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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 17

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

“Please let me just talk to her even it’s just for 5minutes” KC pleaded with Obi who stood behind the closed door of the room.

“See I have told you to go away from here now before I will start shouting thief o,” Obi warned.

“Obi please now. Why are you doing this to me?” He pleaded on.

Obi eyed him contemptuously and sighed.

“Please ok, let me just look at her face then I will leave,” KC said trying to kneel for Obi.

” Mtcheeeew!!” She sighed, “It’s like shouting thief!! Thief!! Won’t gather much crowd. I think screaming rapist! rapist!! Will be better and will draw much crowd”, Obi said not looking at him.

“Obi please, am I a new person to you? Is it today that I started coming to this room?” KC implored her.

“I have told you like since yesterday that she is not around and you are here disturbing me, what is your problem ee?” Obi queried him sounding annoyed.

“But her phone is ringing inside the room and I also heard her voice there. Please let me just see her and know what I have done that she have not been picking my calls” KC pleaded.

“Ok na you dey tell me who dey inside my own room and who no dey abi?” Obi asked eyeing him with disdain.

“Why you they talk like this na? Have I offended you before? ” KC asked looking her in the eye balls.

“Obi laughed mockingly and asked, do you need to offend me? You know say you know fit self, because if you try me na die.”
“Why are you talking like this na?” KC asked.

“Oya start going to your house” Obi said as she started pushing KC out from the hostel.

KC was so surprised and embarrassed that he couldn’t utter any word.

Obi pushed him till they got to the stairs before she gave him the final warning. If I see you anywhere near our room again, you won’t like what I will do to you, she warned and went back to her room.

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He couldn’t believe what just happened to him. He looked himself over and turned to go back to the room.

“So you don’t want to go to your house abi?” A girl asked from behind him.

He turned and looked as the girl approached him.

“Is like you don’t know Obi so well.
Just respect yourself and leave.” the girl warned and walked passed him without looking back.

He stood for a while before turning back to leave.

‘Inside Vivy’s room’
“That guy self, he don’t know me so well na em mak he just dey there they try me” Obi said as she entered her room.

Chinwe couldn’t hold the laughter as she busted out laughing.

“Abeg gist mi, wetin he dey talk.”
“He was just there saying “please let me just talk to her, please let me see her face, why are you doing this to me” she said mimicking KC as both of them continued laughing again.

“We’re he dey now,” Chinwe asked amidst laughter.

“Trust me now, I pushed him to the stairs and told him not to show his monkey face here again”
“Chai!! Agu nwanyi (strong woman)” Chinwe hailed her.

“Na me now” she replied and gave her a high five.

It was the sniffing from Vivy that drew their attention to her.

“What is wrong with this one again?” Obi asked as they both turned and focused their gaze on her.

Chinwe went around to Vivy’s corner, sat beside her and cuddling her she asked,
“Nnem, what is the problem? You have been like this since morning and it’s beginning to hurt us. Why not tell us what the problem is ee?” She asked sorting her back and rocking her gently.

Vivy couldn’t contain the tears again as she lost her will power to tears once more.

“Oh!! Not this again, not again.” Chinwe said and consoled her.

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When she regained control of herself, she cleaned her eye with her handkerchief and blew her nose also. She looked up at Obi who was just staring at her and not saying anything.

“Thank you for making him go away” she said.

“No don’t thank me, you can start by telling us what all this crying since yesterday till now is all about. You can’t just tell us that you saw him arguing with her cousin and just that have been making you cry all this while. So u can start NOW” she emphasized on the now before sitting down.

“Ok,” she started, “shebi I told you how I heard two people arguing when I went down to buy something?”
“Yes?” Obi and Chinwe replied in unison.

“As I went to know the people arguing, I saw KC and that botany girl that I told you is her cousin. At first I was surprised at what they were arguing about. I decided to hide behind that wall that separated the canteen from the hanging zone. The next thing I heard was the girl telling him “see am tired of be being your side girl, for how long am I going to wait till you break up with her, or is she more beautiful than I am?”. I thought my ears weren’t hearing right until I heard KC replying the girl. “It’s not like she is more beautiful than you are.

You know I don’t love her at all. You know it’s you that I love. It’s just that I haven’t paid my school fees like I told you and you know she is the one that has been giving me my fees. Just exercise a little more patience let me collect my school fees and some other little money from her and I will break up with her please”. These where his exert words.

I couldn’t believe my ears, I felt like dying.

I’m sure that’s not the last of what they said, but I just couldn’t take it any longer, I ran away……”.

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