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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 31

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

“Am….. Am……… Ple…….. Please I’m sorry” she stammered. “I didn’t know that it was you”
“Hmmm! Can I come in before everybody in this hostel knows that……….. ” He made an eye for her and looked over himself.

“Yea sure, please come in” she said and made way for him.

“Well this is a more refreshing bath” he said smiling as he entered the room.

“Please am so sorry” Obi continued to apologise.

Vivy couldn’t believe her eyes when Val entered the room dripping wet. She stared at him not saying anything.

“Wait o, so na she send you make you bath me” Val turned and asked Obi smiling.

“Nooo! It’s not like that please, I’m sorry she pleaded.”

“Can you stop with the sorry thing, it’s becoming annoying. Just help me hang this thing somewhere” he said giving her his shirt.

“I’m sorry Val”, Vivy said.

“Ok na your turn now to begin the sorry thing abi?”
“Noo it’s not like that, buh……” She looked him over smiling.

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“Shebi na laugh you dey laugh abi?” He asked.” I go soon carry my body land for your bed now if you no stop that your yeye laugh”
“Wooow! With all pleasure, you are welcome to even sleep on it” Vivy replied.

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“Make I no wet your bed, before you go begin call me names now” he said dragging a plastic sit from under her table to sit.

“But I’m sorry ok, we didn’t know that you are the one knocking”
“Wait! Wait!! So another guy was meant to take this?” he asked.

“Not really, it’s kind of complicated,” she said and made to continue before Obi interrupted and took over.

“We thought that it was KC her boyfriend that was knocking” she said.

“KC? Why would you girls want to baptize him again, abi them tell una say they never baptise him before?” He asked laughing. “But on a serious note, why would you want to pour him water?”
“Maybe you should ask her”, Obi said pointing at Vivy as she left the room.


“Well since you don’t trust me enough to tell me what’s wrong, I guess I will stop asking” he said as they got to the junction from where he will depart.

“It’s not like I don’t trust you she said, it’s just that I don’t want to talk about it”
“Remember that a problem shared is a problem half solved”
“I know, of course, and believe me, I will tell you about it later, she said. But you haven’t actually told me why you visited me”
“Well I guess the environment that I met wasn’t conducive enough for me to talk about why I visited”
“Oh! I’m sorry about that, but you know you can tell me whatever it is anytime and anywhere”, she said holding his hand.

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“Hmmmm! This sounds like another way of telling me to say it out”, he said smiling.

“Come on, must you read meaning into everything I say, she made a face for him.

But since that’s what your mind tells you then maybe that’s what I mean” she said smiling also.

He looked at her for a while and said
“Vivy I still love you. I thought I have gotten over this but I have not. I’m sorry am telling you this knowing that you are in a relationship, but I can’t help it”
The silence that followed was the heartbreaking type. Then Vivy cleared her throat and started saying something.

“Val see…………”
“Please don’t say anything” he interrupted. Before she could say another word, he hugged her and left.

“Val please wait and hear me out,” she pleaded.

“Goodnight”, he said not turning back to listen to her.

“Goodnight Val, And I love you too” she said but it wasn’t so loud and he didn’t hear it as he walked on without turning back.

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