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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 6

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Ok so it’s now like this abi? Vivy asked. “So you have forgotten so soon how I do keep your friends company while you go to God knows were abi? Ok oo, no problem” Vivy said calmly and sat down.

“See you girls should stop this,” Chinwe the ebony looking girl intervened. “Vivy what happened? We thought you went downstairs to buy something”.

“Yes I did.” She replied.
Obi raised her head and gave her that look like ‘you think we are kids, try again’ and continued clipping her nails.

“You did?” Chinwe asked looking surprised, “and when did going downstairs now became so far like going to Lagos?”
“See it’s not like I wanted to keep him waiting,” she started but couldn’t continue as tears dripped down her eyes and she started crying.

This surprised her rummies, Obi looked at her and asked “What’s it, what’s the problem?”
She couldn’t answer but continued to cry.

Obi together with Chinwe went around to her corner and with each taking up a position besides her, they tried consoling her.

“What’s the problem? You know you can talk to us.” Chinwe consoled holding her hand.

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She cried for a little while and tried to control her emotions. She wiped her tears and made to talk but the words stuck to her throat. She cleared her throat and started to narrate what happened to them.

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“It’s not like I wanted to keep him waiting or something. I went down to buy mineral together with some biscuits which I wanted to offer him when he arrives. But when I got down to the canteen, I heard people arguing loudly outside. At first I wanted to ignore them but one of the voices sounded very familiar. As I went out to know what was happening, you won’t belief the people I saw.”
“Hmmmm!! Who did you see?” Obi asked becoming more inquisitive.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was KC with her so called cousin” she replied as tears started forming in her eyes again.

“KC!!!” The two girls exclaimed in unison.
“Wait is it the KC we know or another one?” Chinwe queried.

Wiping the tears with the back of her hand she continued. “Na him o. I couldn’t believe my eyes neither could I believe what they were arguing about. When I couldn’t take the whole thing any longer I had to run away.

I didn’t know what was pursuing me or where I was running to. All I know is that I just wanted to run so far away where nobody will find me.”
“Hmmmm! This one na gobe,” Obi exclaimed. “Wonders shall never cease.”
“Wait, what were they arguing about?” Chinwe asked.

“Abeg I don’t even want to talk about that now please.” She pleaded.

They all kept mute for a while before Obi decided to change the topic.

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“What is his name?” Obi asked no one in particular.

“You mean KC?” Vivy replied.
“No, the one that came here this evening”
“Ok you mean Val?” She asked.
“Yes, that guy get temper o, chai!” She exclaimed. “I wanted to stop him from going o, but when he told me that if don’t get out of his way, that I will ask him to remind me of my name. Shuuuuuu!! Babes, I didn’t need another warning to quietly make way for him to pass.”
They didn’t allow her to finish before they busted out laughing, even Vivy couldn’t hold back the laughter amidst tears..

“Hmmmm!! Na laugh una dey laugh abi?
I fear o.” Obi continued.
“What am I going to do now, he will be mad with me.” Vivy lamented.

“Did you say mad?” Obi asked, “he will be ‘maddest’ with you.”
Vivy picked her phone and dialed his number but it was switched off, she became more worried.

” Do you know his house?” Chinwe asked. “maybe you should go there tomorrow and talk to him.”
“I won’t, I don’t want to go to his house.” Vivy complained.

“Why not?” Obi asked.
“I don’t want people to start talking or conceiving things that doesn’t exist” she explained.

“Ok I will go with you” Obi offered.
“Will you?” Vivy asked looking surprised.

“Of course” Obi replied.

Vivy hissed a sigh of relief and thanked her.

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