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Teacher Murphy Season 2 Episode 3

That mid-night, Papa Joe’s death on the island was like the passing-away of a shadow through a quiet uncompleted building. It did not only calm the wind in the forest but also reduced the flow of wave from the sea.
Monica, along side with her daughter, Erika, stood by the seashore. The hurricane lamp in her hands never stopped illuminating at a close range.
Erika dragged the mother’s gown. “Mother, what are we doing at the shore? We should be inside the house. I’m scared.” she said.
Monica looked at her. “No, Erika, we need to bury Papa Joe.” she replied, briskly moving away from the place and followed by her shadow created by the hurricane lamp. She was a brave woman with diverse knowledge of her land and the one she got from Nwachukwu within the small range of time she spent with him.
Monica followed suite. “Mother, let’s wait for Idika to come from the main city by day-break. He will help us bury him!”
The mother snubbed her, walked behind their thatch house where she picked a shovel to proceed forward but Erika held her back by the gown again. Monica raised the lamp to her face as she stared at her through it saying, “Erika, listen to the voice of your elders; Idika, is not coming any time soon and Papa Joe must be buried as soon as possible.”
“We met him on this island, Mother. Why must you bury a man you do not know anything about him, not even his family?”
“But my heart tells me that I’m doing the right thing.”
“Decode the last words of the dead before burying the dead. It could be a chance to save the man”
“A man is no more a man when he dies. The dead can not be saved again.”
They stared after the argument. Monica averted not only her eyes from her daughter but also the lamp from her face, surging forward and followed by Erika.
On a sandy ground, she dug tirelessly like a machine while the daughter watched from aside where she sat down like a puppy. The young girl was not only analysing her mother’s charisma but also observing her effort and emotions.
Before she finished the six fit grave, day had broken already. She jumped out from the grave half naked and breathing hastily only to see her daughter glaring at her suspiciously.
“What, Erika?” she asked her.
The girl remained quiet, but the mother never cared. “Stay here while I go carry the body out” she instructed. Before she could walk a length of the grave, Erika’s voice stopped her.
“The effort and zeal you put on digging the grave is not equal to your emotions. Hence, your heart isn’t telling you that you’re doing the right thing, rather you’re the one telling your heart that.” Erika had said.
Speechlessly, Monica became static like a tree. She couldn’t acertain the words of a ten years old child. Therefore, she marvelled.
“Mother..” Erika continued. “Tell me the truth on why you’re so anxious to bury papa Joe.”
“Because he’s dead and a dead man needs to be buried.” she replied.
“Let the dead bury their own dead.”
Monica couldn’t bear her daughter’s argumentative mannarism so she turned and walked out from her. The rate of her movement was as a result of the song of death playing on her head which released tears from her eyes as she hurried out of sight into the forest.
She barged into the very house of papa Joe to carry the dead body, to her greatest amazement, the body was nowhere to be found again.
“Erika!” She exclaimed, searching the whole house. “Erika!!” she shouted again before the poor girl arrived unscathed.
“Where is the dead body?” she interrupted her suspeciouly.
Erika glanced at the floor to see nothing but the written words her mother claimed was the last words of the dead. But now, papa Joe is no more dead but missing. How can that be explained? Nevertheless, she looked up at her mother saying, “I don’t know mother. The last time I checked, a lifeless body doesn’t move except something moves it.”
“Nothing moved it.” Monica said.
“How do you know nothing moved it?” Erika stared at her suspiciously again.
Monica remained quiet.
“Now I see why you wanted to bury him as soon as possible under six fit precisely.” Erika paused while the mother assimilated and forecast where she was heading to. “You knew that he would disappear that’s why you wanted him buried as son as possible, isn’t it?” she smartly figured it out.
The small girl caught her mother red-handed coz she couldn’t deny it again.
“Yes, is true” Monica accepted.
“But why, mother? That means you know papa Joe more than I thought.”
“Yes, he is an owl, a harbinger of death.” she replied to the daughter’s amazement…….
Drum of death silently beat in the city of Kali. As the number one citizen, president Murphy is to protect others from such omen regarding how he is valued by everyone due to his cleverness. Therefore, if this drum of death escalates loudly, he will be devalued, hence peached and disappointed. That was the last thing Murphy wanted, so decoding every statements and reasoning smartly about the issue at hand became his daydream and priority. Though he knew that Erika has an idea of what was going on, but wanted her to come up with it on her own rather than asking her.
Nevertheless, the next morning breakfast was served on the dinning table of the residential sanctum of Daniella who just regained herself after attempting suicide the previous day.
She stepped out from her room on bumshort and a spaghetti crop-top which struggled to carry the wait ofher breast. She surprisingly saw others seated at the dining table and smiling at her. Her eyes caught with Cynthia before Erika.
“Hey, Ella” Judith came out from the kitching with a juice. “Come over to the table, dear.” she told her as she flung her butt to the table too, dropped the juice and sat beside her love, Dave. Ada sat with Obi while Vivian and Cynthia juxtaposed. Only Erika sat alone at the end of the table, facing Murphy who also occupied the other end like leaders of the family.
“Ella, come over” Murphy added before the poor girl came, sitting alone with a seat separating her and the next person.
“Let’s eat this food before it runs away” Obi hilariously broke the silence.
