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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 8

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

” Yes I was and you don’t have to be like that, I saw everything. I envy your girlfriend and believe me, am proud of you. I watched you throughout the whole thing.”
” That’s not fair you know, you should have at least given me a hand.”
“I wasn’t myself either, just managed to keep my eyes open to watch you both.” she said laughing.

“Ok o, hope you enjoyed yourself watching us.” he asked.

“But come on dude, you sure you ain’t gay? Because with what this babe has got and in that state, am sure no guy can resist her.” She said laughing.

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“Well why not try me to know if am gay or not, that way you will know, also for the records I don’t take advantage of people when they are not in their right state and before you continue with your talks, rest lemme cook, don’t fight it, it’s my house and you’re my guest ok?” With that he headed to the kitchen.

He dished the noodles into three plates and took them to the room.

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“Hmmmmm!! It smells nice hope it will taste good as well” Vivy said laughing as she collected her own share from him.

” I no get your time o, just taste and see” he said as he tried to wake Vienney.

“She’s awake don’t mind her, she dey shame shy.” Vivy said laughing.

Vienney sat up with a shy smile on her face as she collected the food from him. They ate with Val, and Vivy doing the talking why Vienney ate in silence. After the meal, Vivy collected the plates against Val’s will and headed to the kitchen to wash them. He went to the fridge and poured a half filled cup of McDowell and gulped it down squeezing his face in the process.

“Val I need to get something from the market, can I get a bike around here” Vivy asked as she came out from the kitchen.

“What’s that?”
” Girls stuff.” she answered.
” Ok just go out, there is a junction outside there you will see a bike and it should be around 50naira to the market.”
“Ok hope you wouldn’t mind if I wear this your united jersey?” she asked pulling out the jersey from his wardrobe.

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“No problem.” he answered as the McDowell has started taking effect on him.

“Do you have another of the jersey, I want to go with her.” Vienney asked.

” No, but there are some shorts and tops inside that wardrobe, check if anyone can fit you.” he said and covered his head with a pillow.

The girls understood that gesture and didn’t bother asking him another question.

He woke up to the sweet aroma of something. “Who ever is cooking this sure knows what she is doing,” he murmured to himself. He tilted his nose towards the kitchen to confirm where the aroma was coming from.

As if not convinced, he stood up, stretched and yawned as he walked towards the kitchen.

“Somebody tell me am dreaming.” he said as he entered his kitchen and saw the two girls who hushed whatever they were saying looked at him suspiciously.

“And can somebody tell me you weren’t eavesdropping on us.” Vivy said looking at him in a tell us the truth manner.

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