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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 26

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

When they heard the knock, Obi hushed them. “Is like that KC don come back again”

she said in a very low tune. She picked the knife which she used in peeling orange and tiptoed to the door. Peeping through, she was suprised as well as disappointed by who she saw. She hissed and stepped back, make una dress well, no be that mumu, she said and dropped the knife on her table.

They didn’t bother to ask her who was knocking rather they all picked their cloths because they were just on their undies gisting before the knock.

The knock came for the third time and they chorused in unison, “who is there? ,Come in?, Obi continued.

Val gave the door a gentle push and walked in.” Hello ladies “he greeted.

“Hey Val na you, good evening oo?” Obi replied pretendingly, Chinwe also greeted him.

“Hope you ladies had a wonderful day?” He asked and sitting on Vivy’s bed.

“Well the day wasn’t bad”, Chinwe replied.

“Welcome “Vivy greeted him for the first time.

“Thank you”, he replied “and how are you? “he asked.

“I’m fine”, she replied not looking at him.

“Chinwe please escort me to AJA make I collect that my material from Mimi” Obi pleaded said making for the door.

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“Oya make we dey go self, I been wan also go see my friend for Nkurumah.”

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“Ah! Ah!! Na me dey pursue una”, Val asked looking at both girls.

“Nooo”, they both replied. “How can”, Obi continued, “we have been meaning to go out before you came in”

“Ok “he surrendered, “if you say so.”

Vivy looked at both girls with the” why are you girls forsaking me eyes”, but before she could say anything, they left.

“Your wall paper is nice”, Val commended after something that look like a life time of silence.

“Thank you”, she replied still not looking at him.

“Did you go to school today”, he asked.

“Noo, I don’t use to have lectures on Fridays”,she replied.

“Ok oo”

After another heartbreaking silence between them, Val cleared his throat and said.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Of course”, she replied now looking at him.

“What is the problem with you?” He asked.

“Nothing, am fine. In fact am perfect” she answered pretentiously.

“You have never been a good liar, it’s not one of your best attributes so stop trying”
he said looking her straight in the eye balls.

She looked away breaking the eye contact.

How can he always read me like a book?
She asked herself.” Ok fine, I have not been feeling too well for a while now”.

“Try again, and harder this time please”, Val replied not believing her.

“See Val, when will you start believing me anytime I tell you that am fine? “She asked.

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“When you stop meaning the opposite of anything you say”, he replied.

“Wait”, she laughed showing her cute dimples. “So…………. Chai!! ”
She exclaimed,” I don suffer for your hand.

Na yabbing you come yab me this evening abi?” She asked still laughing.

“If I start yabbing you,you know as e go be na, he said. But on a more serious note, what is the problem? What is eating you up?”

“Ok fine you got me”, she said.”
Am having a little problem with HIM but it’s not something I can’t handle”.

“HMmmmm!! You guys are still together since that time? “He asked feeling very disappointed inside.

“Yes o, not like everything have been ROSSY, but we have been managing” she replied.

“And you are sure the LITTLE problem is something you can handle?” He asked.

“Yea don’t worry, you know little relationship issues na, I can handle that”.

“But if you need someone to talk to, you know you can always come to me right?” He asked.

“Of course I know”, she said. Hitting him on the shoulder she continued, “so you have not stopped being so sweet”.

“Sweet kee? You know it has been a while so don’t presume you still know me oo. Am now one hard guy”, he said making the baddooo kind of face.

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