“I’ll catch it. I’m a good runner.” Judith added then all giggled and started eating after individual prayers.
Murphy glanced at Ella saying with a hand placed on her shoulder since she seated close to him, “I want you to understand that we all love you, Ella and….”
“Is okay, Murphy” she interrupted him. “I sincerely didn’t know what I was doing yesterday” she continued while everybody stopped eating and listened to her. “I was depressed. I felt like the world has rejected me. I never planned to attempt to take my life until I heard a strange voice behind me..” she swallowed hard. All saw tears rolling from her eyes.
“What did the voice say?” Murphy asked her.
“That there’s no place for me in this world.” she replied.
Quietness was the next thing observed in the building as they communicated with their eyes, trying to figure out the meaning of Ella’s encounter.
Erika cleared her throat then all looked her. “Was it a male or female voice?” she asked.
Murphy and Erika glanced at each other after the response as if they were thinking about the same thing.
“This is a bad sign. Something spiritual is going on.” Vivian spoke up.
“We need to pray to stop it.” Cynthia suggested.
“No,” Dave objected. “You fight spirit with spirit.”
“But prayer is spiritual.” she looked at Ada for support, but the girl was dumb just like others thereby bringing back the lost quietness.
However, Erika and Murphy hadn’t averted their eyes from each other. Others observed it but Obi couldn’t bear it. So he said, “Both of you are acting weird. We need to do something before it’s too late.”
“Yes, Obi, before we start losing citizens for the same cause.” Erika finally said then scooped a spoonful rice.
Murphy looked at them all then said cleverly, “Yes, spiritual battle is fought spiritually. Prayer is spiritual as well as knowledge and wisdom which come from God.”
“Why did you classify knowledge and wisdom as spiritual things?” Dave asked him.
“Because God is a spirit; and they that worship him must worship in spirit and in truth. An educationist said that knowledge is power. With knowledge and wisdom you can conquer all things”
Silence continued for some seconds.
“As we decode the solution on how to prevent the silent hovering death omen, I’ll like to wed my damsel, Uche Vivian in a week time.”
“Wooow!!” They all shouted while Vivian blushed. One could see a trace of smile on Ella’s face. Murphy held her again with a confidential expression.
The president of the country, teacher Murphy, busted Kali city with an extravagant wedding. All prominent individuals and common men were invited. With joyful hearts both pledge on the alter of God with the phrase, ‘I do’.
Of course the wedding night must be a memorable one in the life of the couple and entire city at large.
Daniella sneaked out that night on a private car, travelling out of the city coz she knew if she had told anyone, they wouldn’t allow her leave. As she drove with her headlight on, so as Murphy and Vivian wanted to explore their sexual lives.
They could be seen kissing each other from the door of the room to the bed half naked. Murphy slammed her down on the bed when the kiss became intensively pleasurable. Her breast bounced with the movement of the bed. Only a white pant remained on her waist As she smiled, waiting for Murphy to romantically lay on her, the boy place his hand on her throat as if strangling her to death. Painfully he spanked her continuously with the other hand.
“Murp.. Murphy. .. what.. are… you doing?” Vivian began to lose her breath, struggling with his hand.
Notwithstanding, Murphy kissed her, violently tore the pant and imprisoned her hands as he kept slapping her and devouring her lips and breast with his mouth.
One could see Vivian flinging her legs to free herself. “Murphy, you’re hurting me!” she lamented.
Yet the boy didn’t listen. Already, his d!ck has erected. Therefore, he forcefully spread her legs and inserted his d!ck, yet strangling and spanking her.
“Aaaahh!” Vivian cried. “Murphy you’re hurting me!”
The boy continued brutally.
“Murphy, let go of me! You’re raping me. What has come over you!!” she kept crying…
On the other hand, Ella drove through a lonely road with bushes at both sides. One of her tyres pulled out, circularly running into the bush. So she loss control and fell down a cliff. As the car was rolling down, she had a dark transfiguration where she saw herself in the midst of owls. The background of the place shone like a dim light.
“Where am I?” she asked….
At that point, every light in the city of Kalit went off including the white house where Murphy had finished his sexual act.
He put on a torchlight which he placed on a table to see Vivian folding herself at a corner naked with tears dropping from her eyes. Murphy humbly met her but she scarily adjusted away from him.
“I’m sorry, Vivian.” he began. “I noticed that’s the only way I can get the sexual pleasure I want.”
Vivian looked up at him in tears. “By flitting pains on me?”
Murphy became quiet.
“Oh my God, Murphy!” she shrieked unbelievably.
Just then, electrical energy came back not only in the house but also the entire city. Murphy’s phone rang then he picked it up immediately.
“Hello, Erika, not a good time.” he said on the phone.
“I’m sorry teacher but you need to come to the love garden now” Erika’s voice sounded.
“Now? Why what’s..” the line went off.
Quickly, Murphy dressed up and barged out of the room in a hurry, leaving Vivian alone. The poor innocent girl stood up and called Judith on the phone, sniffing in tears to her hearing.
“Vivian, don’t tell me I’m hearing sniff of tears instead of joy” she said on the phone.
“Judith, I’m in a very big trouble. I don’t want to call my parents because of this.” Vivian sniffed again.
“Whats the problem?”
“Murphy is a sadomasochist.”
“Oh my God!!” Judith exclaimed unbelievably…….

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