simple wish?” he wondered touching each word with his fingers, trying to decode the hidden message it gives. It was difficult, so he quit and turned.
“I don’t think this last words of the dead makes any sense. I mean the sentence is so innocent and transparent that you’d doubt if it has any hidden message in it.
“I disagree. Yesterday, my father told you to awaken your knowledge. He wasn’t referring to any other thing but this last statement.”
“If there was any other thing teacher wanted me to know, he would have told me or taught me.”
Erika remained quiet as both stared at each other. At this point, Murphy could make a meaning from her stationary stare coz it was becoming more like a romantic expression.
“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” Both asked at the same time to find themselves feeling embarrassed.
Just then, Murphy phone rang.
Erika exhaled, taking a step away from him with her face buried shamefully on the floor, listening to Murphy’s phone conversation.
“What a hell is wrong with you people!!?” Murphy shouted on the phone.
Swiftly, Erika raised her head up to him, wondering the cause of the ranting. She, once again stared at him until he hung up the call without speaking to the caller again.
“fvck!!” he smashed the phone on the floor aggressively.
“Teacher, who called?” Erika demanded.
Murphy didn’t reply her, rather hurried out of the classroom to the bedroom of late teacher Nwachukwu where he grabbed a television remote.
“Murphy, talk to me. What’s going on!” Erika was not only inquisitive but curious too. Yet, Murphy said nothing.
The television began to broadcast, so Erika was forced to avert her eyes from the young president to the screen where they watched the death of people who died in the city that night by suicide. A female journalist said this with a microphone: “Tonight has been declared a black night due to the death of ten citizens who strangely committed suicide for no cause. One fell down from a storey building, another…”
“My God!” Erika exclaimed. “Finally, what we’re trying to figure out has started.”
Murphy put off the television and flung the remote on the bed then walked to the bar. Once again, as he poured a wine inside a glass cup, its sound attracted Erika, hence he was developing a covetous awareness. He filled the cup to the brim, dropped the bottle of wine and sipped a quanted. Once again, he caught Erika staring at him.
“Dave called” He began. “He said that Ella’s car has been discovered at the base of a cliff due to a drastic accident but she was nowhere to found.” He sipped another quanted.
Erika speechlessly widened her mouth.
“This is a girl we saved from suicide. A few minutes after her accident, my citizens begin to die by the same suicide. This is omen of death.” Murphy began to walk around.
“We need to end this immediately and search for Ella.” Erika suggested, but Murphy did as if he didn’t hear her with his back on her.
“We saw an owl…” he began to think loud with his face buried on the floor. “Teacher said I should awaken my knowledge… last words of the dead.. papa Joe… good luck, lad” he swiftly looked up at Erika. “Did you just say that your mother told you that Nwachukwu taught her about the last words of the dead?”
“May I see the letter he wrote to your father again? Do you have it?” he requested.
“Yes.” She handed him the letter.
Hastily, Murphy opened the paper then read thus: “It wasn’t my intensions to leave without a trace. You have to understand that It was for your own good. I love you like the good lucky heart of two mammals. The confidence i have when I’m always in your arms is like an octopus’ heart in its habitat but found him at the seashore. I miss you so much…”
“Oh my God!” Murphy exclaimed. “The letter is coded! It has a different message!”
Erika approached closer. “What did it say?”
He glanced at her thoughtful. “I think teacher and your mother had the knowledge of this death omen. So she sent a coded message to him that he has found the cause of the death which is…”
“Papa Joe” Erika completed.
“Yes, but..” he paused and glanced at the paper. “There are more hidden message.” he briskly left the room back to the classroom where she read the last words of the dead loud again saying, “Good luck, lad.”
They remained quiet. Murphy used that moment to think as he looked at the letter.
“Does the words me something to you now?” Erika broke the silence.
Murphy smiled. “Very clear now.” he began by throwing away the paper and picking up a marker. “Your mother decoded the meaning of the last words and sent it to Nwachukwu.”
“What does it mean?”
“They are numbers?”
“Numbers?” Erika couldn’t believe it.
“Yes,” Murphy wrote three numbers under the three words on the board respectively: 4 4 3. “GOOD represent the number 4 as well as LUCKY. Then LAD represent 3.” he explained.
Erika moved closer to the board. “Is it because there are four alphabets in GOOD and LUCKY, then LAD has three alphabets?” she asked.
“No, it’s because according to the letter, GOOD LUCKY hearts of two mammals has four (4) chambers each. Then an octopus has three (3) chambers.” he paused with a smile, looking at how Erika speechlessly stared once again. Obviously, she didn’t believe the degree of cleverness teacher Murphy had.
Notwithstanding, Murphy circled the three numbers on the board and concluded saying. “I guess these numbers tells the location of Papa Joe where he must be stopped. Your mother was indirectly telling teacher this because they must had discussed about it. Also, being the last words of teacher before he died in my arms, he wanted to reveal this to me in order to cleverly stop him. 4 4 3 is in a jungle according to the map of Kali ”
Erika was moved emotionally so she hugged Murphy tightly. “You’re so smart!” she said on his shoulder.
Murphy patted her back joyfully too.
“Vivian is so lucky to have you.” she added.
Her last statement reminded Murphy his sexual problem. Therefore he became sad…..

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