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Tales Of A Promiscuous Wife (+19) – Episode 5

Tales Of A Promiscuous Wife (+19) – Episode 5 (Final Episode)

And just like that the old landlord struggled to breathe while I desperately tried to help him but to no avail, soon his eyes started turning as he fell on the bed, I rushed out to get help with the plan of rushing him to the hospital. Unfortunately he was already almost lifeless but still breathing when I returned and with the help of some staff we rushed him to a nearby hospital. The doctor tried his best but unfortunately the old man couldn’t recover and died shortly after.

I landed in the police station afterwards but due to the face that I was lucky enough to get him to the hospital on time, I was able to explain myself and was backed up by the doctor who testified there wasn’t any foul play. So I only spent two days at the police station before being set free but those two days were enough to give my enemies time to deal with me. It was as if they had all been waiting for such an opportunity. My shop was burnt to the ground with everything in it. My girls were nowhere to be found and on getting home I saw my loads and properties all thrown out, my husband and son were nowhere to be found.

Shortly all the women from the neighborhood on hearing that I was home, mobilized, gathered and drove me out of the house and out of the neighbor, chanting and calling me prostitute, husband snatcher and so many derogatory names. I never knew my business was hurting them so much till that day. And from their curses and words I discovered most of their husbands were starving them at home only to spend money in my shop and on me and my girls.

I was disgraced and sent out of the area, nobody came to my rescue and I had no idea how to start all over or even where my family was at that moment..

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