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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 3

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

It was Rita’s birthday and he dare not miss it. Val and Rita have been friends from secondary school and when they got to the university it continued even with Rita having a boyfriend.

Getting a girlfriend was not a big issue for him, but he has not just made up his mind for the whole emotional stuffs attached to relationships. Rita have on so many occasions tried to hook him up with some of her beautiful friends but he will always find a way to dodge them.

His time said 4pm so he hurried and picked the gift he bought for her and went out. He dare not be late to Rita’s birthday if not she will spell his name for him. Everything was set and everywhere lively when he entered the lounge of Vasel hotel. He walked around looking for Rita and shaking hands with some friends at the same time.

“O boy you are doomed, she has asked after you for over a hundred times.” Richard Rita’s boyfriend said as they shook hands and knocked shoulders.

“Guy I swear no be my fault. I was caught in traffic.” Val said as they both busted out laughing.

“Well that sounds convincing to a toddler, pray she buys it.”
“Abeg which side she dey make I go collect the lashing for private before she go see me here come bust me for this crowd.” Val asked.

“I think she’s in room 33, first turning by you left if you take that stairs” Richard directed him.

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“You think abi, you no know say I know say una lodge here last night abi ole.” Val cursed with both of them laughing.

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“Hmmm!! So she go tell you everything abi” Richard asked making a face for him.

“I tell you say na she tell me? Abeg you know hear anything from my mouth Biko.”
“But guy babes yankpa for here a swear. Omo see that one poo, see backa, see frontage.”
” Eh eh wetin you just talk. Don’t worry I will pass you message to your babe when I get to her room.” Val teased.

“Shuuuu!! Abeg no try am. As a matter of fact you no hear anything,” Richard said as they started laughing again.

“Omo make I go see her.”
Before Val left he called that particular girl with backa and frontage according to Richard.

“Hello pretty girl am Val and here is my friend Richard, I wanna go see his girlfriend the celebrant so please if you don’t mind keep him company till am back and please tell him you don’t have a phone, e no dey hard him to collect number.” The three of them bursted out laughing as he said that. “And for the records you are the most beautiful girl in that music department and I know you are Vienney by name.” he said and walked away with the girl blushing.

He heard voices from outside the room and he could make out Rita’s voice from amongst them. He adjusted himself and braced up for the task ahead. He knocked twice before he got the “who is there” response. It was from Rita.

“Open and find out.”
“Oh! My Gawd Val you are so dead,” Rita started shouting from the room before she got to the door. As she opened the door and was about to blast him, what she saw got her and every other person in the room stunned.
In front of the door was Val on one knee with a box on one hand.

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“Please will you marry me.” Val said as she threw the door open.

Everybody was stunned shocked and confused for some minutes and that gave Val the time he needed to explain himself.

“Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl mother earth ever created. Sorry sweetheart let me not just lie, I overslept and that’s why am here a bit late, please don’t be too mad.”
Rita stared at him with smiles all over her face as she collected the box from him and dragged him up, “I would have said yes” she said as everybody in the room laughed. She opened the box and screamed out loud as she saw the gift. She jumped on him still screaming as he held her feeling good that she loved the gift.

” I swear in my next word you are going to be my boyfriend.” Rita said still all smiles.

Everybody in the room was wowed by the gift. Val cleared his voice to get the attention of the ladies in the room.

“Well beautiful ladies am Val by name but my friends call me……..”
“Purity” Rita shouted as she continued with the intro.
“Don’t mind me girls, this Purity my best of all best, we have been friends for like from the fetus stage, he is single and God knows why he is not searching. And Pure this Benny she said starting from the girl on the extreme end of the bed, Lorita , Vivy and Chomzy.”
We exchanged handshakes and pleasantries before Rita continued…

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