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Tales Of A Promiscuous Wife (+19) – Episode 4

Tales Of A Promiscuous Wife (+19) – Episode 4

I know you all would be wondering why I still lived in a face me I face you house with all the money I was making but yes you know Lagos and how a millionaire can easily get broke from paying an expensive house rent. Moreover my business, customers and survival all revolved within my current neighborhood and so moving out could hurt my business. I had to stay and make as much money as I could. My husband on his own part never confronted me over anything. Of course I knew he was hearing all the rumors and probably seeing some with his eyes but because of his condition failed to confront me. It was as if he knew I was waiting for him to make one wrong move before throwing him out and so he kept to himself, maintained his lane and ate whatever free food I gave him. My son on his own part was growing fast and taking after his father’s brilliance. Yes he spent much time with his father which I encouraged because no matter how much I hated my husband’s joblessness, he was the kind of man you would want your son to look up to. He was so level headed and calculative. He knew when to pick a fight and when not to.

And yes back to my affair with my landlord. I was really surprised when the old man in his late fifties made advances to me. I however played along, waiting for him to land on what he wanted which he did sooner than I expected and I marveled at his boldness.

He had invited me to his sitting room that fateful morning as I was about heading to my shop. I truly didn’t know what gave him so much boldness unless perhaps he had been hearing about my reputation.

‘’you know you and your family can live rent free in my house till you get tired and move out’’ he had proposed in an old fashioned  manner. I smiled and shook my head because his rent wasn’t something I would use as an excuse to allow him sleep with me whenever he wanted. I could make the rent money within a weekend of good business.

‘’sir I don’t understand where this is going but if it’s about your rent. We have never owed you and I can afford even to pay five years advance’’ I cautioned him.

‘’I have money , I have shops. What if I give you one of my shops at the other street close to that big hospital? I mean the shop at the busy street close to the major road’’ he had offered desperately, an offer that got to my head.

‘’’you know how much shops in that location is worth?’’ he added with a smile

‘’why the generosity?’’ I demanded curiously while he shook his legs and laughed.

‘’you know nah’’ was all he could say while I shook my head and left. Men will always be men no matter the age.

Two days later, the old man booked a room at a guest house at the back of where I lived. At first I hesitated when he gave the address but since our meet up was going to be by 8pm that fateful evening, I felt I could risk it and still return to my shop around 9pm to round up things  and head home.

On getting to the room, the old man was over excited and had to pee three times before he was ready for any action. Finally he was ready but as soon as I grabbed his dicck, it went flat.

‘’my dear you will have to suck it to get it up’’ he explained, shocking me with his demand. I hated sucking dicks especially old ones and only sucked as a special treat to special customers and the old man didn’t appeal to me in any way nor was he a special customer to me.

After much pleading, I accepted and got to work, I barely had sucked for two minutes when I felt hot liquid rush into my mouth, I drew back furiously as I suspected it was urine but before I could say a word he was already gasping for breath. He was collapsing.

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