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Tales Of A Promiscuous Wife (+19) – Episode 3

Tales Of A Promiscuous Wife (+19) – Episode 4

I returned that evening to meet my husband helping my son with his school assignment. I greeted him and headed to the room where I undressed before rushing to the bathroom to bath while the events of the day played in my head. I couldn’t believe I could make such money from a man and I had been wasting my time all these while. I knew I could make more if I played smarter.

I was still battling with my imagination when I returned to the room to dress up; I didn’t even know when my husband came in till I heard his voice.

‘’a friend told me he saw you around Tunis guest house. What were you doing there?’’ I heard him ask curiously. It really was an honest question but because of my guilt, I flared up defensively.

‘’so you are now monitoring me with your friends. You jobless man’’ I sparked.

‘’better start looking for how to support this family because I’m fed up’’ I blew furiously while he shrugged, left and returned to the sitting room without another word. I knew he was hurt but I cared less.

I thought of many things that instant, I thought of divorcing him and taking my son with me because he was totally useless to me and would do nothing but hinder my progress. I slept that night thinking on how to deal with my husband situation but couldn’t come up with a better idea. I knew I had to take my time and look for the perfect opportunity but I however knew it would be difficult because he never argued with me talk more of raising his hands on me and so I knew getting rid of him was going to take a more tougher approach.


Inspector Mattew was the second customer that slept with me. He was one of my regular customers  who came to my shop to eat every morning and evening and from small jokes he finally made his intentions known.

‘’officer it will cost you oo but if you need any of my girls I can arrange for that’’ I had replied playfully when he showed interest in having a private moment with me.

‘’ahhh I don’t do small girls nah. I only do big women’’ he replied playfully while I shrugged. Yes I made extra income from the girls who were really so happy and good with the job and pay. Any customer that needed any of them had to negotiate with me and afterwards go with the girl for about an hour or two if I knew the customer very well. I hardly let my girls go with total strangers and in the end I shared whatever we got from the runs, giving the girl 60% of the proceed while I took the rest. I was really making it and in no time the other restaurants that were competing with me earlier on began witnessing a big decline in patronage. Of course only few women could have the mind to do what I was doing which slowly became an open secret.


The first time I had sex with Officer Mathew I got only fifteen thousand naira which really was a small amount for someone in my status but I managed it like that because he offered me police protection.

‘’you know, having me as a friend will benefit you immensely. I will protect your interest no matter what’’ he had said as he undressed to enjoy my body. He really was a nice officer but just like most police officers his family was far away in Ogun state and so he was very sexually starved only finding remedy in drinks and cigarette. Yes he smoked like a chimney and that made his dick so weak that it only managed to stand for about five minutes before falling whether he released or not and so he had to force himself to release within five minutes of every intercourse.

Yes this was the life I was now living and was seeing so much money that I began planning to buy buses and from Officer Mattew, Ossagie the engineer, Tunde the butcher, Alhaji the yam seller, Tony the chairman and so many others became my customer for sexual satisfaction and yes I upgraded my skills and appearance that you wouldn’t even know I was already a mother. I knew how to handle every size of a dicck and I could ride any man no matter the size, my big ass a good commodity most men wanted. I soon became extremely popular that I expanded my shop and even had three area boys guarding my shop every minute. Soon the landlord in the compound I lived began showing interest in me and I knew I had to get him under my control as well and probably stop paying rent.

Unto the next episode.

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