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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 16

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

He started a slow up and down stroking with his finger. After a while he doubled his fingers and increased his thrusting speed. As pleasure upon pleasure continued running through her entire being, she kept m0an!ng out loud and saying things that made no meaning to anybody. He kept up with the speed of his thrusting and after few minutes of thrusting hard into her, he curved his finger upwards inside her virg and located that spongy like spot.

Immediately he touched that spot she screamed out loud and lost it, she started shaking and squirting liquids that ran down through his arms length. He kept caressing that spot as her Pour continued running down his arms.

After a while she regained her composure as he pulled out his hand and dipped a finger into his own mouth.

“Wow! You taste salty” he said making a face at her.

“Yea yea I know, and it’s now time for me to know how you taste” she replied smiling with satisfaction.

“No not yet, I just found out that you are with no [email protected], I wanna check if you have you bra on, if you don’t mind” he said giving her a naughty smile.

They both laughed as he said that. He stood up and gently carried her to the bed before starting his exploits. He folded her top starting from her tummy upwards and stopped with the cloth hanging on her Tips. He started kissing her belly button. He kissed, sU-Cked and licked her belly button as she kept wriggling her body as the wave of pleasure continued moving through her. He left her navel and kissed around her rib cages before drawing a line with his tongue to her b0s0m crack. He pulled off the cloth entirely from her and was struck by the two wonderfully molded pawpaw like b0s0m that stared at him with hard dark Tips.

He whistled as they both started laughing.

After a while of absorbing the beauty of her b0s0m he went down to work. He cupped the two b0s0m in his hands and started giving them a slow sq££ze. With how erect the b0s0m were, he didn’t believe they would be so soft. He sq££zed on looking at the pleasure lost Vienney as she patted her lips and was m0an!ng in complete ecstasy. As if squeezing was not enough, he bent down and took the left Tip into his mouth. He sU-Cked on it, licking it and giving it a harmless bite at interval.

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He repeated the same process on the right boob with his hand complementing the left.

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As she couldn’t take it anymore, she starting pleading ” Val please I want you now, I want you deep inside of me, please stop torturing me like this please. I love you baby, please make love to me now pleeeaaasssee!! She begged on as she clawed at his shorts pulling them down in one swift movement.

She was stunned by what greeted her gaze.

She has seen some d!cks in her life but this one was different. Something around 8-9inch long and around 4inch wide, with dark red cap.
She stroked the J0yst!ck as his pre Pour dripped out from the tip .

“Val please make love to me” she pleaded with an emotion filled and intimate tune.

He looked up to her face and kissed her deeply for the first time since she entered his apartment. They both savored the kiss before he dipped his hand under his bed and pulled out a roll of rough rider condom. He tore one and before one could say jack he already fixed it on. Holding the rock hard J0yst!ck in his hand, he rubbed the cap in the entrance of her already open honey well. He went further by flicking on her cl!t with the head of his J0yst!ck for a while, as she kept on calling on her ancestors to come and save her from the ocean of pleasure that’s engulfing her.

In as much as he wanted to go down deep into her, he wanted to take his time and make it all worth it. He positioned himself well and in one swift thrust guided his huge black mamba into her well of hollies. This caught her by surprise as she wasn’t expecting that move.

She jerked and gave out a scream. He held her waist and didn’t move as he allowed her to adjust to his mamba. It was a pleasure diluted with little pain, as she tried to adjust to the size of J0yst!ck. Her walls held tight unto his J0yst!ck. He started with a slow motioned movement, thrusting in and out. He will thrust in fully making sure to hit at her wall and rotate his waist before withdrawing slowly.
He increased the tempo to two-half thrust and one deep thrust. This was driving her nuts with pleasure. She was saying all manner of things ranging from “oh Val you are the best, oh Val you are killing me, oh please kill me, oh! Oh!! Oh!!!, please Bleep me hard, harder please., oh baby am yours from today” and the rest.
Pulling her two legs up on his shoulder, he started giving her fast and continuous deep thrust with his scrotal sac hitting her virg at each thrust. With each thrust also came a slurping sound. She felt him hitting hard at her womb and tried to stop him from going too deep by holding his waist to control his thrusts.

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His volcano started gathering and he withdrew and turned her around in a doggie position.

With another swift thrust he entered her from the back and started thrusting with all his strength. This was her killer position as her second orgasm hit her. Her walls ejected his J0yst!ck as she started another round of squirting. He guided his mamba in again and started thrusting faster and deeper. Vienney was so lost in pleasure that she couldn’t utter any word again. She was just in a state of ‘do with me what you want’. For the second time he felt his volcano gathering and pulled out from her. He bent her by her side and raised her left leg up and entered her from the side in a spooning position. He thrusted with speed as fast as he can go with his one hand squeezing her b0s0m vigorously. As he felt his Pour building up again, he pulled out and went back to his finishing style, the almighty missionary.

He entered her in the missionary style and started giving her all deep thrusting.

After about three minutes of continuous deep hard thrusting, he felt his ball tighten and his Pour flowing with a mighty speed up to his J0yst!ck. He gave three straight deep thrust and started shooting loads upon loads of his Pour into the condom. He felt out of the world as his Pour flowed into the condom.

After shooting outing his Pour, he stood up and pulled off the condom. He flushed it down his water closet, coming back, he cleaned the helpless Vienney up with toilet tissue. He la!d beside her as she snugged herself into him and before they slept off she said in almost a whisper “thank you Val”

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