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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 19

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)


“Sh*t!! That dude can F**K like Gawd”

“Wait! Wait!! Babe, you mean Val got down with you?”

“F**ck he didn’t just get down with me, he f**cked my brains out”

“I can’t believe this, someone should tell me that I’m hearing something else” Rita shouted. “You mean my own Val got down with you?”

“Babe chill, he is now my own Val” Vienney countered. “Babe am hooking that dude for life, he is now mine like MINE” she said stressing on the mine.

“Hmm!! Someone should gimme my phone lemme call this dude, I have to confirm this”

Rita said laughing.

“Come on babe, you don’t have to be like that, shhhhhh!!!!, I didn’t tell you anything o” Vienney said.

“But babe come on, how did it happen because the Val I know can’t just get down with you like that. I mean I have seen him run away from hot babes like they are poo, abi is there something you ain’t telling us?”

“Babes chill o, they said only the violence takes it by force, and don’t forget the power of a lady that is out to s£duce a dude.”

“No wonder you daughter of Jezebel. So you s£duced Val you evil girl?”

“I was even afraid that he will bounce me, but they said the greatest risk is not taking a risk you know” Vienney said amidst laughter.

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They continued talking about Val as Vienney didn’t want to discuss any other thing.

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After a while Rita noticed that Vivy has not said a thing since Vienney started gushing out about Val.

“Babe you don’t seem to be here, abi this gist no sweet you or are you ……….”Rita said turning her gaze to Vivy who has just been busy pressing her phone.

“It’s nothing sha, my mind has just been somewhere” she lied.

Since Vienney bursted in on her and Rita with the Val’s story anger had built up in her soul.

She has been feeling like to take a knife and stab her. Since after that night in his house, she has always thought about him. She has always wanted him secretly. Though she has done a good work hiding the feelings she has for Val amongst her friends and now Vienney have got him la!d and was spreading the news.

At each mention of Val’s name from Vienney’s mouth, there is a tightening in her stomach. She didn’t want to listen or take part in the discussion so she started forming busy with her phone.

“Hmmmm!! Hope it’s not about that your boyfriend?” Rita asked.

“Nah it’s not him” she replied.

“Heeee!!! So this evil girl has nailed my Val”

Rita said shouting and placing her hands on her head.

“Yes o, I have” Vienney replied her laughing.

“But babes come on, truth be told, this is just a onetime thing. And to think that you s£duced him doesn’t seem like he is gonna be serious about anything you wanna start” Vivy said.

“Babe come on, you have to be happy for me and supportive, were is this coming from na?”

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Vienney asked.

“I’m just saying that you shouldn’t go spreading the news yet. You don’t even know if he is interested in you. I mean which guy just falls for a girl that came to his house to s£duce him. And girl that was crazy of you” Vivy said allowing her anger to do the talking.

“I don’t wanna believe that you ain’t happy for me, but truth is I don’t regret my actions one bit and whether you are with me on it or not I don’t care. You know with this whole quiet thing of yours since I came in, I believe there is something you ain’t telling us, but if that thing is about Val, babe just let it go because I have got him now” Vienney fired back.

“Yea it’s none of my business what you do and how you go about seducing dudes. And about having anything for Val, if I did, believe me you ain’t gonna even smell him.
You won’t be a match for the competition” Vienney said and stormed out from the room amidst Rita telling them to stop, and trying to call her back.

“What’s wrong with you girls” Rita asked surprised at their behavior.

“I don’t have a problem. She seems to be the one that has got a problem” Vienney replied walking out too.

An hour after she walked out on her friends.

“Hey dear!! what’s up” Val said as he picked the call.

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