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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 22

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

I swear I don suffer” Val continued.

“If you see the kin race wey I tear from there ee, person wey thieves dey pursue never run like that before. But if to say na only that mud water matter be the only thing eh, I for no dey vex. The worst happened when I woke up this morning and realized that I don lost my phone possibly for inside that mud water”.

“O boy eee, no wonder I been dey call you since but your phone no dey connect.

This girl don do you something” Uzo said with pity. “But wetin come carry her come this morning?”, he asked.

“Hmmmmm!! She talk say na to apologize o.

As we dey dey talk na em she begin cry o”.

“You flog her cane?” Uzo asked.

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“For where kwanu”, Val continued.

“I come go meet her o. Na exactly that place wey you sit na e she sitdon dey cry. I come hug her dey console her. O boy that babe body fresh die chai!” He exclaimed. “E no reach two minutes o na e my ‘something’ wan begin misbehave. I just respect myself jejely come sitdon for this bed, I no wan wahala”.

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“Hmmmm!! See you dey act like say u get conscience, bad son of a good father”, Uzo cursed.

“Wait na the matter never finish, you neva hear the main part” Val continued.

“As I come tell her say I lost my phone while coming back from her hostel. She come meet me for this bed o, come hug me dey apologize.

Small time na em my thing’ wan misbehave again, I come pretend like say e don do make I gently withdraw before wind go blow and everybody go see fowl nyash.

As I wan withdraw na e the girl hold me tight o, she no come gree leave me o. Hmmm!!

Like play like play before I go know am we don dey run mouth things oo”.

“Wait wait wait,you mean say una begin kiss just like that?” Uzo asked inquisitively.

“Hmmmmm!! Small time small time, the thing come dey serious o. My thing don already dey at full attention dey wait for the next command.

Infact I don already they prepare ground make I gave am the last command before yawa come ghast”

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“Wetin happen?” Uzo queried.

“I don’t know what came over the girl o, na so she just withdraw and before I could say a word, she don reach her hostel”.

“Shuuuuu!!” Uzo exclaimed, “maybe she don look down see the size of the thing wey you carry for waist begin run”, he said laughing.

Val eyed him and kept quiet.

“So wetin go come happen na?”Uzo asked, “you no go go visit her again make you know what’s up?”

“Guy I no go try am”, Val replied.

“Wait make I give you brain”, Uzo continued, “maybe say she and that her guy don break up and you know say na wetin you been want since, so this na the perfect timing, no dull this chance o I dey tell you”.

“Shebi? Guy you make sense o, at least this na the only better thing wey you don talk since wey I know you”, Val said smiling.

“Oya insult me anuofia, u no know your age mate mumu” Uzo cursed.

“Mate ko mate ni” Val mocked laughing.

“Abeg come see me off make I dey go”, Uzo stood up and they left.

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