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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 9

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

“Well I will be lying if I tell you that I have not, because if this food can talk, I have been hearing the sweet aroma of this food from my dream.” he answered as they started laughing. “So can someone tell me what is going on here?” he asked.

“Well what does it seem like, we are hungry and we decided to cook.” Vivy said laughing.

” The last time I checked I didn’t have anything to prepare whatever that will be emitting such a delicious aroma.” he said.

“And the last time I checked you were sleeping, so why not go back to that bed and allow us do what we are doing in peace.” Vivy said getting up to push him out of the kitchen.

“Hmmm!!” he heaved a sigh of submission and decided to leave them. But on a second thought he turned and asked Vienney.

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“Please do you know where Vienney the girl I met at the party yesterday is?”.
This caught the girls by surprise as they both looked at him in a lost manner. “Well I don’t know but whatever you have done to her, go find her because I think I prefer her to you.” he said and left. Just then the girls caught the gist because Vienney hasn’t said anything to him since morning.

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“Guy food is ready.” Vivy said as he tapped him to wake up.

Val woke to the sweet aroma that filled his room. On the rug was a big plate of rice, another big plate of chicken stew placed with three plates on a tray.

The worms in his stomach started revolting immediately and he didn’t need a soothsayer to tell him that any delay was going make him an ulcer patient.

They ate in silence as it seems all of them were hungry or pretending to be observing table manners. After they have had their fill, the girls cleared the plates.

“Thanks ladies am grateful,” Val said.

“Don’t mention it, we are supposed to be the ones thanking you.” Vivy said.

Clearing her throat, Vienney started “Val am sorry for last night, seriously I have been too ashamed to say anything and thank you so much for looking out for me. I don’t know how to say it, but the truth is that am grateful and am now in your debt”

“Wow! how I wish you could be doing something like that so often so that you will be looking this beautiful, innocent and quiet.” said Val.

They all laughed as Val said that and from then the room became lively, as they continued chatting. They played ludo till they were tired of playing and decided to rest since the girls weren’t in a hurry to leave.

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They slept till around 7pm before the girls decided to go back to their hostels.

They packed their belongings and Val saw them off to their hostel where they exchanged contacts. When he came back to his apartment, he realized that Vienney have left her undies behind. He dialed her line and after it rang for a while she picked.

“ Hello Vienney?” Val said as the line connected.

“Yea what’s up, you missing us already?” She asked laughing from her end of the phone.
“You wish, but on the contrary you forgot something here”.

“Yea I know and I will come and collect it at my convenience so don’t worry”.

“Ok o, just pray I don’t give it out to my girlfriend”. He said laughing.

“Hmmmm!! Well then you will get a new one for me, hope you were able to take measurement last night?”

“Measurement! Measurement!! Yea I did, 40D cups and around 34 by waist”.

“Holy Gawd, how did you do that?”
“Remember you asked if I took a measurement.”

They talked for more before he ended the call and decided to finish up his sleep.

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