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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 7

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

The party was going smooth and fun.
Vivy was doing a very good work as the MC and with the alcohol going around both dudes and babes were in hyper active mode. .
Val was already in trouble as Vienney has decided to be his handbag throughout the party.

After the cutting of cake, was a time for some people to give briefs about the celebrant.

” It is now time for some people to come up here and tell us about the evil things they know about the celebrant” Vivy announced, “and I will be calling out three people to do that”, she continued, “and the first will be Richie followed by Chomzy and the last but not the least, Purity, when any of them come up here, he or she will have to introduce oneself then tell us his or her relationship with the celebrant and then go on to reveal her secrets.” Everybody laughed as she called on Richie to come take the mic from her.

It was like Richie saw that coming as his speech wowed everybody. At the end of his speech before handing over the mic, he walked over to Rita and gave her a kiss. The hall went wide. The DJ gave them ‘baby mi da’ by Dr Olayitan and tuface as they and everybody danced to the beat.

Chomzy also did a very good work and was applauded by the crowed. Chomzy did something sneaky. She did not talk about the lucky guy and when asked about him she left everybody puzzled.

“Now lemme call the last man standing to come and finish Rita for me. Give it up to a very handsome dude in the building mr Val aka Purity.” Vivy announced.

The clapping and the sound from the DJ added up to his nervousness as he walked up to take the mic from the mc. When he got to Vivy, he gave her a big hug and whispered into her ears ” you sure I can do this?” Which got the both of them laughing. He disentangled from her and collected the microphone. He breathed into the microphone and this got everybody laughing. Then he started.

“Somebody should please tell me what to say” he said as everybody busted out laughing as he continued. “Well my name like you already know is Val. Am in political science department, second year. The celebrant and I have come a long way from secondary school.

We have been friends’ very good ones at that…….” Val continued with his speech and when he decided to stop everybody was laughing hysterically. As he handed over the microphone back to Vivy and was about to step out the mc stopped him.

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“Not so fast dude, who is the lucky girl in your life. You didn’t tell us about her.”
“Wow!!” he said as he collected the mic from Vivy. “Well I will be lying if I tell you there is no special girl in my life. First and foremost I have my mum and sisters and that girl standing over there,” He said pointing towards Rita. “These are the special girls in my life. So you see I don’t just have one of them in my life they are many.” He said to the amazement of everybody and before the mc could object to his answer, he slipped off and headed back to where he sat with Vienney.

” Wow!! That was a tricky one you pulled up there” Vienney said as he sat beside her.

” Well I gave them the honest answer.”
“And you wanna tell me you don’t have a girlfriend like one you love and do those mushy things with, you know na.” she said laughing.

“I don’t know anything o” he replied her laughing also.

The party was alive till around 3am. Everybody was tipsy one way or the other. Some were already making out at the corners of the hall.

Val was with Vienney and Vivy as both of them were already drunk. Vienney was sleeping on his shoulder with Vivy taking his laps. He has already called his cab man and was waiting for him.

The cab man called him when he got to the hotel premises. He woke the two sleeping girls and guided them till they got to the cab and after they got in, the cab took off to his house.


He woke up with a splitting headache.
He hasn’t slept up to thirty minutes. It was a rough night for him. Apart from taking much of the alcohol, he had to baby sit the two lovely girls he came back with. He had hoped to just enter his room and sleep but that was not the case. When they got home Vivy in her drunk state flew to the bed and dozed off while Vienney insisted she needed to shower before sleeping. He had made everything ready for her and showed her to the bathroom. After about five minutes she went into the bathroom, he started hearing another sound different for the running shower. He rushed and knocked twice on the bathroom door but didn’t get any reply and after a little hesitation he opened the door and behold Vienney sitting on the floor Unclad in the pool of her own puke. The bathroom was messed up and filled with alcoholic stench. His eyes surveyed her immediately and with everything he saw, he knew that if it was on a different situation many things would have happened.

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He helped her up and allowed the shower to run over her as she kept mumbling in-comprehensive words . After a while he wrapped her with a towel and took her back to the room. He dried her up with the towel and with all the will power left in him he managed to prevent himself from handling and sU-Cking on the lovely and succulent boobies with dark Tips that continuously stared at him.

He brought out his pajamas and with much courage again he was able to get her into it without touching the well trimmed hairs around her honey pot that was left to his view.

Afterwards he tucked her into his bed with blanket before going to take care of his messed up bathroom.

Inside the bathroom Vienney’s [email protected] and bra was lying on the floor inside the mess.
He picked them and dropped them inside the bucket before flushing the bathroom.
After that, he washed the messed up undies and hung them on the bathroom door before retiring inside to sleep.

It was Vivy that woke him actually. He woke to Vivy demanding if he had any aspirin around.

He picked a satchet from his storage cart and threw it to her. He also pulled out a bottle of water from his fridge, poured some into a cup and handed it to her. After she had taken the medic, he collected the cup from her and asked her to sleep.

“Do you have any edible in this house, I feel like eating an elephant now” Vivy asked.
“Why not go back to sleep lemme prepare noodles.”
“No I can’t be here and watch you cook, moreover I know you haven’t slept much with Vienney’s trouble last night so you need the sleep more than I do.”
” So you were awake?” he asked looking surprised and a bit uncomfortable…

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