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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 2

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Val was holding hands with Vivy as they walked a lonely road. They were laughing out so loud that one wouldn’t help but ask why they were in such a happy mood. As they walked down the road, Val smacked her butt and ran off.

She shouted and pursued him cursing silently. When he allowed her to catch him, she hit him on his tummy as he bent down pretending to feel the pain. She also hit him on his back saying
“Shebi I have asked you to stop smacking my bum e, abi you want to flatten the thing for me, Bad son of a good father, you no see any other place to hit me except my bum. If u try am again, I will hit you on your “thing”, she pushed him and ran off laughing.

Val stood up and pursued her. She couldn’t run fast enough so he caught her easily. He carried her up and was spinning around with Vivy shouting for him to drop her. When he became tired, he dropped her and sat down on the road. Vivy was feeling faintly, she decided to sit beside him. He circled her into a warm embrace and pressed a kiss on her lips. Vivy stiffened as his lips met hers. His lips felt so soft and warm, she liked it, she encouraged him on by responding immediately to it.
He pressed another kiss on her neck and continued down to her chest. When he brought his face up, Vivy couldn’t wait for him any longer as they got entangled in a sweet romantic kiss. As they kissed on, the emotions were heating on and so was their desire. Val allowed his mouth to slip out as he went back to kissing her neck. The softness of his lips on her neck sent shivers down her spine.
As if that was not enough, he used the inner part of her lips to caress her neck blowing soft warm air on her skin as he kissed around her neck. Vivy was making a sound that urged him to continue. She couldn’t take the sweet torture anymore as she pulled his face up and kissed him deeply with her eyes closed. With his right hand he reached out and unzip her gown from behind. He felt the softness of her back as he ran down the length of it with his hand. The burg on his lower abdomen was as hard as a rock and this he pressed so hard to her thigh. The pleasure coupled with the wanting became so uncontainable that with his left hand he unhooked her bra to behold two lovely and succulent looking boobies staring at him. Vivy couldn’t wait any longer as she clawed at his shirt and threw it away.

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Their bare upper bodies met and that was the height of it. Vivy m0aned as his strong hands massaged her bare body firmly, this heightened the force of the pleasure burning through her. She wanted him so deep inside of her to quench the fire that he has ignited inside of her. Her hands went to her belt and she unbuckled it and dipped her hand inside his shorts. She was marveled at the size of what her hand met as she caressed it. She couldn’t wait to have that inside of her. She m0aned out loud and asked him to make love to him there and then, but seemed like he wasn’t in a hurry to go down bellow. Val slipped his mouth off again and looked at the two fresh succulent apple like b0s0m with hard nip.p.les staring at him. “Chai!!” was the sound that escaped his mouth. As he bent and was about to give the b0s0m the best he have got, a loud bang on his door brought him out from the dream world.

He listened to know if the banging was coming from his net. Having confirmed that his ears weren’t deceiving him, he tiptoed to where he use to keep his gallon of water and poured some into his bucket. Again he slowly walked to the door. He peered first to make sure that whoever that disturbed his dream is well positioned to receive the baptism of water he was about to give.

He was disappointed seeing that it was Edwin who was on the door, he sighed and dropping the bucket he opened the net for him.

“Guy which kin sleep be this one wey you dey sleep since wey I dey knock for this place” Edwin asked as he entered the room.

“Na crime say I dey sleep for my room? As I no come answer, why you no go and come back later” Val retorted moving towards his wardrobe to get a trouser to put on because his ‘JT’ was still standing at ovation.

AD as Edwin was fondly called notice the burg on his boxers, buh he is not the type that overlooks that kind of thing.

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“O boy, this one wey your J T is standing at attention, who dey sing national anthem for am?” he asked smiling.

Val made to ignore him but AD wasn’t the kind of person anyone can ignore on such issues.

“No tell me say na ‘ikwokirikwo’ na em you dey do for your sleep wey make you no wan open door for me.”
Val knows that AD wouldn’t for anything let the issue go not even in his silence, so he decided to settle the issue with him.

“Wetin concern you? If na witches dey sing national anthem for am, e concern you? If na ‘ikwokirikwo’ I dey do, na for your bed abi na your room? Val fired back at AD.

AD couldn’t control himself anymore as dived to Val’s bed laughing. “O boy you dey enjoy o” he mocked.
“Na you sabi” Val replied. See no spoil anything here if you dey laugh that you mumu laugh.

“Chai! If to say I know that you were enjoying yourself, I wouldn’t have disturbed you.”
“It’s not too late,” Val replied pointing towards the door for him.

AD couldn’t control it again and bursted out laughing the more.

“See before you continue with that your mumu talk wetin you wan drink, Sarz or hero? Val asked making for the door.

“Abeg I no wan drink anything,” AD replied amidst laughter.

“Thank God, didn’t even want to buy you anything.”
“Stingy bastard.” AD cursed.

“Eee make I be, Val retorted.
Having stayed for while, AD decided to leave.
“See I no dey move one inch from here again.” Val told him.

“Which kin talk be that one, he asked, na like this I take dey see you off if come to my house?”
“I don’t know for you o,buh I just told you na here I dey stop.”
“Shebi you wan go back go continue with your……….. ” he couldn’t complete before Val took over from him.

“Yes,I wan go complete my …… ee make em be.”
“Ok o, ehe wetin dey do your phone, was calling you buh it was saying switched off.”
“You mean my phone?” Val asked.

“No I mean your shoe, idiot” AD cursed.
“I switched it off because of pests like you.”
“Abi you dint want anybody to disturb you from your……..”
Before he could finish, Val made to pick a stone and he ran off.

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