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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 27

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

“Make I hear am” she said laughing.

“Oya tell me, na who be the lucky babe wey dey onboard now, how about Vienney?” She asked looking at him suspiciously.

Which babe? He asked. No babe dey onboard anywhere abeg. Na only me waka come, and Vienney is fine the last time we talked” he said.

Make I hearam, you Val no get babe for this school, mtchheeeeewww!! Laye” she cursed him laughing.

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“See this one o, I dey tell you say me no get babe and you dey dey talk wetin I no sabi”, he said defending himself. “Abeg check the time for me before security go come carry me for here”.

Vivy looked at her phone and replied, ” it’s 8:30 so you still have like more one hour thirty minutes to stay”.

“You and and who wan stay more one hour thirty minutes, shebi you still wan mak I fall inside mud water abi?”
Vivy started laughing when he said that, , but guy dem dey worry you o. How you take dey waka for road without looking at where you are going?”
“Ok shebi na laugh you dey laugh me now abi? Ok………….. No problem…………… Continue”, he said and stood up to go.

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“Oya no vex, I no dey laugh again”, she pleaded.

“Whether you dey laugh or you no dey laugh na you sabi, all I know is that I don dey go my house”
“Ok now I know you have not repented one bit”, she said as they left her room.

“Thanks for coming”, she said as they got close to the tree which is usually their parting point.

“The pleasure is mine”, he replied.

“Ehe that reminds me, have you tried calling your number to know if someone picked the phone?” She asked.

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“Yes I tried but it was still switched off.
I will just have to run around and get some money to buy a new one”, he replied.
“Eyaaa, don’t worry, God will provide”.
“Ok oo if you say so. Lemme be going sha, goodnight”, he said and turned to leave.

“Just like that”, she asked him making a face.

“This girl don come again”, he said to himself. Turning around he went back and gave her a hug.

“Am sorry about yesterday and this morning, I didn’t mean to cause you troubles”, she apologized still hugging him.

“Don’t worry it’s no problem”.

She didn’t want to break the hug for a while neither did Val want to. They stayed like that for a while not saying anything before she decided to let him go.

“Have a sound night”, he said again.

“And you too” she replied. As they parted.

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