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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 3

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

When he returned to his room, he realized that his phone has been off. He collected the dismembered phone from under his pillow and fixed it back; immediately the phone came on, two text messages entered. He clicked on the center button of his phone; the first message was from MTN while the second was from an unknown number. He deleted the message from MTN and opened the second one. What he saw shocked him. It was a message from Vivy.

He stood with eyes glued to the phone for a while. He re -read the message over ten times in his mind before he decided to check his airtime, convinced with his account balance, he dialed her number. After a while the phone started ringing, tuuuurrr tuuuurrrr……….

As the phone was ringing, so many thoughts were running through his mind, so she is still with my number? He asked himself. Just in the middle of his thought came that sweet voice from the other end of the phone.

The voice sounded so angelic that he was lost of words. At that point he didn’t know what to say but he must say something.
“Hello!” the voice came again.

He cleared his throat and responded, “Hey!…….. Ummmm!!…….. Hello!, how are you?” He stammered.

“Am fine,” she replied, “and what about you”? She continued.

“Am fine too, he responded. Long time, how lectures?” he asked.

“Yes o, lectures are just tough as usual you know now,” she replied. “Shebi you forgot me na.”

“No, is not like I forgot you oo, just that I have been kinda busy with stuffs, you know as final year dey be na.”

“Make I hear word, na only you dey final year? Me nko, no be final year I dey” she attacked.

“Ok, see am sorry that I have not called all this while, but you know why I had to stay away from you. It’s not like I didn’t want to call, infact with each passing day I always felt like calling you…………….” He couldn’t finish before she asked.

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“Then why didn’t you call since you always felt like calling?”
“I didn’t want to cause you troubles” he replied. “Not calling was a hard decision which I had to make.”
“Hmmmm!! But you weren’t causing me any trouble, everything was ok with us.”
Val didn’t want to tell her the encounter he had with her boyfriend nor did he want her to know he overheard them arguing concerning him in her room that fateful Saturday.

He didn’t know what else to say rather than ask her whether she have been well all those while.

“Yes o, person wey dem reject no dey reject herself na” she replied. “But Val you are heartless o. Not even a birthday wish on my birthday and even when I sent you an invitation to my party, you snubbed it. Hmmmmmm!!
I know say you get heart, but I didn’t know it was to this extent.”
“Shebi I have said that am sorry,” Val pleaded.

“Do you think sorry solves everything?” She asked.

“Ok what do you want me to do so that you can forgive?”
“For starters come and visit me in my hostel, then from there you can take further instructions. This time around, you are gonna suffer for not being a good friend.” she said laughing.

The sound of that laughter reminded him of so many funny times they spent together and more especially the first time he met her in Rita’s birthday.

“Ok I will come, but please do me a favor,” Val requested.

“Ok, provided it’s not an excuse to dodge from coming to ma hostel.”
“Please which hostel are you in now and what’s your room number?”
“Hmmmm!! Okeke, and room 226,” she replied. She didn’t want to make a big issue out of that because she was sure going to make him pay for forgetting her for such a long time.

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“Ok am going to be there by 7:30 is that ok by you?” he asked.

“7:30, 7:30, 7:30, she repeated, no I think 6:30 will be best.”
“Ahhhhhhh !!” Val shouted.

“What?” She asked.
“Ah ah na, 6:30 is to early now,” Val protested.

“It’s not debatable please and don’t call me till you are in front of ma room.” she ordered.

“Hmmmm!!!, shebi you know am not used to entering female hostels.” Val pleaded.

“Mtcheeww!! See commissioner for women affairs they talk say he is not used to entering female hostel, agbero, she cursed. Abeg 6:30 and in my room, somebody should not be late o,” she continued.

“Ok.” Val replied grudging.
“That’s good, will be waiting and for the records I missed you, though not big before your head will start swelling,” she teased him.

“Whether big or small, all a I know be say someone missed me full stop.” Val teased back.

She waited for a while before she asked him.

“So you didn’t miss me abi?”
“Ah! Ah!! na, even without saying it, you know I missed you,” Val defended.

“I don’t know anything jare just tell me,” she persisted.

“I missed you so much,” Val said.

“Good boy, now you come. Ok see you then. 6:30 don’t forget and if you like be late then you go hear nweee!!!” she said and dropped the call.

Val allowed the phone to slip from his hand to the bed. He couldn’t contain his happiness.

Chai! He exclaimed na me be this? He said, asking nobody in particular. He looked at his wall clock, it was 5:45 already.

Then he shouted “let’s gooooo there” and rushed into his bathroom shouting “obago”‘.

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