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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 24

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)


As he was about to knock he heard people arguing inside the room. He heard Vivy’s voice with that of a guy.

” See am not in for all these talks” he heard her say.

” So it’s now all these talks abi. For a while now you have been acting all busy. You hardly call or reply my calls and whenever I ask you to come to my house you will give one excuse or another. What’s the problem” the male voice asked.

” I told you already that there is no problem, just that I have been busy lately. And ………….. ”

” Don’t tell me you have been busy. Infact let me now tell you. I know what all this is about. I know it’s because of that pol. science guy. Ever since you told me you met him, your behavior has changed. And don’t think that I didn’t know the day you guys went to Lovers spot and other countless meetings you guys had”

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” Wait what are you implying now, that am cheating on you with him, is that what you mean?” Vivy countered.

” I didn’t say you are having an affair with him, am just asking if he is the one coming between us”

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” See Val is a good friend of mine and does not pose any threat to this relationship. He knows am together with you and supports us.

So don’t drag him into this. And since you really want us to talk let me now tell you my mind. Am not happy in this relationship, I mean am not as happy as I want to be. I just feel like I am missing something somewhere”

“Why must it be always this. Since we started this, it has always been about you not being as happy as you wish to and the rest. How happy do you want to be, I mean I have been trying my best to make you happy”

” I just feel you don’t love me as you claim” she said with a low tune.

He couldn’t just continue listening to them, he he’s heard enough. He turned and left as they continued with their talks.


It was another round of hot s*x that left them both used up. For two weeks now they’ve been really f**king almost every day. He was enjoying it as well as she was but while he was enjoying it without any feeling of attachment, she was enjoying hers with feelings and attachment. If things were different he would have loved to date her, but he doesn’t feel anything for her. It has always been about the s*x and just that and it’s time he table the matter so that they will draw lines were lines should be drawn.

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Sitting up he tapped her to sit up in order to discuss something with her.

” Can’t we leave it later, I want to sleep”

she said.

” Come on let’s just talk, it won’t take much of our time”

” Ok what is it?”

” Vienney” he started. ” We have been into this for a while now, believe me am so enjoying it all more than you can ever think of. Nothing would give me more joy than having you as mine for keeps, I mean as my girlfriend………….”

” But you have me already”

“Wait just listen to me. I have tried to keep up with this but my conscience won’t let me.

Over time I have tried to develop feelings for you but it has all been in vain. The feeling is not just there and I don’t want to keep deceiving you into this, Vienney please can we stop this?

Maybe you might have something for me but the truth remains that I don’t have anything for you apart from this (s*x). Please don’t take this in bad fate I beg of you”

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