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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 4

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

“Vivy is the mc of the show so we are just trying to tidy up the program.

The Vivy girl has already caught my eyes. Beautiful and curvy with everything in the right places.

The black short fitted gown she wore with the red wadge shoe did more good to her. Men this girl was something else. I did good not to stare sha.

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“Ok I will leave you girls to finish up and come out because people are waiting.” Val said turning to leave.

“Would you mind anchoring the show with me?” Vivys voice stopped me in my track.

“Wow!! ” Val exclaimed turning around. “I would have loved to but am not really the crowed kinda person and more over I didn’t prepare for this, hope you understand?”
“Ok no problem just go for now,” she said giving me a heartwarming but up to something smile.

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Val returned to the lounge and met Richard and Vienney still chatting.

“I hope he didn’t misbehave?” He asked as hee got to where they we’re sitting.

“Nope!, I was able to keep him in Check though it was a bit hard.” Vienney replied as they started laughing.

“Yea I know him,” Val said as he sank in a space beside them. “But not to worry, the wife will be out in a jiffy and that will be the end of the show for him.” They continued laughing as Richie kept mute and didn’t say anything but just laugh.

“So Purity, the only handsome guy in political science where is your miss political science?” Vienney asked.

“Wow!! I guess someone has being asking lotta questions and someone has been supplying her answers.” Val said giving them a look.

“That doesn’t answer my question and don’t try to divert it.” Vienney retorted with Richie laughing out.

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“Ok you know what, miss political science should be in her hostel that’s if I know her personally.” He said as they started another round of laugher.

“Vienney this dude is gay, I swear.
They don’t do babes in their village.
I wonder wetin conji dey do am every day.” Richie said. This started another round of laughter.

“Ok point of correction dude am not gay and in my village dey Bleep babes wella.”
By now the DJ was doing what he knows best with wizkids “on top your matter” Val asked Vienney for a dance and she obliged me to Richies suprise. They danced a bit before the celebrant entered with her entourage and the event commenced. From the look of things it was gona be an all night thing.

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