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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 25

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Heaving a big sigh with the blanket still rapped around her chest she looked at him.
She cleared her throat and started,
“You know since we started this, I have always waited to hear you tell me you love me.

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Even when we are making love, I have always listened to know if I can hear you say it but it never escaped from your mouth. Val it’s not something hidden, you know that I love you and most of my friends already know this.

I’m just so crazy about you. Though I feel a little heartbroken and rejected but, I’m happy you came out to tell me this. You know that thing they said about meeting someone that you will be so crazy about once in your life?

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I think I have met mine and it’s you. I have been with some dudes but none ever was like you, I love you not because of the good s*x but because of who you are. You are just good and I’m happy I met you” she said smiling amidst tears.

” Do you know what, I think am more lucky meeting someone like you” he said cuddling her.

“Come on don’t give me the consolation, I feel so rejected right now. What am I going to tell my friends now. Vivy has finally had the last laugh” she said snuggling into his embrace.

“What do you mean Vivy has the last laugh?”

“She was never in support of me going out with you. It seems she has something about you that she is not saying out, I just hope this whole thing is not about her” she said looking up to his face from her arms.

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“Come on this has nothing to do with Vivy.
I mean Vivy can’t make decisions for me even if she is not in support of me going out with you”

“But can we still make out like can we still hang out and have s*x” she asked looking pleadingly at him.

“What are friends for” he said laughing. “we can always make out if you promise me that there will be no strings attached.

“I promise no strings attached, but I can’t promise to stop loving you” she said staring down at her palms.

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